Chapter 1: The Night of Revelation

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The ominous full moon had glowed into the night. It's cold yet inviting light was what guided one Umino Iruka as he searched for his beloved student…

'Uzumaki Naruto…'


A recovered Sandaime who was stuffing tissue on his nose was talking to Iruka at what had happened

"Iruka, I'm giving you this mission of utmost importance, I want you to be the first to track down Naruto… I know this isn't his doing, normally his pranks would only cause annoyance, but for it to cause on uproar…" The Sandaime gripped the wooden edge of his desk, making a crack and grinding it to dust. He then continued,

"There is something fishy here, I want you to get into the bottom of this. Find him before he encounters the ANBU, or he opens a part of the scroll that isn't supposed to be seen by anyone, ever."

Iruka completely understood and turned his back his look was determined, he would find his most beloved student.

Flashback ended

Finally, after countless hours of searching, Iruka had found him, in the middle of his usual spot in the forest, practicing one technique from the forbidden scroll, he also took notice of the black long Katana that was carried on his back diagonally. The sword was had a black tsuba, with golden coloured guard and a red linings that coincided with the black intertwined with the sword.

"Naruto! Where were you!? The whole village is in an uproar to what you did!" Said the scar-faced chuunin as he walked towards his student

Naruto laughed sheepishly and said, "Look Iruka-sensei! I learned not just one but two jutsu from the Forbidden Scroll, with this, you're surely to pass me as a genin!" Naruto mentioned standing up and then looked at the dumbfounded Chuunin

"But… What are you talking about Naruto? Why would I pass you with this?" Asked Iruka

"You said I could pass if I do this faux mission of stealing the forbidden scroll from the Hokage and learn one jutsu from it!" Naruto simply replied

Iruka looked at Naruto with frown for a second, from Naruto's gestures, he quickly noted Naruto's behaviour. Iruka's mind then remembered at what Sarutobi said and thought the same as the old man, Naruto was tricked.

"Naruto… Who told you about this kind of supplementary exam?" Iruka asked the blonde yet again

Nruto grinned and held his hands on the back of his head and replied

"Mizuki-sensei!" Naruto shouted

Conveniently, the said questionable chuunin appeared from the treetops, fully battle equipped. When Iruka saw this, his experienced eyes registered the sight that had behold him and frowned at Naruto's deceiver.

Mizuki came prepared.

Mizuki then smiled at the blonde as his eyes glinted at moonlight

"Good, Naruto. Now hand it over to me and we could finish this test and you'll pass."

Mizuki had a well thought out plan, first, he would deceive Naruto for taking the forbidden scroll. With the village in a state of panic, he could move in more freely and prepare his equipment to deal with blonde. A smile crossed his features as he thought of the plan, the blame wouldn't fall on him, it would fall on Naruto. And Naruto being the person he is in the village's eyes, it would be easier for them to blame and possibly sentence Naruto to death. During that chaos, Mizuki would be able to escape, with forbidden scroll in hand, the plan was going smoothly in his mind, that is until Iruka had actually appeared before him.

Iruka, for his part, blocked Naruto's path with one arm and said to him,

"Naruto, keep holding on to the scroll, Mizuki tricked you. That man won't pass you, he'll do something horrible to you once you give it to him." Said Iruka looking at the said man intently he frowned at Mizuki for tricking such a poor boy.

Mizuki merely looked at them both and laughed heartily, slapping a hand on his forehead he continued to laugh

Naruto looked on at Mizuki with confused look, and then scowled, gritting his teeth, he asked the man

"What's so funny!? Teme!" The blonde yelled

"It's just that how ironic it is how Iruka wants to defend the monster that killed his parents!" Mizuki bantered, grabbing a kunai from his pouch, he flung it at the two people in front of him, but was deflected by Iruka, gritting his teeth he then flung three shuriken at Mizuki who jumped to another branch

"What are you talking about!?" Naruto bellowed at the said man still unable to move, his questions were littered in his mind just how he could've killed Iruka's parents

"I'm talking about an old law that was passed on the very day you were born!" Mizuki said clashing kunai with kunai against Iruka

"You wouldn't dare…" Iruka threatened Mizuki his voice rang cold and spite against the traitor

"Oh but I would, Iruka! Naruto deserves to learn the truth! Don't you agree?" Mizuki then kicked Iruka by the gut, forcing to stand back from the pain and was sent away with his back colliding with a tree trunk

"Naruto, do you know why this village hates you? Why they despise you even though you didn't do anything wrong?" Mizuki approached Naruto slowly, a kunai in hand as he gripped it tightly about to injure the boy

The said boy slowly shook his head and Mizuki grinned, he held up the kunai about to strike the boy

"Naruto! Don't listen to him!" Screamed Iruka

"Because you are the bane of this village! The murderer of a thousand men, in you is sealed the ultimate monster! You are the jailer of the Kyuubi no Yoko!"

