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So here we are…Valentine's Day…Can you feel the love?


Valentine's Day.

A day that started off as a celebration between lovers, a day where you can shower the person you love with gifts. A day that quickly became a bit overrated when Corporate America took over and started charging an arm and a leg for a dozen roses on that day and only that day.

It was also a day that I knew Bella hated.

After all the years I knew her, that was one thing that never changed. Valentine's Day for her was always a lonely holiday, she didn't celebrate it, she celebrated "Single Awareness Day". She was a part of the crowd that thought the holiday was overrated. Whereas I embraced the holiday. Emmett and Jasper always gave me shit about it but I wasn't the one who was stuck at home dateless on Valentine's Day several years in a row.

So this year I decided to take the knowledge I had and use it to my advantage. Bella didn't want a big deal made over Valentine's Day, I wouldn't give it to her or at least that's what she would think. The plan was to ship Bella off to an all day spa where she could spend the day being pampered. Then she would not have to worry about a four year old running around all day. Leilah was my job. I asked Leilah to be my Valentine and of course she asked what it was.

"Leilah, sweetie, Valentine's Day is coming up," I exclaimed, pulling the covers over her body.

"Valentine's Day," she repeated, pondering the idea.

"Yes, Valentine's Day. You know what that is, right?"

"Mommy said it's a day where people spend time with people they love."

"That's right, Leilah, that's exactly what it is. You're mommy doesn't like Valentine's Day too much," I said sitting down on Leilah's bed.

"She said that too. I don't know why,"

"Me either, but I wanted to ask you something."

"Okay," she said her eyes brimming with curiosity.

"So on Valentine's Day, you're supposed to have a Valentine. They're the person you're supposed to spend the day with, take them out, and buy them flowers and chocolates."

"Is mommy going to be your Valentine, Uncle Eddie?"

"Maybe. That's what I wanted to ask you. Leilah, sweetie, do you wanna be my Valentine?"

"Yes!" she giggled, "What about mommy?"

"Tell you what, you both can be my Valentine. I'll take you out in the day time and then take your mommy out in the night time. What do you say?"

"Okay! Are you gonna buy me flowers and chocolates?" she asked curiously. Her face immediately lit up at the mention of the chocolates and flowers, so I figured she would ask a question about it.

"Of course. That's what Valentines do, Leilah. They show each other how much they love one another."

"Edward..." Bella murmured as she turned in her sleep, snapping me out of my current thoughts. Her angelic face was turned towards me as her mahogany locks fanned against her pillow a few pieces framed her face.

"I love you," she absent mindly whispered again stirring a bit more pulling the white cotton sheet covering her body down exposing the soft, supple skin of her bare breasts.

I sighed, remembering what I found when I got home last night. She decided to surprise me. I walked into our room expecting to find Bella sound asleep, but boy was I wrong.

"Welcome home, Dr. Cullen" she purred from the bed.

I gulped as I took in the sight in front of me. Bella was clad in a leather corset. Her eyes smokey and seductive. Her legs wrapped in black fish net thigh highs held up by a garter belt that left little-if anything- to the imagination. My eyes trailed down to her feet, where I found sexy as hell black stilettos.

"What's wrong, Dr. Cullen? Cat got your tongue?"

"No it's just, I mean it's I'm-"

What is wrong with me? Form coherent words, Cullen!

"God you're beautiful," I whispered softly taking in sight before me. My eyes were full of hunger as they roamed unrestrained from the heaven that was her long legs to the subtle curve of her hip to the way her creamy skin spilled out of the constrains of the leather, her chest undulating with every even breath she took, threatening to spill at the right moment. There was just something about her narrow neck, which just begging to be sucked on or the blush that was hinted on her cheeks that made me crazy for her. Maybe it was something about the way her hair framed her face in a soft auburn halo.

On an average day she was a goddess, but like this, she was my mistress and I was more than willing to submit to any of her demands.

"Stop babbling like an idiot, lock the door, and come show me how much it is you love me!"

