Summary: The fairy land is in trouble. Mikan, the princess of the fairy world step up and decide to do something about it. Her only choice is to appeal to the land of the Demons. On her journey, she meets this boy whose name is Natsume and also is the prince of the Demons?! What will happen to her?!

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A few day passed and Hotaru barged into her room again.
"BLINDFOLD HER AND KIDNAP HER TO THE VENUE NOW!" Hotaru ordered the guards and maids to tie and blindfold Mikan up and bring her to the carriage.
What is all this about?!Mikan tried to struggle but too many people is holding her down. So she was frustrated and waited patiently while "she" is being delivered to the so-call "venue".
When the carriage stops, she was bought down and carried for a very long way and finally settled down. Hotaru took off the blindfold and untied her.
"What is this Hotaru?! And where am I?!" Mikan asked.
"Just shut up! Maids please do the make-up and change her into the gown, ASAP, quick!" Hotaru demanded.


Chapter 15

The royal wedding.

"Okay, Hotaru can't you just tell me what on earth is happening here and to me?! Why am I applying make up? Why am I dress in this white gown and this veil? Isn't the royal crown enough for the events? AND WHY AM I SITTING HERE AGAIN!" Mikan complained.
She is dumb as always, can't she differentiate between wedding gown and formal gowns?oh yeah, she didn't see a wedding before.Hotaru thought.
"Just shut up baka, you are too loud, won't you just sit and keep your mouth shut?!"
"Sorry..." Mikan apologised. "But seriously, what's the big event here?"
"Is a secret dumb, I'm paid not to speak a word about today's event, after you are done we will bring you to somewhere else." Hotaru sat down on an armchair and waited for Mikan to be done.

On he other side of the room, Natsume is wearing a black suit and adjusting his suit in front of the mirror, beside Natsume were Koko and Ruka.
"Nervous?" Ruka asked.
"He is, duh." Koko answered for Natsume.
"Stop reading my mind idiot." Natsume warned Koko.
"Alright, sorry sorry, I think I should get out." Koko say.
"Relax Natsume, today is your big day you know." Ruka stood by Natsume side and look at him in the mirror.
"Yeah right, when is yours then?" Natsume ask and Ruka blushed a little.
"Well, that..er...you know...Hotaru...." Ruka mumbled to himself.
"I understand, she isn't easy to be ask." Ruka was glad Natsume understand.
"Who are you talking about?" The two boys were surprised by Hotaru.
"Er...Mikan? Right Natsume? We were talking about Mikan right?" Ruka looked at Natsume and hoped he can act with him/
"Yeah, we were talking about her, so is she ready yet?"
"Yeah, she still thinks this is just some normal forrmal events we often attend." Hotaru say.
"That girl is sure dense." Natsume laughed. "Ruka, let's go to the main hall now, Hotaru can you get her there?"
"Sure, but who is walking down the hall with her?"
"You?" Ruka answered
"Fine, I go get Mikan now, you better get ready, and fast."

"And where are we going now?" Mikan asked while walking carefully and holding Hotaru's arm. Some maids were behind her to make sure she is not tripped by her gown.
"The main hall. Can you hold your flowers probaly?" Hotaru is annoyed seeing the baka Mikan acting like this.
"Main hall? And why does this corridoor look so familiar?"
"You must be having short term memories" Hotaru rolled her eyes.
They reached the main hall big doors. Outside the doors, Mikan heard people's chattering and wonder why they are standing right in front of this big door and not going in.
"Don't get surprise and cry okay?" Hotaru turned to Mikan and gave her a smile.
"Hotaru, if my memories don't fail me, isn't here the Demon land's castle's main hall?" She finally remembered, but isn't that name too long?
"Yes, and the next thing that will happen in just a few mintues will be your most happiest day in your life, is once in a life time thing."
"I think this explain why I am wearing this white gown and this veil that makes me can't see that clearly." Mikan smiled, but bitterly for not understanding anything that is happening.
"Mikan, I know we kept you inside the castle since you were born, you didn't get a chance to see this ceremony since young, we are terribly sorry. But today, is your first time seeing it and your first time getting married."
"Getting maa-rr...ied? To who? Although I really didn't get a chance to attend a wedding or see one and know what is it like, at least let me know who I am marrying to! You can't just kidnap me and marry me off to someone I don't know !" Mikan held back her tears.
"Can you lower down your volume ! Is Natsume a stranger to you? Is he someone you don't know? And you know here is the demon land, how can you jump to conclusion just like that?!"
"Sorry...But really is Natsume?" Mikan owered her head a little, hoping the veil can hide her blush.
"Yes, and we are going in now." The door opened and the crowd all stares at Mikan and Hotaru.
"Why are they staring at us like this? Do I look weird to them?" Mikan whispered while smiling.
"Because you are the main character here, of cause they will take a good look of the bride. Look straight and look at Natsume if you are nervous about the staring." Hotaru whispered back.
Natsume....Wedding...My husband soon?...Children?...Mikan thought and blush slightly looking at Natsume at the front of the hall.

The bells and organs starts to sound, Hotaru lead Mikan slowly down the hall. Mikan had her long hair put down, her royal crown sit steadily on her head and the veils bring out the angel looks of hers. Her wedding gown, purely white that reaches the ground brings out her stunning and beautiful body that every man will like their woman to have.
She held her flowers in front of her while holding on to Hotaru's arm. When they reach where Natsume is waiting, Natsume hold Mikan's hand and wrap it around his arm and stood in front of Narumi, who is the one to help them say their vows.
After each of their vows is said and ring exchanged, they kissed and the whole crowed roared to joy. They walk down the hall together with smiles on their faces, they can't stop looking at each other. Flower petals showers on them and they reached the door. Guests are escort for a reception at the dinning hall. Natsume and Mikan didn't give a damn about the reception, they went to the garden and hugged each other in silence.
"I missed you."Natsume whispered into Mikan's ear.
"I miss you too" She hid her face into Natsume's chest and hugged him tightly.
"Stop the missing you and missing me thing please, you have guests to attend, how can you just dump them and enjoy your lovely time here? You can enjoy it later when everything ends." Hotaru standing beside a tree complained accompanied by Ruka who smile at them.
"Let's go," Natsume whisper softly to Mikan.

They spend the day attending to every guests like people who is working for the royals, Hotaru and Ruka had to help them too. In the night, Hotaru went back to the fairy land, she pulled Ruka along with her, well, Ruka had to apologise to Natsume for not staying back. The couple spent their first night together alone in the room. Both of them have changed to night clothes( can't think of a better description). Mikan was standing at the balcony enjoying the full moon when suddenly a pair of arms slip to her waist, it was Natsume. Natsume hugged her from behind and dug his head in Mikan's neck, enjoying the fragrance of his wife.
"Are you surprised today?" Natsume ask.
"Yeah, was surprised. I didn't see a wedding before, but I went through it without knowing what will happen."
"I see...any plans?"
"huh? plans? like what?"
"Having a bunch of little kids?" Natsume whispered seducively into Mikan's ear, Mikan blushed.
"I...I..don't...mi---" Before Mikan can complete her sentence embarrassingly, Natsume had already kissed her wildly, and the night becomes hot....(WOOHOO).


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