Naruto was silent for a moment, too stunned to move at what he heard, the night of his birthday, was the same night the Yondaime died, killing the Kyuubi no Kitsune, but what he heard from Mizuki, was diferrent. It all made sense now, the hate, the stares and the animosity of the people towards him. He remained in his stupor as Mizuki was about to strike, Naruto looked up at the kunai, unknowingly, his tears started to fall

'So that's why… It all makes sense now, why I was disliked by everybody… I'm a monster…'

He didn't dare move from his position as the tears kept falling from his face, the curse was what made him nothing more than a monster, a monster that didn't have the right to exist. Someone who would never have the chance to know love…

"Kill me…" The blonde said, looking at the kunai that was about to stab him

"NOOO!" Iruka tackled the blonde effectively taking him way from the kunai's reach. The said tool managed to graze Iruka's left leg…

"I killed everybody… I'm a monster… I don't deserve to live… I'm Kyuubi…" The blonde continued to mutter as Iruka jumped and placed his student in his arms

"I'm a killer… I'm a monster…" The blonde said, the unknown tears still falling from his eyes

"Naruto! Snap out of it! You aren't him! You aren't Kyuubi! You are Uzumaki Naruto, number one hyperactive knuckleheaded ninja!" Iruka tried his best to bring the blonde out of his own world

"But I… I killed them sensei, I killed everyone… I killed the Yondaime, I killed your parents… Now I know why I'm always alone, Iruka-sensei!" The blonde finally sobbed, the tears gushing out of his eyes like water from an ill constructed dam

"It's true… Kyuubi killed everyone that dared stand in its way, he killed a lot of good shinobi and kunoichi including the Yondaime and my parents…" Iruka answered as he then smiled at Naruto

"But, when Naruto came, we had hope in this world, he woke up imprisoning the monster in him, becoming trapped forever inside him. He stopped Kyuubi from destroying Konoha. And thanks to him, many of us are still alive on this day…"

Naruto looked at his teacher in surprise and then the tears came again…

"Iruka-sensei!" The boy hugged the man who merely smiled

'Would a demon dare to cry for the departed?' Iruka thought, his view on his favourite student made him completely sure…

Naruto is one hundred percent human.

"You're not getting away!" Said the voice suddenly, Iruka immediately recognized it as Mizuki who immediately threw a gigantic shiruken

Iruka had no time to dodge, he was both carrying the scroll of seals and Naruto mking his mobility slower than usual, he was hit at the back with the shuriken. That sent them hurtling towards the ground. Iruka gritted his teeth as he held his student that he treated like a son in his arms tightly, blood was beginning to stain his flack jacket it was fortunate that the wound was superficial, but the pain still hurt like a bitch!

"And once again, the tragic mentor defends his undeserving pupil but this time, he can't escape… Iruka, how does it feel, defending a worthless, disgusting little demon?" Mizuki asked when he raised Iruka's hair, earning a cringe of pain from the scar faced chuunin. Iruka then sat Mizuki in the face.

"Go to hell, Mizuki!" Iruka mentioned earning a punch through his face. This time, Naruto could feel his anger rising against the person that betrayed him

"You…" Naruto stood up, black miasma like energy seeped from his body and rose up, his once cerulean eyes were replaced with chaotic purple ones, staring intently upon his enemy

"You keep your hands away from Iruka-sensei…" Naruto added an afterthought, "Filth!" Mizuki growled at this as he prepared to launch another giant shuriken

"You want to face me, Kyuubi brat? Then die!" Mizuki threw the giant spinning projectile at the blonde who immediately grabbed the long katana strapped on his back cut the oncoming shuriken in half, cleanly.