She didn't have to tell me twice. I back up, pulled the door closed shut and locked it.

"So Dr. Cullen, I heard once surgeons are good with their hands," Bella's voice cooed from behind me as she slipped her arms around my shoulders.

I felt her arms drop off my shoulders, and I heard her stilettos click as she made her way around my room.

"You know, I've heard that once or twice myself," I gulped as I turned around to face her.
Bella was lying across the bed. Her leg was propped up.

Fuck. Me. Now.

"So Dr. Cullen, about those hands of yours," she cooed, "I think I'd like to experience them, you care to show me?" she motioned for me to come closer, her slender finger sticking out towards me, reeling me in.

I took a step closer towards the sex vixen in front of me.

Who is this? And what happened to my Bella?

It didn't matter. Wherever this vixen was coming from I would take advantage of it.

"What's wrong, Dr. Cullen?" she asked running her had down her stocking clad leg. Her fingers trailed toward her inner thigh.

I groaned.

She knew what that did to me. Then again, two could play this game.

"Nothing, Miss Isabella," I stalked over to her slowly pulling at the tie around my neck, "What was it you said earlier about surgeons?"

I reached the bed taking one of her legs into my hands. Placing soft chaste kisses along her leg nearly reaching her inner thigh, causing her to moan.

This was the spot I was looking for.

I continued to suck lightly on her skin causing moans to escape from Bella's lips.

Oh that sweet delectable sound.

"Ungh...Ed-waaa-rd," she moaned.

"What is it Bella? How can I help you?" I whispered trailing the kisses farther up her leg blowing hot air towards her smoldering center causing her hips to buck.

"I...please...Edward..." she moaned again as my kisses continued trek farther up north nipping at the swells of her breasts.

Her hands flew to my pants in a flurry, fumbling to unbutton the pants.

"Isabella, love," I cooed brushing hair from her face, "We've got all night, honey, and I plan to show you just how much I love you."

My hands traveled to the clips off her garter belt unhooking one clip. I slipped the stocking slowly down her leg, taking all the time in the world. As I shimmied the knee high off her leg, my fingers trailed a little longer down than needed. My lips loved each inch of her creamy white legs.

"Edward..." she moaned grabbing two fistfuls of my hair and pulling me up to her.

"Don't forget I'm the one in control here," she exclaimed before her lips crashed onto mine.

Our tongues tangled together in a battle of tug a war...the prize...control. I pulled away as Bella fumbled with my pants, my slacks pooling at my ankles.

I could feel the heat radiating from her wet center as I positioned myself at her opening.

"Ungh," Bella moaned, pulling my face back down to hers. Her lips ravishing mine, her hips bucked against mine trying to close the gap.

"Someone is anxious," I chuckled, flashing her a smile.

"Edward please..." she demanded.

"Patience is a virt-"

Knock, knock, knock.

"Momma?" Leilah's voice rang from the other side of the door. The sound of her trying to turn the knob echoed through the room.

Children, life's perfect cockblock.

"Leilah," Bella hissed sitting up pushing me off her.

I groaned.

Of course Leilah would show up now of all times.

"Momma?" Leilah called out again.

"Yeah, sweetie? Hold on one second," Bella paused and looked me deep in the eye, "I'll be back, champ," she whispered in my ear. Her fingers trailing down my abs stopping at my hip bone. Her fingers traced soothing circles along the bone.

Bella got up, throwing the sheet over my half naked body and grabbing her robe off a chair as she headed to the door.

She unlocked the door, pulling the robe closer around her body.

"What's wrong, sweetie?" Bella asked, cracking the door open.

"I had a bad dream," Leilah sobbed, "A monster was chasing me."

"Oh, honey, it's okay. No monsters will get you," Bella said soothingly as she took her little girl in her arms

" Can I sleep with you and uncle Eddie tonight?" she asked as she peeked over Bella's shoulder.

Please say no. Please say no.

"Um well, I think Uncle Eddie needs his sleep, he's had a long day at work and I don't think he needs you rolling around and kicking him all night," Bella said matter of factly.

