Ineryasher: He was a demen and tried to kill

Ineryasher: He was a demen and tried to kill.

CHaper one: Awaker and OH NO!

Inuyosha was wake from him wake to sleep waking. He did asleep in a bank bed and when got up hitted his furhod on the wood, screamd, and sliced a ion rever soul steal and kill his best friend. "OH NOE I KILL HIM IM CRY NO WHY DEAD CRY FOR ME!" saids ineryeser. His was sadly and wanted to yell but people slept and would say, "HEY YOU DON'T!" so he didn't. Dressed and gotted ready for hunt ans skool. First was school. He gotted dress and run out of door, tripped and smacked his head, with bled and smacked it again.

Chaptre too: GOES to school!

Inuyesha was walked and saw a girl who did sex and pretty. He not have a balls and didn't talk, but looked and said, " I want to talk BUT cant cause have to go school and not do gril talking." And walk to school. It was being fist day of skool, and iner was a scared. He wented to his place for to get his classes and got ten papper. "THANK!" says inu. With a packpack, and his red robe, and no shoes. (hes still do a demen, and demoners dun wearn shoes cuz THEIR DEMONS!) Frist classes was a hstory. When sat down, he lokked at room and saw nofriends, but no care cuz he is loner and loner is no friends. No friends for him. But one moar look and he saw her. "I SEED IT!" he sed.

Chater three: Kagome is SEX AND PREEty

When he see her and she see hin and they seed and eyes were met and saw each oter, iner said to self, " I AM DEMEN AND CANT TALK TO HER! NO!" But that to late and she walker over sit down with sexy and talked. "Hi im a kogomes and I like you." Said she did. " Really? But I am do a demen and cant cause im SCARER to people." Say ineryasha. "It don matter, cuse love maters and no one else so lets do a hunt!" So they when and fall down well and smacked head and got their wepons for to a fight! LETS GO!

Chapter for: Aminals are kill

Walking down forst road, they were talked about lots of things like talking. Inu saw a pig and a boar, some deers and lions, but then he saw a pig too. "Watch out ther is many powar aminals that want a killer for you so watch out!" said iner, cause he didn't want the gril who was a komager and was pretty. "OK I an watch, but shoost them with bow!" say kagome. "Alright but watch out. Aminals are scare and are kill. Remember now1" the walk was continured and a boarpig aminal was trie to kill kogoma but inu punch and cut punched it and it deaded with bled died. "WHY DID YOU KIL AMINALS CUTE SO WHY YOU KILLED?!?" said kagomer. "Tehpigboar was try." Said inu. "NO STOP NO!" kagome said, but inu was gotter rely madest and SMACKED kagome in mouth with a lot of blood. "What I am confersed Why u Smack?" "SHUT IT AND I WILL!" say inuyashe and slapped her headed off and a ton bled was everywhere and smacked her dead. Slap and punch, but slaped her and died she did when she was slapped death.

The end.1