"Howl for me… Muramasa!" Naruto yelled, as the sword came to life, glowing in the bask of the moonlight in a fiery purple inferno, bat like vampire wings emerged from his back as it stretched outward, as the blonde immediately dashed at the said man. Mizuki threw a four shuriken at the blonde who immediately sidestepped into a blur.

Sensing the boy on his back, Mizuki jumped up as Naruto almost connected his sword to Mizuki with a vicious horizontal slash. Mizuki landed on a tree branch, cold sweat ran from his forehead, as the boy had his torso bending forward arms still in the position of the horizontal swing, his bat like wings flapping causing dust clouds and debris to scatter around him, protective of the man that showed him kindness.

Naruto's purple chaotic eyes then stared up towards the aqua haired traitor, his chaotic purple eyes flaring up as he vanished yet again and this time, appearing on top of the man, about to deliver a vertical slash downwards, Mizuki cursed as he jumped back when the sword almost his, grazing his armor and some of his skin.

While still in mid air, the blonde vanished yet again and this time, appeared by Mizuki's right delivering a solid punch to his cheek that sent him flying.

The trajectory of his fall ended hitting a trunk but soon passed through the solid object piercing the thick clump of wood. Mizuki fell on the ground behind it, a spray of dust clouds appeared in his fall completely surrounding the crater.

Mizuki cursed profanities as he stood from the hole. His right hand supporting himself at the edge of the hole, blood was dripping from his forehead and mouth, coughing bitterly, the man's anger rose in volumes

"That's it demon! You're dead!" Said Mizuki as he went through a series of handseals and ended with a Tiger seal. Compressing Chakra into lungs, Mizuki called out the technique

"Katon: Goukakyou no Jutsu! ( Fire Release: Grand Fireball Skill)" The said man hurled the fireball at Naruto who immediately held out his sword forward, its tip is pointed at the fireball

Forcing more chakra into the sword, his bat like wings reacted immediately, flapping as Naruto yet again bent forward as he was preparing to dash again.

"Senkou… (Flash)" Naruto muttered and just like that, he closes the distance between himself and Mizuki the fireball ending up split in the middle and dissipating

"What… How did…" Mizuki's astonishment was stopped when he felt a kick connecting to his face making him stumble back

"Stupid brat!" The chuunin yelled touching his face from the pain seeing the brat standing there with his sword near his chest as the said sword glowed in purple fire, giving a low bellowing howl that could be heard around the area. Mizuki could then see literally upon thousands of floating will-o-wisps gathering around. For another time, Mizuki felt the terror creeping up his spine as he could clearly hear the sounds of dead people moaning

Naruto raised his sword and the thousands upon thousands of spirits in the area gathered into his sword, and took form upon many forms of the monsters that could only be seen in books

"Gakidou… (Hungry Ghosts)" With those words, the said ethereal creatures headed towards Mizuki who felt a sudden painful pressure on his left shoulder

The man looked on his said shoulder and found out that an ominous figure bit on to his left shoulder, the man tried to struggle as the said monsters swarmed to him like bees on honey, biting of every part of his body, as the said man continued to scream in pain, more of the said ghosts bit him as if his screams elicited the ghosts to bite more furiously.

Blood seeped out of him as his lungs were punctured from the countless bites, his blood was sucked from his body dry as the said monsters continued nibbling on his flesh, the last thing that Mizuki saw before his death was the scarlet eyes of the ghosts.

His final thoughts surely escaped him,

"Heh, a demon till the end…"

before the said monster bit his neck crushing his spine and windpipe

As the ghosts feasted on the traitor, the sword pulsed yet again before setting off a small sound in the night, the said spirits then began to disappear from the area of the bloody Mizuki, the blonde walked over to the battered scar faced teacher with concern. His features slowly decomposing back into nothingness

Iruka only looked at him and smiled, saying, "Naruto, close your eyes for a minute."

Naruto did so, he suddenly felt his forehead being clothed, opening his eyes, he could see Iruka without the forehead protector and Naruto touched it on his own forehead, the cold metal emblazoned with the mark of the Leaf Village

"Congratulations Naruto, you graduate." Iruka said grinning earning a grin from Naruto who was very grateful to his sensei

Naruto helped Iruka stand up as they made their way back towards the village, with celebrative faces towards the ramen stand after Iruka was free from hospitalization.

