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Loose Lips Sink Ships

"This movie totally sucks

"This movie totally sucks." It was said with a grin, to soften the blow of the criticism.

"It doesn't suck. It's very romantic." Anzu pouted, chagrined that Yugi would voice objection to her movie selection. She never minded the movies he picked- it's almost like he filtered them to suit her tastes.

Yugi's face shifted in the cradle of his hands to shoot her a skeptical look, one eyebrow raised as if to say 'I can totally see through you. You like the boy with the pretty hair- and I know'.

"The suspense is somewhat ruined when we already know the ship is going to sink." He retorted instead.

Anzu scowled and sunk deeper into her pillow. "But-but... Leo, Yugi."

She was rewarded this time with an eye-roll. "Yeah, three hours of Leo. And I repeat- we already know the ship will sink!"

If it had been Jounouchi or Honda complaining, she may have been slightly defensive, but Yugi was laughing even as he was disparaging it, which almost augmented the experience- romantic movies were so much better when you watched them with someone who could poke fun at them and not be hostile about it.

The character of Rose Dawson chose the moment of Anzu's reflection to disrobe entirely. Immediately, Yugi's expression changed from exasperation to intent focus.

"Nevermind." He murmured vaguely, eyes glued to the screen. "I take back everything I said. This is the best movie ever."

"Yugi Mutou!" Anzu shrieked, and before Yugi could tear his gaze away from Kate Winslet's heaving bosom, he was being socked upside the head with his friends' pillow.

"Hey!" He protested, but Anzu just grinned and swung her pillow again.

Yugi blocked this time, and grabbed his own pillow for an answering attack. "It's not my fault she got naked! You picked the movie! And I am a boy, y'know!" He yelped as Anzu's pillow thwacked him on the arm.

"Oh, I know." She shot back. "You can't help it. Don't worry, I'll beat those perverted thoughts out of you!" She made good on her threat by re-doubling her efforts.

"Ack! Gah!" Yugi curled in on himself as Anzu's flurry of beatings rained down on the pillow he was currently shielding himself with. "Geez, Anzu!"

"This is hurting me more than it's hurting you!"

Yugi's snort was demonstrative of his disbelief. He finally managed to uncurl himself as he put some space between himself and the amazon who could turn a cushion into a bludgeoning device.

He straightened into a confidant pose- his 'dueling stance'. "I'm the unrivaled Duel Monsters Champion. You don't think I can win a pillow fight?"

Yugi lunged, grabbing her wrists in one hand and swinging his pillow down with the other. The direct hit mussed up Anzu's hair and she growled in response.

"You don't stand a chance, Mutou."

There wasn't much talking after that, just squeals and grunts as the two teenagers took out their difference of opinion physically. Yugi, unbelievably, had been holding the upper hand, being slightly smaller and more squirmy than Anzu- until he tripped over one of his game boxes.

He hit the floor with a soft thud, and Anzu moved in for the kill. Leaping on top of him, she trapped his body underneath hers, and shoved her pillow over Yugi's face.

"Anzu!" She heard his muffled shriek from beneath the layers of stuffing, his arms flailing helplessly. "Can't breathe!"

Anzu adapted a bored expression even as she strained to control his struggling. "Gee, too bad. If only you'd surrendered."

"Unfair!" She heard Yugi protest.

"What was that?" Anzu feigned ignorance. "Did I hear a plea for mercy?"

She heard Yugi's laughter erupt from her pillow and the words she had been waiting for- "Alright, alright, mercy!"

Grinning, she threw the pillow off his face, giggling as Yugi gasped for breath. "I just so happen to be invincible when it comes to pillow fights." She informed him smugly.

As their laughter died, their eyes met, and Anzu became belatedly aware of their position- her lying full on top of the smaller boy, both of them panting and extremely disheveled. She should get up, she was probably crushing the poor guy-

She almost jumped when she felt Yugi place a hesitant but warm hand on her back, his lighthearted expression shifting into one of intensity and longing. The emotion was naked on his face for her to see, and it didn't startle her like she thought it would've- instead, it felt thrilling- inevitable. The atmosphere of the room shifted subtly. Her heart thundered in her ribs, her whole body becoming sensitive to everything- the pressure of his chest against hers when he inhaled, the way their legs were tangled, his uneven breaths soft against her cheek- how did their faces get so close? He was stroking his hand softly up and down her spine now, encouraging her...

'This is it.' She thought to herself as she felt her face heat and her hands shake. 'I'm going to kiss Yugi. Right now.' She lowered her lips to his deliberately.

The door was abruptly slammed open, and before she could really understand what that meant, she had flung herself off Yugi and was sitting halfway across the room.

"You kids okay?! I thought you were being mugged up here!" Grandpa Mutou's voice cemented her mortification- she decided her hands were a huge point of interest.

Yugi groaned from where he still lay sprawled on the floor and propped himself up on his elbows. "We're fine, Grandpa." His voice was edgy with restrained frustration. "We were just having a pillow fight."

Sugoroku's eyebrows rose and a sly grin split his face. "Looks more to me like you were necking." He commented bluntly. Anzu tried to resist the urge to drop her face into her hands and hide there forever, but the compulsion proved too strong.

Yugi let out an exasperated noise and let himself collapse back onto the floor. He muttered a few words, sounding suspiciously like "no, thanks to you" but they were ignored by his grandfather.

"Well, who am I to interrupt the lovebirds? Kiss all you want! Ha ha ha ha!" He cackled as he slammed the bedroom door shut again.

Maybe she'd be struck by lightening- or the floor would cave in? Really, that was the only way to get out of this situation with dignity intact- sudden and unexpected death.

She felt warm fingers prying her hands away from her face as she met Yugi's sympathetic eyes. "I'm really sorry about that." He apologized, his hold lingering a bit too long. "Really sorry." His tone was mournful.

She didn't pull away from his grasp. "Th-that's okay." She stuttered, still recovering from her near-death-by-embarrassment experience.

Most boys would've tried to pick up from where they'd been interrupted, but Yugi was sensitive enough to understand Anzu felt uncomfortable now. Smiling at her to help dissipate the awkwardness, he helped her up and handed her the pillow she had discarded.

"You're missing out on Leo." He teased half-heartedly.

Anzu was relieved he wasn't mentioning what his grandfather had barged in on, but neither did she want the issue to drop entirely, so when they were settled once again to resume their movie, she turned to him with a shy smile.

"Can we do this again soon?" She asked, hoping he'd understand what she really meant.

He looked at her and then paused a second too long as if he were feeling her statement out. She caught his eye meaningfully and he smiled back.

"Any time you want, Anzu." He said significantly.