There is a god!


"Honey, why don't I tuck you into bed? We'll look all around your room to make sure there are no monsters. How does that sound?"

"Okay," Leilah said jumping out of Bella's arms.

"Alright head to your room. Mommy will be there right there," Bella said standing back up. The sounds of Leilah's feet running through the hallway filled the air.

"I'll be right back," Bella flirted dropping the corner of her robe down exposing the skin of her shoulder.

Oh dear God. What this woman does to me.

After a few minutes I found myself dozing off.

"Sleeping on the job, Eddie?" Bella laughed.

I fluttered my eyes open to find Bella straddling my hips.

"Just resting my eyes, sweet cheeks," I playfully said planting a quick slap on her butt. "So, any monsters lurking around?"

"Oh I can think of one monster," she flirted.

"Oh? And what monster is that?"

She smirked dropping the robe from her body.

"Let me show you…"

"Edward?" Bella whispered as her eyes fluttered open.

"Good morning love," I sighed bending down to kiss her.

"Happy Valentine's Day," she exclaimed with a smile.

"Happy Valentine's Day. I love you."

"I love yo-"

Knock, knock, knock.

"Momma?" Leilah voice interrupted Bella. "You awake yet?"

"I am. Are you okay?" Bella called out.

"Yeah, I'm okay. Can you help me get ready?"

"Of course sweetie. I'll be right there."

"Okay!" Leilah exclaimed.

"I've got to get your Valentine's Day date ready," Bella laughed.

"Yes, please do."

"Uncle Eddie!" Leilah exclaimed as ran towards me at lightening speed. I kneeled down to catch her in my arms.

"Hey, Valentine," I said pulling her tight into my arms.

"Happy Valentine's Day!" she said placing a soft kiss on my cheek causing a smile to appear on my face.

"Why, Happy Valentine's Day, Miss Leilah Anne. You do look beautiful this morning," I complimented her.

Leilah smiled taking a step back out of my arms to twirl around. She was wearing a pink cotton dress with cap sleeves and a pair of brown cowboy boots that had pink stitching. Her hair was braided in two braids, two little pink ribbons tied on the ends.

"Thank you!" she blushed, "Do you like my boots?" she stuck her little foot out to show me her boots.

"I do, they're very nice. Are they new?"

"Yeah, Uncle Jasper gave them to me."

"Uncle Jasper? You mean Auntie Alice and Uncle Jasper?" I asked knowing that my sister was probably the culprit.

"Nope!" she exclaimed, popping the 'p', "Uncle Jasper bought them for me. He told me himself. He said that he picked them out all by himself. Auntie Alice was proud."

I laughed. I was going to have to talk to Jasper about this new found love of shopping he had.

"Well, they're very nice, Leilah Anne. They compliment your dress very nicely," I said standing back up offering her my hand. "I have something for you, missy."

I lead her into the kitchen bending down to pick her up and set her on the counter.

"Hold tight here, okay?" I asked. "Close your eyes."

She responded with a quick nod and a smile as her legs dangled off the countertop, kicking. She placed her hands over her eyes to cover them. I grabbed the flowers and chocolates I'd bought for her the night before off the counter on the opposite side.

"Alright open your eyes."

She threw her hands down and her eyes flew open.

"You bought me flowers!" She exclaimed taking the pink and red Gerber daisies out of my hands.

"I did. Remember, that's what Valentine's do."

"We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo. How about you, you, you? You can come too, too, too. We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo," Leilah sang excitedly, her entire frame bouncing with excitement.

"So what's first Leilah?" I asked looking at the giant map of the zoo.

"Uncle Eddie, I wanna go visit the monkeys and the gorillas and the chimps and the alligators, and the penguins, and the sheep, and the lions and the flamingos, and the giraffes, and the ducks! Oh, Uncle Eddie, can we feed the ducks? Please, pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top?!" Leilah exclaimed, jumping up and down.

"Alright, alright. One thing at a time, sweetie," I chuckled. I had a feeling I was about to have a full day of excitement. "Why don't we start at the primate house and work our way around the zoo? How does that sound?"