Among them, were the ANBU members, Tora and Inu.

Hokage's office:

Sarutobi was worried, even with his Tomegane no Jutsu (Crystal Ball Technique), he couldn't locate the blonde, it was then that a simple knock on the door, made him aware of his surroundings again and required for them to enter.

"Hokage-sama, this is Inu and Tora, reporting after finding Uzumaki-san" Said Tora as the Hokage let them in

"What have you got to report?" Asked the Sandaime

"It seems that Naruto-san was deceived when he was at the academy just twenty-four hours ago." Said Inu and the Hokage became at ease

"Good, I knew that the child was good in nature, he would never do this sort of thing."

"But during Umino-san's encounter with Naruto-san, a grievous crime was committed." Mentioned Tora

"Mizuki-san revealed vital information about Naruto about his… Predicament…" Continued Inu

"What!? Is the traitor still alive, then?" Asked Sarutobi

"No, we fully understood that once information of this kind were to be disclosed into Naruto-san's generation and lower, the punishment of this is equal to treason which is death. Naruto-san did the work for us." Tora said as he gave out the scroll

"H-how?" Asked the Sandaime, concern was seen in his expression

"What Naruto-san learned in the Forbidden Scroll of Seals was one jutsu and one mystical weapon, the first was the Kage Bunshin (Shadow Replication), and the other was a sword by the name of Muramasa." Inu said as Sandaime read the scroll

"So that boy awoke the sword of the dead… Kakashi, Tenzou, you two are dismissed, your payment for this mission will be secured, right now… Go, I need my rest, I was up the whole night searching for Naruto."

Both men nodded as they exited the room, the Sandaime merely gazed through the pictures of the previous Hokages and then finally stared at the one with spiky blonde hair and cerulean eyes that looked a lot like Naruto.

"May your son be guided in the correct path Minato or all of us will be damned."

Naruto's apartment:

Uzumaki Naruto was sleeping in his room, but the sleep was anything but peaceful. As he tossed and turned, the sword by his bedside glowed in purple light, as it began to surround the cerulean eyed blonde.


Naruto stood in the middle of a graveyard, under the cloudy full moon, as the blonde turned his head to his right, he saw the same exact sword he used planted on the ground. The scabbard was lying on the ground next to the sword, the full moon glowing at the back of the sword…

"To the moon, I shall bask in glory, to the sun I shall bathe in blood. You, my wielder shall be bestowed upon, the strength of the dead, the howl of the living. I am your sword, Muramasa…"

Naruto then walked over to the sword, as he got well within gripping range, he was about to touch it when a voice suddenly stopped him

"I wouldn't do that if I were you… Brat." Said another voice, Naruto looked at his back to find a fiery red headed woman, wearing a skimpy leather strapless red tube top and a skirt that could see her milky white thighs with stiletto sandals to further her figure and height. The attire hugged her perfect figure tightly as her ample breasts bounced with her every walk towards the silent blonde

"What's the matter? Do you not know me?" She asked encircling the blonde and whispered into his ear

"I am the stuff of nightmares"

Naruto merely swatted her away with his right arm and looked at her with a cold stare that could even freeze hell, his eyes began shifting in colours with bitter purple and icy blue.

"I have nightmares scarier than you." His right arm was then holding the hilt of Muramasa. He then continued his speech as he outstretched his hand upwards with the long Zanbatou in hand purple flames appeared around the blade as countless departed souls began hovering around the graveyard

"Kyuubi" Naruto continued his icy stare turned to unrelenting killing intent.

Kyuubi then felt it, the taste of primal fear escaping her body as countless souls began to take form of the so called Gakidou (Hungry ghosts)

And without word, Naruto struck only to hold it by mere inches of Kyuubi's face

Kyuubi let out a sigh of relief as the purple fire died down and Naruto stopping it. Sheathing the sword into the tsuba.

