Summary: Over the last 24 years, 13 people have been killed on Friday the 13th, every year. When the murderer suddenly starts killing in New York, he gets the Team on his tail. However, this killer turn out to be very hard to catch and to understand. Danny and Lindsay's relationship progresses as well as Stella and Mac's. But can Danny handle Mrs. Joan Monroe?

Sequel to Missing Ex-Marine


Monday, 22nd July, 2007. 06:45

Lindsay yawned as she climbed out of bed. She rubbed her now 23 weeks pregnant belly. Her pregnancy was barely showing though. Danny was snoring next to her. Lindsay had started moving some of her things over to his apartment. That's why there were four boxes of her clothes and stuff in his bedroom at the moment. Though, they called it their bedroom and not Danny's bedroom. It was also their apartment, and not just Danny's.

Lindsay gently shook Danny and called his name. He stirred, but didn't wake up.

"I will through water on you, if you don't wake up in five minutes." Lindsay warned playfully and left the bedroom.

Danny continued sleeping, though just before five minutes had passed, he woke up. He grinned as he walked to the kitchen and wrapped his arms around Lindsay.

"Good morning Montana." He smiled.

"Good Morning Messer." Lindsay smiled back.

Danny kissed her softly on the mouth and then knelt down to kiss her belly.

"Good Morning, Rebecca or Benjamin." He chuckled.

"We have another appointment with the doctor in two weeks." Lindsay said, "What do you want for breakfast?"

"I'll be there and I want you for breakfast." Danny winked at her.

Lindsay slapped his head and continued making sandwiches for them.

"Are sandwiches okay for you?" She asked.

"Anything you make is perfect for me."

Lindsay's heart melted every time Danny said things like that to her. They both had grown up a lot in the last few weeks. They had too. They would become parents in a few months, and being a parent meant that you had a lot of responsibility. And they both were absolutely sure that they loved each other. Otherwise Lindsay wouldn't be moving in with Danny.

"Have you seen Stella and Mac at the lab?" Danny asked grinning.

"I see them almost everyday Danny."

"Yeah, but have you seen their looks?"

Lindsay shook her head at Danny. He and all the other boys at the lab, except for Mac of course, were constantly trying to make Mac and Stella admit that they were seeing each other. It was quite obvious that they were, considering that they both showed up, tired and with the same clothes they worn they day before. They arrived in the same car and always looked at each other with a twinkle in their eyes. The women in the lab, decided to just back off and let the lovebirds tell everyone about their relationship when they were ready.

"Danny, they will tell us what's going on when they want to." Lindsay smiled, "Now eat."

"Yeah yeah, alright." Danny grinned.



Since Lindsay was on desk duty, because of her pregnancy. She didn't accompany the rest of the team (except Danny this time) to their new crime scene. A woman had been murdered. And this killer had chosen two quite unusual weapons. One of them was an arrow. And the other was some sort of knife, based by the cut marks on the victim's arms and legs. The arrow had entered through the back and exited through the chest.

"Shooting an arrow takes a lot of skill." Sheldon said, "Yet, he missed the head."

"I think our killer wanted the victim to be alive so he could cut her arms and legs." Mac said, "Sid will be able to tell us which injury was made first."

"No other shoeprints here then the victims." Stella said looking at the ground, "How does someone walk up to the victim to cut her and not leave any shoeprints?"

"Okay, so maybe it was the other way around. The killer cuts our victim first and then shoots her with an arrow." Mac said, but looked quite unconvinced.

"But you don't believe that?" Angell asked.

Mac shook his head.

"I agree, why cut the victim first and then wait for her to run away… To shoot her?" Sheldon asked, "It doesn't make sense."

"Unless he wanted to hunt her down." Angell said, "This guy must be really sick."

"Her eyes are closed." Stella said.

"Indicating a slow death." Sheldon said, Angell looked confused at him.

"It's said that if a victim dies with her eyes open, the death was fast. The victim didn't have the time to close her eyes. In this case, she did. So her death took some time." Sheldon explained.

The victim had been found in Central Park by a young dog owner, around 7:30. As Sheldon printed the arrow he found no fingerprints. Stella searched a wider area and still couldn't find any shoeprints that led to and from the crime scene, except the victims of course. Dt. Angell, couldn't find any witnesses.

"What's TOD?" Mac asked after a while.

"Eight hours ago." Sheldon said, "Midnight."

"At midnight this city if full of life. People are going out to go clubbing and meeting friends. Yet. We can't find any evidence that tells us your victim was cut in central park." Mac said, "She was cut somewhere else, and then ran here. Out of all the places to choose from, she runs into central park."

"Not to mention, she ran behind trees and bushes, no one is here at midnight. If she had stuck to the road, she probably would have lived." Stella said.

"She knew she was being chased and tried to run for cover." Angell thought aloud, "A guy with an arrow freaks me out. It's like a sniper, they could be anywhere, aiming at ya and you don't even know it."

"We need to figure out from where the arrow was shot." Mac said, "I'll go with the body to the morgue."

Stella and Sheldon stayed at the scene. Stella rubbed her tired eyes every now and then. Sheldon always grinned when she did. After a while, Stella noticed how Sheldon always grinned at her.

"Something wrong, Hawkes?" She asked.

"Rough night?" Sheldon asked.