"Can we feed the ducks later?"

"Sure Lei, we can feed the ducks later."

"Yay!" she jumped up and down in excitement. "Let's go visit the monkeys!"

She grabbed my hand and dragged me in the direction of the monkeys.

"Come on Uncle Eddie," she yelled as she let go of my hand running towards the entrance.

"Sweetie, slow down. Stay with me, please," I pleaded as I ran to catch up with her. That was the last thing I needed, to lose her.

She stopped dead in her tracks and turned around to look at me.

"Hurry up!" she giggled.

"I'm coming, I'm coming."

When I finally caught up to her she dragged me into the exhibit.

"Look Uncle Eddie, gorillas!" she exclaimed pointing at the group of gorillas on the other side of the glass.

"I see them."

"What does it say? What does it say?" she asked pointing to the sign just on the outside of the window.

"Well, it tells you about the gorillas," I stated looking down at her. She looked at me, waiting to go on about them, "They're Western Lowland Gorillas. They come from Africa it says they live about thirty to thirty-five years. Boy gorillas can grow up to be six hundred pounds."

"Wow! That's really fat, Uncle Eddie. Do you think I could ever get that fat?" she asked curiously as she pressed her nose against the glass. She brought her hands up to cup around her eyes, giving herself a better look at the gorillas.

"Um, I'm sure it's possible, Lei. Oh, look, it says boy gorillas eat about seventy pounds of food a day."

"Really?" she asked running over to the sign, ducking under my arm that was resting against it. "What else does it say?"

"Um," I paused as I continued to read the sign, "It says Gorillas make twenty-two different kinds of sounds. Each sound means something else."

Just as I said that one of the Gorillas in the habitat let out a loud grunt startling Leilah.

"What do you think he's saying?" she whispered.

"I don't know," I laughed, "He's probably saying 'Leilah, I want to eat you'."

"You're silly, Uncle Eddie. Gorillas don't eat people, they eat bananas," she said matter-of-factly.

"Do they? And how is that you know this?"

"It says so. Right here." she stuck her finger up on the sign pointing to a random paragraph talking about life cycles of gorillas.

"Why look at that, Leilah, it does say that."

"Of course," she said with a smile.

Her smile always reminded me of Bella's, full of life and joy. Leilah was really growing up to be a miniature version of Bella.

"Come on Leilah, let's go see what else we can find," I offered taking her hand.

We walked around for awhile checking out all the exhibits. We checked out the Giraffes, bears, ostriches, leopards, and various types of owls and hawks.

"Oh, Uncle Eddie, let's go check out wolves!" Leilah exclaimed dragging me over to the wolf exhibit. It seemed like she'd been doing that all day.

Leilah walked right up to the barrier that incased the wolves stretching up on her tip toes to look.

"Want a boost?" I asked bending down to her level.

"Yes ,please," she said sweetly. She held her arms out and I picked her up, resting her on my hip.

"The wolves are pretty," she said, admiring the pack of wolves interacting with each other.

"You know…your dad liked wolves a lot," I said remembering Jacob's fascination with wolves. Like father, like daughter. I hoped that while Leilah held on to any piece of Jacob she could, the two of us could form some kind of bond with each other.

"He did?"

"He did. In fact, true story here Lei, you daddy is part Native American. He's from a tribe called the Quileutes. The old Quileute legend says that certain members of the tribe would form a spirit bond with the wolves and become them."

"So my daddy turned into a wolf?" She asked, her eyes wide.

"No sweetie, it's just story, kind of like the bedtime stories I tell you."

"Oh, I see. What does the sign say?" she asked turning her attention to the sign posted in front of the exhibit.

"Well," I said walking over to it. "Grey Wolf, they're an endangered species."

"What's an endangered species?" she asked.

"Basically there's not a lot of wolves like these ones," I pointed towards the pack of wolves, "out there in the world. They're dying of all sorts of different reasons."