"What made you stop, human?" Asked the kitsune, her nine tails began sprout because of her losing control of her emotions

"It's simple…" Naruto then offered a hand to the demon woman, and mentioned to her

"It's because I want to use you, I cannot escape the fact that I am who I am, a jinchuuriki, therefore, why not make the most of it? Kyuubi, you are my tool, and as such, serve me as best as you can… Bijuu." Said Naruto as Kyuubi smirked and said to him

"You have the nerve to make me your tool… You are interesting human, you're the first mortal to say that kind of language to me, I accept your proposal, but know this…" Kyuubi then approached the young blonde and leaned closer, holding his cheek with her red nail painted hands, she leaned in closer and lips connected

She kissed Naruto in the lips and whispered into his ear.

"I am no one's tool, and you best try to avoid using the full power of the sword that you wield. Lest you want roam this world like a ghost."

And with that, Naruto was pulled back to reality.

.:Dreamscape ends:.

Naruto jolted from his slumber upright, sweat pouring from his forehead and panting heavily, he looked outside his apartment window to see that the sun was already up, when he got out of bed, he noticed a small box. Opening the said box, Naruto was thrilled to see a new set of wardrobe and a note on top saying,

Congratulations… Best be heading out now and go to the academy with your new attire Naruto, today's team selections for new genin members

Sandaime Hokage,

Sarutobi Saizo

Quickly taking a shower and skipping breakfast, he donned the new set of clothing that the Sandaime had given him. He sported new fishnet armor underneath, a black T shirt over it and a black hooded unzipped jacket with red outer linings, a pair of black gloves covered his hands, black cargo pants for extra compartment, black sandals, and finally a black tattered waist cloak and a chain necklace to finish the attire, his Konoha hitaite was proudly tied on his neck, just as how the Yondaime placed his, he then strapped the five foot tall Zanbatou, Muramasa, on his back.

He looked himself at the full body mirror by the side of the living room

'I guess no more hiding of my true self, huh?'

The blonde thought sadly as he exited his apartment room, and jumped from rooftop to rooftop heading towards the academy.

Konoha Academy:

The academy was bustling with new hopefuls this year, all of the genins were excited of the future that awaited them. But one particular person was by far, more interested in his own musings about how to deal with his older brother.

Uchiha Sasuke looked on at the innocent fools who were thrilled at being ninja, just the prospect of it could bring fame and fortune to any person!

'fools' Sasuke uttered with disgust contemplating that a ninja's life was anything but happy or ideal. Something that the brunette knows quite well since six years ago.

Sasuke scowled even more when he saw most of his fan club survived the exam most especially, the two rival heads, Haruno Sakura and Yamanaka Ino.

When Uzumaki entered the classroom though, everyone was surprised; he entered in a new outfit that was different from the orange horror of a jumpsuit. His attitude screamed different also, he kept quiet about most of the time, but Kiba managed to break the ice

"What the hell are you doing here Naruto, can't you see this is for graduates only?" Kiba asked rather rudely

Naruto then pointed to his neck with the Konoha Hitaite on and said,

"I thought ninjas were supposed to be perceptive before they can actually mouth off or do anything." Said Naruto and then added, "Oh wait, seeing as you still haven't fought in a real battle, you're still a ninja wannabee."

"Ooh, that's harsh." Said Chouji as Kiba fumed at Naruto's swagger

"And I suppose you experienced this kind of thing? Who are you? Sasuke?" Retorted Kiba

"Better yet, I fought and killed someone that night; this sword is the proof that you need." Said Naruto as he unsheathed Muramasa that seemed to give off an uneasy feeling around the people in the room

"Che, I don't believe you one bit…" Said Kiba when Shikamaru interfered

"Kiba, enough already, by the sound of it, Naruto's telling the truth, haven't you noticed his behaviour since he entered the classroom at all, you troublesome pet lover?"

Kiba then looked at him and looked back at Naruto and said,

"I still don't believe him." Kiba snarled and Akamaru yipped an answer that only Kiba could know

"You mean his sword smells of blood?" Kiba translated and Akamaru affirmed by nodding his head.

