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Sam sat on the motel bed, waiting for his brother's return so that they could take off and leave this town in their rearview mirror.

He wiped an errant tear away as he recalled Castiel and Uriel. To think he'd always prayed to them for guidance. Them for deliverance from his curse. Instead, they just seem grateful he's not causing real trouble and would still have no problem wiping him off the map if he became 'useless.'

That's pretty much what Uriel said. "If you become more trouble than you're worth."

Sam scoffed. That seems to be his goal line. 'Make sure you're useful.' He didn't want to be useful. He wanted to make and be a difference in the war. That's why he started learning how to use his powers. So that he could help people and the war. Even without Dean. He thought people would support his decision. Instead he gets his brother and angels representing God, telling him he's doing it wrong. That he should stop using them or else.

Figures. Sam prayed to be saved from his powers, that he'd be forgiven for his actions and he gets a shit load in his face saying 'Sorry! God doesn't like you. Stop before he smites you down.' Meanwhile, Dean, who had never prayed in his life, got saved from hell from the angels, got cared for by God, himself and seemed to be held in higher regard than the average man in both the angels and His eyes.

Sam wasn't jealous. He was immensely grateful that Dean was rescued from Hell and that He seemed to think Dean was important. Dean deserved to be held in high regard. Dean was a great hunter with a good heart. Sam just wished that his prayers and faith would count for something.

He hoped Dean was right and that Castiel and Uriel were just two 'rotten apples' and didn't represent the entirety of Heaven. Because that would really suck. That Sam put all his faith and needs into a place that only cared about the 'big picture.' That and the fact that they seemed to think of Sam as lower than human scum because of his blood. Sam clenched his fists. I haven't done anything wrong! I got rid of a high level and several low level demons and saved countless lives! Where's the evil in that? Sam understood that if his powers got out of control it could be disastrous. That's why Sam agreed to never use them again in the first place. But he didn't have a choice last night. If he didn't use them, Sam, Dean, and the rest of the town, and most likely more would have been killed. It was for the better of everyone. The only really bad point about this particular exorcism was the nose bleed and migraine. Sam knew that if using his powers became a habit, they could progress far enough for Uriel to have the need to 'dust' him.

Sam sighed. Maybe Dean's right. Maybe I should still keep my faith in God. After all, it's not like I know what He, Himself is like. Maybe He sees me as more than a demon-tainted hunter. Maybe He can see that I'm trying to use these powers for good. Without turning bad.

"Uriel and Castiel are just dicks," Sam said to himself. "It's like humans. Just because some of them are bad doesn't mean there aren't good ones too." Adjusting his belief on angels, Sam picked up his bag, and checked out of the motel.

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