"That's really sad, Uncle Eddie. I don't want the wolves to die," she said, her voice lowering and her head tilted downwards.

"I know, sweetie. That's why some zoos have endangered animals. So this way they can hopefully save the animals from being extinct. Which means the kind of animal doesn't exist anymore."

"Oh…" she frowned. I could tell this particular subject made her a little upset. She was always worried and concerned about how everyone else felt about something. It didn't surprise me to find her concerned for the animals that were endangered.

"So it says that wolves talk to each other by howling. When they howl it could mean that they want the pack to come back together or sometimes to warn other packs to stay away. It even says they do it just for fun," I said trying to change the subject.

Leilah laughed. She smiled then let out a soft little howl herself.

"Sounds like you could be a wolf. It must be that Quileute blood in you. You're not gonna turn into a wolf on me, are you?" I asked tickling her side a bit causing her to laugh.

"That's silly. Of course not! It's just a story…remember?"

"Right I forgot, sorry. Oh look it says that wolves can smell up to 1.5 miles away."

"Wow, that's really cool. Will you buy me a wolf, Uncle Eddie?"

"Um, I don't think I can buy one sweetie. Maybe we can look in the gift shop on the way out. They might have a little stuffed wolf that I'd get for you."

"Okay!" she said, squirming out of my arms. "Come on, let's go see the penguins, Uncle Eddie!"

"Penguins, lovely," I sighed, following Leilah out of the exhibit.

For a four year old she sure had a lot of energy. I give Bella credit for being able to keep up with her all day.

After the penguin exhibit we grabbed something to eat. After eating we visited the bird sanctuary where Leilah was able to feed the Lorikeet birds. At first she was a leery about feeding them but once I got her in there, it took awhile to get her out. Following the birds were the giraffes, the hippos.

The day was winding down and Leilah was slowly losing energy.

"Come on Leilah, let's get going. You're starting to look a bit tired," I said as I swooped her up into my arms.

She yawned, placing her head on my shoulder.

"Okay, time to go sleep over at Grandpa Carlisle and Grandma Esme's?" she asked.

"Yeah, time to go sleep over."

"No!" she exclaimed, lifting her head off my shoulder "The ducks! We didn't feed the ducks!"

"Alright, let's go feed the ducks, then head home alright?" I chuckled.


We walked over to the duck pond. As soon as we got their Leilah squirmed out of my arms and ran over to the water's edge. I bought some pellets to feed the ducks with and walked over to Leilah.

"Here, sweetie," I said extending my arm out to her, "feed the ducks."

She took the cup of food from my hand and immediately started throwing pieces in the water, laughing as the ducks fought for the food.

"Uncle Eddie?" she asked.

I looked down to her.


"Why is that duck trying to drown the other duck?" she asked pointing to two ducks in the water.

I glanced up and couldn't believe my eyes. Sure enough there were two ducks in the water and to a four year old it would appear that one duck was trying to drown the other, but I knew better.

"Um, well, I think they're just playing." I attempted to explain.

Bella would kill me if I explained where baby ducks came from to Leilah. I just came up with some response.

"Playing? That's silly. Mommy says you should never play around the water. Someone could get hurt."

"That's right, Leilah. It's dangerous, but the ducks don't know any better."

"Bad ducks!" she exclaimed, shaking her finger at them.

She giggled.

"Uncle Eddie?" she said again pulling at my pant leg.

"Yes, Leilah Anne?"

"Happy Valentine's Day," she smiled, hugging my leg.

"Happy Valentine's Day, sweetie," I said picking her back up into my arms. I placed a soft kiss on her cheek, causing her to giggle.

"Let's go to Grandpa Carlisle and Grandma Esme's house," I told her.

"Okay," she sighed.

I could tell by the way Leilah held herself, she was tired. I had worn her out. Bella would be proud.

Leilah draped her head over my shoulder. I began to feel her heart slow down as she drifted off to sleep in my arms.

Collective awe anyone? I think Edward and Leilah had really great time at the zoo, don't you?

More Nine Months craziness to come…keep your eyes open kids…