"So who did he kill?" Asked Kiba who was shocked as well, who then looked at Naruto who calmly replied

"I'm afraid that's classified information, I can't give you anymore details for fear of exposing a village secret." The blonde then took his seat upstairs right next to Shino and Hinata, the blonde calmly set his sword to his side and began to wait, his silence overtaking the classroom as he meditated

Once Iruka entered the classroom, he motioned the class to stay quiet, adjusting the bandages around his arms and chest, he started to mention that from today onwards, the graduates were to be divided to teams of three. Naruto opened one eye and began listening intently on who would be his teammates

"Team Seven! Uzumaki Naruto…" Naruto merely nodded

Iruka as well as he continued the names, "Haruno Sakura" With this, a shrill cry of "What!?" was heard in the entire classroom

"Sensei, why am I paired up with this dobe!?" Asked Sakura Naruto remained quiet and looked down ignoring Sakura, Iruka doing the same

"And Uchiha Sasuke!" Sakura sour expression turned better when she heard the name Sasuke, hearts popped and replaced her eyes as she screamed at Ino in triumph

"Hah! Take that Ino! I'm Sasuke-kun's teammate!"

Sasuke literally smashed his head on the table after hearing Sakura's name, why the hell was he paired up with the super obsessed fan girl!?

Sasuke then looked at the blonde who only closed his eyes to meditate. Never even once trying to scream in joy in lieu of hearing his and Sakura's name in the same team

"Team Eight: Aburame Shino, Hyuuga Hinata and Inuzuka Kiba!" Continued Iruka

"Team Ten: Akimichi Chouji, Yamanaka Ino, and Nara Shikamaru." Iruka then closed the binder and wished all of the genins luck.

"N-Naruto-kun… I-I hope you get along well w-with your teammates." Hinata said and Naruto looked at the shy Hyuuga girl and nodded

"Thank you, Hinata" Was his simple reply nodding as the girl was greeted by her sensei along with the other two

As he stared at the clock and waited for their Jounin Sensei, the pink haired girl teammate of his began to grow irate as seconds turn to minutes and minutes so turned to hours.

Finally when it was exactly two in the afternoon, a man in complete Konoha shinobi uniform walked into the door with a mask on covering his lower half of the face and the Konoha hitai-ite bent slightly on his forehead covering his left eye.

"Team Seven?" Asked the man who looked like he had the laziest eye in the world. The team in question were either, sleeping which was the blonde haired kid, brooding, if in case the little brunette genin was looking out the window was any indication and an irate pink haired girl, her expression was quite obvious

"Where the hell were you!? We've been waiting for two whole frickin' hours over here!" Yelled Sakura

Kakashi then looked at the team and had a smile on his face, saying in a very calm manner, "Well, my first impression of you three is… I hate you. Come meet me in the rooftop in five minutes." With that, the silver haired Jounin vanished in a puff of smoke and the three looked on in curiosity

With their heads tilting saying in unison, "Huh?"

As the three arrived at the rooftop, they noticed that the said man that would most likely be their teacher was sitting by the bleachers with his nose stuck in his perverted novel and giggling like a schoolgirl

Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto didn't know what to say at first as the Jounin was preoccupied with the reading material in his hands. They all stared at each other and shrugged.

A few seconds flew by and none of them spoke, giggling was the only sound heard on the rooftop.

Finally, after a very awkward pause from the three students, Naruto merely coughed that caught the attention of the cycloptic Jounin.

"Hmm? Oh, it seems you're all here, sit down and let's get to know each other first" Kakashi peered out of his book and pointed to his front for his future fai- err, students.

The three pre teens sat down, as Kakashi then said, "Okay now that we're all here, how about some introductions, you know, likes, dislikes, hobbies, dreams for the future, that kind of stuff."

Sakura interjected, "Why don't you introduce yourself first, sensei?"

"Mmm… Okay, I guess I could go first." Kakashi then placed the book on his pouch and began introducing himself

"My name is Hatake Kakashi, my likes and dislikes are none of your business, as for dreams for the future… Well, I have some hobbies." Kakashi then scratched his head and then pointed to Naruto

"You sword boy, your turn."

Naruto looked at Kakashi and spoke, "My name is Uzumaki Naruto, my likes are ramen, my dislikes are my past, my present and possibly my future. As for dreams for the future… I wish to take down my tenant with me once someone kills me." Naruto simply stated earning a shudder from Sakura, a scowl from Sasuke and a look of concern from Kakashi

'Okay… He's certainly changed…'

"Okay then, next, you pinkie."

"My name is Haruno Sakura, my likes are…" Sakura stared at Sasuke, blushed and squealed "My dreams for the future are…" Sakura yet stared again at Sasuke and blushed, earning a groan from Sasuke as he hit his forehead, Naruto merely kept quiet as he closed his eyes to meditate, "Oh, and I hate Naruto-baka and Ino-buta!" Sakura stated as she eyed and scowled at Naruto who replied with a simple "Hmf."