"Not the kind of rough night you're thinking of." Stella said, the tone of her voice meant that the subject was done talking about. Sheldon nodded and went back to what he was doing.

Stella knew what people thought at the lab. And they were right about the fact that she and Mac were dating, they just weren't ready to tell anyone yet. The thing they were wrong about however, was the reason she and Mac came into work being exhausted. Sometimes they wore the same outfit as the day before. But it wasn't because they had spent the entire night having fun. Mac had nightmares, a lot of them. Whenever he woke up from a nightmare, he didn't want to go back to sleep. And Stella always tried to convince him to sleep anyway. He needed to rest, they both needed to rest. But Mac being as stubborn as he is, refused to sleep for at least three hours. Stella sometimes stayed up with him. Mac could have five nightmares during one night. It meant that both of them got little sleep, sometimes they simply happened to put on the same outfit again. Sometimes even three days in a row. Stella now lived most of the time in Mac's apartment. She was afraid to leave him alone with his nightmares. Mac tried to make her go home and get some proper sleep. But she couldn't sleep if she knew that Mac would spend the entire night twisting and turning in bed.

"Mac's having nightmares isn't he?" Sheldon asked. He knew from Stella's troubled look that something about Mac bothered her.

"How did you…?" Stella asked.

"I won't tell anyone that you're dating him, Stella, don't worry. You will tell everyone when you're ready for it. But the look on your face tells me that you're worried about Mac." Sheldon said.

"He's having nightmares." Stella sighed, "And I don't know how to help him."

"Talk about it." Sheldon said, "Whenever I have a nightmare I talk to my mother about it. And it feels better after this."

"Just talking?"

"That's right. If that doesn't help, then maybe he has to take some counseling."

"Yeah, Mac will never take counseling." Stella snorted.

"Then he has to talk to you." Sheldon said and Stella nodded.



"Your victim was cut four hours before she died." Sid said.

Mac, Sheldon, Danny and Stella all looked surprised at Sid.

"Are you kidding?" Danny asked.

He hadn't been with the team at the crime scene, instead he had stayed in the lab, waiting for the evidence to arrive. Now as Sid was finished with the autopsy, he joined the others in the morgue.

"Nope, As Sheldon said, she died around midnight, but she got her cut marks at around eight in the evening." Sid said, "And someone had sedated her with a large doze of sleeping pills."

"That's not easy to do." Sheldon said, "She must have met someone who spiked her drink or food."

"Her drink. She had no food in her stomach." Sid said, "But get this… she was almost 12 weeks pregnant with twins."

"Twins?" Stella asked and Sid nodded.

Suddenly the room seemed so quiet. All of them thought of Lindsay immediately. And of the baby she was carrying. It was always hard to hear that a victim had been pregnant, and when you had someone so close to yourself being pregnant as well, it was the first one you thought of.

"Does anyone know if she had a boyfriend?" Mac asked after a while.

"Angell checked, but there is no sign of a boyfriend or even parents. She does have a brother though, he lives in Indianapolis." Danny said, "He's flying here as we speak."

"Maybe she broke up with her boyfriend, and he takes revenge on her by doing this. That would explain how she was drugged with sleeping pills." Sheldon said.

"Exactly, she would trust her boyfriend." Stella said, "But why take revenge on someone this way?"

"Alright, that's strange." Sheldon said.

"Excuse me." Sid said, "I wasn't done. I found this piece of fabric in her hair. Nothing under her fingernails though."

Sid gave Mac a small black fiber in a plastic bag.

"Thanks Sid." Mac said.



Mac and Stella were having dinner at her place. They had talked about a lot of funny things over the last half an hour, until Stella had asked what Mac dreamt about.

"Please, tell me Mac." Stella begged, "I only want to help."

Mac sighed. Talking about his feelings and dreams was not an easy thing for him to do. Ever since Claire died he had crawled deeper into his shell, and brining him out of that shell wasn't going to be easy. Both he and Stella knew that.

"It's usually the same dream. I'm back in the cottage with James and Adrian." Mac sighed, he didn't make eye contact with Stella, "You are tied to a chair, and Lindsay is almost nine months pregnant. She is tied to a chair and they're cutting you both with knives. Don and Danny are lying in front of me, dead… Sheldon is… hanging by the window."

Stella reached over the table and grabbed Mac's hand. Mac squeezed her hand. He hated this dream. It was the worst one and the one he dreamt the most. His entire team died in the dream, and he just stood by a door and watched through the whole time. Sometimes he even laughed. Mac rarely had nightmares. Before now, he couldn't even remember when was the last time he had dreamt something so horrible.

"Sometimes I laugh as James cuts you and Lindsay. Adrian is jumping around and cheering James on." Mac said, "And there is nothing I can do to help you. I hear your screams and your painful groans. I see the blood on the floor. But I just stand there and… I don't even try to help."

Stella stood up, went over to Mac and sat down in his lap. She softly kissed his head.

"It's just a dream Mac. If it ever happened for real, you would do everything you could to help. I know that, and you know that." She said softly.

Mac wrapped his arms around Stella, it felt good to hold her so closer.

"It just bothers me. And it ruins both mine and your sleep." Mac sighed.

"It will go away, I promise." Stella smiled and kissed Mac softly. Mac kissed back and pulled Stella closer.

"Let's just relax tonight Stella." Mac sighed.

"Sounds good to me."


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