Summary: Bella Swan is not a vampire or a werewolf. She's "something other." Vamps/Werewolves included. Canon Pairings. Rated T.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. I am merely happy to give them new stories.

A/N I have created some new rules to allow Bella to be "Something Other" so be prepared for some surprises!

Chapter 1


He sat at a piano playing a beautiful composition. His eyes were closed and his head bowed in concentration. I watched his long fingers glide gracefully across the keys. I knew this melody well.





Groaning at the rude interruption, I slammed my fist onto my alarm clock and busted it. Dang it! I went through at least five alarm clocks a year this way. I got up and pulled out a new alarm clock from its hiding place in the closet. It was identical to its unfortunate predecessor.

Oh, the joy. The start to yet another school year had arrived. It was always hard at the beginning. I spent most of my time during the summers in La Push with my cousin Jacob and the rest of the pack. My brothers and sister in spirit, I thought fondly. While I wasn't part of the pack, I was accepted and could be myself there.

As I pulled on a short sleeved t-shirt, I looked down and grimaced, seeing the large thunderbird shaped birthmark on my right upper arm. I quickly pulled out a new shirt. Here was a good example. I'd learned early on that people in Forks couldn't help but stare at the strange mark. So I always wore long sleeves in public here. The tribal elders viewed the birthmark as a sign that I was meant for a higher purpose. That a great destiny awaited me. A great destiny in Forks… Not likely.

It was slightly less rainy than usual, so I rode my motorcycle to school. I loved my bike and rode it as much as possible. Charlie, my dad, had given up arguing the perils of motorcycles long ago.

Kids greeted each other cheerfully in the halls, while I steadfastly walked to my locker and threw my backpack and leather jacket in. I blared my iPod in order to check out from my surroundings.

The morning dragged. I was an excellent student but was bored with the tired curriculum and the burnt out teachers. I often let my mind roam as the teacher droned on. I thought about my family and friends in La Push and the old stories and legends my mom and the elders told me when I was little. I loved to draw my interpretations of these stories or of my vivid dreams. Today, I sketched a boy with an agile body, chaotic hair, and haunted eyes. The "boy" I'd dreamed of every night since I was 13, but would likely never meet. I quickly pushed away this depressing thought.

At lunch, I sat with my only friends in Forks, Angela Weber and her boyfriend, Ben. I had a rep for being a moody loner who wasn't afraid of getting in trouble, despite being the police chief's daughter. Angela and Ben were the only people kind enough to see through this.

As I ate lunch, my extra sensitive hearing picked up discussions around the lunchroom. They were mostly centered around the new kids at school. The Cullens. I straightened up in my seat at the name. I quickly scanned the room.

They're really here. He's really here. There were two new members since the treaty signing, but I knew them from my dreams. While many in the tribe didn't like talking about the strange Cold Ones, I used to beg to hear about them when I was little. They were fascinating - vampires who had turned against their very nature, vowing not to hunt humans. Freaks among freaks. I grinned to myself. I could relate.

My attention turned to Lauren, who was mouthing off as usual. "That dark haired girl is a weirdo. Who names their kid Alice, by the way? So anyway, she was spacing off during class with this glazed look on her face. What a freakin' loser. We should mess up her locker." She snickered. The other girls teetered sycophantically.

The Cullens stiffened and were subtly peering over towards Lauren's table. Rosalie was outright glaring daggers.

Lauren continued trash talking, completely unaware of the unholy attention she was receiving.

I don't know if it was just a good excuse to mess with Lauren, or if I figured my "wrath" was much better for her than that of five ticked off vampires, but I surprised myself by standing up and quietly sauntering up behind her.

My eyes reached out to the pixie with the spiky, black hair, and I winked at her. I didn't wait to see her reaction as I leaned down by Lauren's ear and whispered menacingly.

"So I hear you're talking crap about my new friend, Alice." Lauren jumped in her chair, startled, as she hadn't heard my nearly silent approach. Yet another one of my gifts that was very handy. I smirked to myself.

She turned slightly and stared up at me bug eyed. I continued in the same tone, "You will leave her and the rest of her family alone or there will be hell to pay." I gave her a smile, showing lots of teeth. I returned back to my table, said bye to Ben and Angela, dumped my tray, and left.



We went hunting before school started. We weren't thirsty, but Alice was worried about Jasper starting at yet another school.

Another school filled with boring people with boring minds. There wasn't anything I hadn't seen or heard in my long existence.

The first day was always the hardest as thoughts focused on my family and me. I also didn't try to block these thoughts for several days, making sure no one suspected our secret. My neck muscles hurt as I strained not to turn my head every time I heard my name spoken in someone's mind. It was nearly maddening.

During class, I thought about isolation among many. In all my years, no one had stirred my dead heart. Beyond my family, no one knew me, understood me, or loved me. Yes, I'd heard the lustful fantasies of many girls directed towards me, but they only saw my unearthly beauty. A beauty designed to draw prey to the killer. Who could love a monster, I wondered darkly.

At lunch, my siblings and I sat together, pretending to eat and fidgeting every now and then in our attempt to appear human. They each asked me about the gossip in the cafeteria, and if we were safe. I spoke to them to them quickly and quietly so no human would hear. I fought the urge to start humming a melody in my mind. I wanted the incessant chatter to stop.

Then an obnoxious girl started saying vicious things about Alice. What I saw in her head was even worse. We all straightened up in our chairs and looked surreptitiously at her. Well except Rose, who openly glared. I was surprised to hear such venom directed at one of my family.

An attractive girl with long, wavy brown hair stalked quietly up behind Lauren (I sneered her name in my mind) and paused to wink at Alice. She winked at Alice?

She leaned down and hissed, "So I hear you're talking crap about my new friend, Alice." My family and I could hear her perfectly despite the din of the cafeteria and the large distance between our tables.

We all shot each other looks of surprise. Having someone say something mean about our family was unusual, having someone stand up for us was unheard of.

Lauren turned and stared at the girl. "Holy crap! It's Bella Swan." She thought, clearly intimidated.

Bella (pretty name) proceeded with a threat. "You will leave her and the rest of her family alone or there will be hell to pay."She flashed a predatory smile before leaving.

I could tell from a distance that she wasn't one of us. Her skin was pale and she carried herself with unusual confidence and grace, but everything else indicated human. She certainly did an excellent imitation of a vampire, though. I found myself impressed and curious.

I tried to reach into her mind now that I knew her voice. Nothing. Hmmm. That was strange and unnerving.

I returned my mind to Lauren. The blubbering in her mind confirmed that Bella's message was received loud and clear.

I turned to my siblings to discuss this interesting occurrence. Alice was bouncing in her seat. "I like her! I want to be her friend!"

Rose growled, "She's just a stupid, ugly human. Forget it. I'd rather focus on slashing Lauren's car tires or keying her car." A malicious light appeared in her eyes. Her thoughts revealed a car burning in the school's parking lot. I grimaced.

Emmett chuckled, "I don't know, Rose, I liked her spirit."

I looked over at Jasper, and he shrugged. "What was she thinking?"

"I couldn't hear her," I hated to admit. The others raised their eyebrows as we gathered up our props to leave. They all wondered what this could mean. No one was more compelled to solve this mystery than me.