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This is degrading and disgusting. I was emptying out the slimy goo from the bottom of the water barrels in the hold of my father's ship. This was a job fit for some lowly street urchin or pathetic servant. I am the captain's son, and though the "La Belle" is not the most amazing ship, or the most profitable under my father's command, it is still highly unbecoming for the captain's son to be subjected to such lowly work. Though most people would never suspect I am the captain's son.

My father acquired the merchant ship after working his way up in the French ports. He couldn't bear to be in England after my mother died in child birth. He had brought her back from America on his first Atlantic crossing to Jamestown. Everything about that town and his ability to take care of her was a failure. I was a reminder of his failure every day. From my dark skin to my dark hair. She was a savage from the American colonies and died while having me. Her name was Hurit, and she was an Algonquin princess, her name means beautiful, and thus my father named the ship as his own punishment for taking her away from her people only to die in a cold English shipyard. And here I am; cleaning up after the last Atlantic crossing.

"Hello Michael, how are you today, well I hope?"

Fantastic, Jessica Stanley managed to find me in any corner of the ship. She was particularly annoying whenever we reach a port. I can't imagine why, but she is constantly trying to talk to me and to - seduce me. You wouldn't think this would be such a problem for someone like myself if; and it probably wouldn't be an, IF, if I could stand the sound of her voice for more than 2 seconds. Her father is First mate and she and I have pretty much grown up on the ship together. I see her more as a sister, a truly aggravating sister. And no sister should be wearing a bodice like THAT, and leaning over the barrel, like THAT, around her brother.

"Jessica, I'm knee deep in muck and slime, so I'm doing excellent. My father wants this finished by tonight so unless you are willing to gather up your skirts, jump inside, and scrub the bottom of this barrel, I'm rather busy." I said to her as I exaggerated my scrubbing of the barrels to emphasize the amount of work involved. The last thing I wanted was for her to say yes.

"Yes well, I can see that you are busy...would you like me to bring you some supper later? We can eat together on the deck. Our fathers will be in the office on the shore finalizing the arrangements for our next voyage to America."

She says that like it's some romantic holiday and we are royalty. In reality we were both lucky to be alive after as many crossings as we had both been on. I couldn't see the allure of traveling to the colonies and starting life from scratch. Literally with nothing but the land and the few tools and supplies we could fit on our cramped ship. Unfortunately, I was getting hungry and I would be working hard all afternoon.

"I would like some supper, real meat if you can find any, not the foul excuse that's been sitting in the galley. And water, in fact, you could bring me fresh water right now." She would do anything I said, anything, which is less than appealing.


We had been loading supplies and water for 2 days, the passengers from the Virginia Company were about to board. It was a strange group; we had about 80 passengers ranging from the pious types looking to worship God and the seedier types looking to avoid God. I was standing by the gang plank trying to direct people and belongings. Unfortunately I was met with mostly stares and fear, some people didn't even think I could speak English. This is how it went for me every time though. Then I looked down the gang plank and saw an older man getting off of a finer carriage. He must be someone important sent by The Virginia Company to help bring the companies into a profitable existence. He was directly followed by an Angel. She floated out of the carriage and was heading toward my ship. As she approached me I could barely pull my thoughts together. The only woman I had ever spent time around was Jessica and she was not delicate, Jessica was hardened by the sea and the life of sailors. This Angel was as delicate as a paper flower, as clean as a brand new snowflake, and she was heading onto this ship. I stood there with my jaw hanging open and no ability to form a sentence in my mind. Then, she seemed to trip on nothing and stumbled right into me.

"Oh my, I am so sorry, I can be so distracted at times, I never seem to be able to walk a straight line without falling down, I have no idea how I will last on a ship for the next two months. I'm Bella Swan and this is my father Charles Swan."

She was speaking to me and I was still holding her in my arms. I was dumbfounded. She smelled like flowers and sunshine. I must smell like fish and...and worse.

"Can you speak boy? Are you quite able to converse?" Mr. Swan said to me as he gathered his daughter from my arms and set her upright. It seemed that he was accustomed to this action, perhaps it happened often. He had the effect of snapping me out of the haze Bella Swan had immediately sent me into.

"Yes sir, quite capable, I speak English, French, and a little Portuguese. May I direct you to your quarters?" Right then my father strode up like some noble hunter saving the family from a wild animal. I was gruffly pushed aside as he herded them towards his quarters for introductions and finer refreshments. Bella tipped her head over her shoulder and mouthed Thank You. It sent a shock down my whole body, I could not remember a time those words had ever been spoken to me. I did not want to remember a time before Bella Swan stepped foot on my ship. Somehow I felt this moment was going to change everything in my life.

"She won't last you know." Jessica said with as much venom and jealousy as a woman can muster. "How could a girl like that make it all the way to America? I'll be right here the whole time though Michael, anytime."

Some how Jessica was uglier by the moment. I let out a heavy sigh as I realized she was probably right. Delicate flowers don't last in strong sea storms, and Jessica would always be there, like a stubborn barnacle desperately hanging on to an idea of someone that I was not, and did not want to be. I was mentally beating myself for momentarily thinking I could have had any connection to something so pure and beautiful. I would never be anything to a person like Bella Swan. Most passengers didn't even see me or acknowledge me. I felt my whole body slump with dejection as I went below decks to check on ropes and supplies.

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