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Snape stared and waited for the students from outside the Great Hall. He looked among all the students waiting for his little girl to walk through as well and when she did Severus felt pride tug at his heart. His little girl was going to be a Hogwart's student…he had never felt so happy in his life. The only thing that would make this better would be if she was in his house. Oh, Severus knew that if she were to follow in her mother's footsteps he would still be proud. Gryfindor was a great house to be in as long as you held up to their bravery and not to the arrogance like the Potter's did.

As Snape scanned the students he saw that a miniature James was standing next to his daughter. He could see that unmistakable smile appear on her face, apparently he was keeping her entertained.

When Snape saw that his colleague Minerva Mcgonnagal was coming out with a stool and a ratty old wizards hat he leaned forward in his chair to see if he could get a glance at the scroll. Never before had Severus been so anxious for a sorting to begin and he was not the only one looking to see where Serenity's name was on that list.

"A little excited my boy?" Dumbledore asked eyeing the parchment as though he wanted to stare right through its thick layers.

"No more then you are Albus…can you see my daughters name?" he asked glancing a look at the Headmaster.

"Regrettably no, and that is a shame I am so looking forward to seeing what house young Serenity will be sorted into."

"If she is as smart as her mother then most likely Ravenclaw!" Professor Flitwick chimed in.

"I wouldn't be surprised if she did go into that house. That little girl was a demon when it came to casting spells with a wand." Snape said waiting for Minerva to call up the first name.

"Did she not blow a hole in your wall a couple of years ago Severus?" Albus asked chuckling to himself.

Snape smirked. "She did and it was not that long ago…I do believe she was nine when that happened."

"Oh my, whatever did you do Severus?" Flitwick asked.

Once again Snape smirked. "I swatted her behind ten times with my hand."

Just as the small teacher was about to give his response Severus hushed him.

"Shh…they are starting."

Severus found that his daughter wasn't going to be sorted for quite a bit and she watched as she kept herself busy conversing with the other children, though she was trying fairly hard to keep herself distanced from the blond Malfoy. That wasn't a surprise; the Malfoy's were all stuck up and very arrogant. Still he would have preferred her flirting with Draco Malfoy over Harry bloody Potter. James would have four fits if he figured out his son had a crush on a Snape girl.

"Harry Potter." Serenity smiled and gave the young boy a push towards the hat.

Snape watched as the boy held his breath and went to sit underneath the moldy piece of cloth.

"Hmmm…a Potter, eh? Well what should I do with you? Your father being a Gryfindor would make you great for that house. You have so much bravery and courage that I cannot see you fitting in anywhere else, unless you count Slytherin-"

"No…please don't put me in that house…my dad threatened to kill me if I went into that house." Harry said his tone quaking.

"Very well, if you are certain-"

"I am." Harry said nodding.

"Then it better be…GRYFINDOR!!!!"

Snape clapped with the other teachers and sneered, "Like father like son." He thought spitefully.

"Icary Wollingberry."

After hearing that said name Snape's head shot up. Wollingberry! Snape had an Alex Wollingberry, he wondered if there was any relation.

Icary had rather long black hair and glassy brown eyes; yep he was definitely a Wollingberry! That sense of mischief and half baked schemes lurked in that smile of his just as it did his older brother.

"Hmmm…." The hat grumbled. "Strange you act like a moron and yet you are best suited for the house of intellect. RAVENCLAW!"

Just as before the houses applauded but the one that was loudest were the ones bearing blue banners. Snape looked at the students that were left, quite a few and it appeared that they all enjoyed Serenity's company. He watched happily with a comforting thought that Serenity would be a popular girl like her mother and would have plenty of friends.

"Helena Twitchit!" Minerva stated loudly.

Just then a girl with long brown hair and blue eyes walked up. She looked like a smart girl and seemed to be very nice considering the fact that she was talking to everyone as well.

"GRYFINDOR!" the hat yelled without a second thought. Just as before the table in Red and Gold applauded their new addition.

"Ashley Blake."

Normally with such a name you would expect a girl to walk up to the hat, but no, it was the exact opposite. A boy with short blond hair and twinkling blue eyes went to the stool. What interested Snape the most was how a boy would come by such a…different…name.

"Hmmm, you aren't a very loving person…nor do you truly care for others… SLYTHERIN!" The hat screamed.

Snape turned to his house and clapped loudly along with them and watched his new student sit with the other Slytherins.

"Draco Malfoy!" Minerva said looking from the parchment to the students around her.

The hat was just barely sat on the boy's head before the hat yelled, "SLYTHERIN!"

"Figures." Snape sneered.

Snape was becoming extremely agitated. When was his daughter going up? The tension was literally killing him. Finally Minerva turned to Snape for a brief second sending a smile that he knew meant Serenity was up next.

"Serenity Snape!" Minerva read.

The reaction from his students was enough to make Snape want to strangle them all.

"Did you hear, Snape?"

"Yeah, she's the one who killed…you-know-who!"

He watched as a flawless smile appeared on her face and she walked to the hat filled with confidence and yet something was a miss. Severus couldn't help but wonder what was going through his daughter's head on the Hogwarts Express, they hadn't left off at a particularly good note.

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