'Ay caramba, a fan girl, could you, just once for your life, send me a kunoichi that's not obsessed with some boy? This kid will die before she could even throw a handful of Kunai.' Kakashi had to mentally palm his face as the girl stood giddy by the side of the brunette

"And now, you duck ass."

Kakashi pointed to Sasuke who had a vein popping on the back of his head by being called, duck ass.

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke, I have few likes and I have a lot of dislikes, one of them being annoying fan girls and the other earning the nickname, duck ass. My dreams for the future… I plan to kill a certain man."

Sakura suddenly had stars in her eyes while Naruto merely sneered at him

"Tch." Was his reply

Sakura suddenly stood up and out of fury, asked the blonde "What the hell is your problem?"

"You think it's easy to kill do you? You think that just because you can say that you want to kill someone, even if you really hate them, you could be fine with it? Just goes to show how naïve people can be." Said the blonde as he stood up turning has back on his two teammates

"What about you? You think you're so cool just because you killed a man?" Sasuke's scowl deepened as he stood up fists clenched his killing intent was rising. How dare he spat at Sasuke's ideals!?

"No… But need I remind you that once you've killed you can never turn back." Said Naruto not even daring to look back as he put his arms in his pockets

"Okay that's enough tension, tomorrow, morning I want all of you three to meet me at the training grounds by six am sharp. We'll have a survival exam tomorrow." Said Kakashi chastising the group

"Huh? But sensei, didn't we already do this in the academy?" Asked Sakura and Kakashi replied

"Huh? Oh sorry I forgot, after the exams there's still another test to determine the genin teams to be drafted this year, since nine is only needed this year, you'll have a sixty-six percent chance of failing. Don't eat breakfast!" He added the last sentence too happily "Seriously, you'll puke." That he deadpanned when he said it.

Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke stood for a moment there before the blonde turned away and walked out first

"I'm leaving." With that, Naruto vanished in a blur leaving behind two awestruck genin

Hokage's office:

The Hokage had weaved through the files of the old cabinet that dated back during the times of the Shinobi clan wars, back then were skirmishes were as common as people walking out in the daylight. He scanned the dirty file of what was written during the Shodaime's reign, once he dusted off the said file, the Sandaime gave off a few coughs as he accidentally inhaled some of the dusty irritants

'Senju Masamune and The Muramasa incident'

The Hokage flipped through the file as he read the dated document, as he continued to read each word, his eyes widened in fear

What he found about the Muramasa was not good…

To be Continued…

Okay, first thing first, I wanted to try a fic about a dark but not necessarily evil Naruto, when I was doing Kuroi Kaze, I was suddenly struck with this idea, so I can't promise that there will be frequent updates, although with Kuroi Kaze, I do seem to have sporadic updates being busy and all -_-; Muramasa's inspiration came from when I was replaying Golden Sun when I was obtaining a sword with the same name as this one... The boss by the end of this dungeon is pretty tough, better equip Gaia blade before facing this one and have all Djinns on standby for summoning.

So no preview section for this chapter,

Jutsu Section!

Kage Bunshin (Shadow Replication)- B rank- Jounin level jutsu that can create solid clones of the user, most useful during recon missions since the knowledge of the clone is passed back to the user, once the clone disappears. A downside to this jutsu is that it halves the chakra of the user, completely limiting the user's ability for jutsu from the get go.

Senkou (Flash)- A technique much like the shunshin only this can only be done in a straight line, can only be used with Muramasa. Special jutsu, A rank

Gakidou (Hungry Ghosts)- A technique that awakens the spirits of the souls that are starving for human flesh, mostly these souls are poltergeists that have not done something to finish their job in the realm of the living, often they are harmless will-o-wisps or spirit flames that roam any area, but once their souls are disturbed or stimulated to attack, they will not hesitate to do so. Special Jutsu, A rank, can only be done with Muramasa

Katon: Goukakyou no Jutsu ( Fire Release: Grand Fireball skill)- C rank chuunin level, a fire jutsu that is adjacent to the amount of chakra put in, the more chakra, the bigger the fire ball.

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