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Serenity wasn't sure if she was looking forward to being in potions or not. Her mind was juggling the possibilities. Either her father was going to be prat because he was grumpy or he would act like he normally did and not allow it to affect him. Still she trudged to her next class taking as much time as she wanted, transitions from class to class were about five minutes considering how spaced out the school was so she knew she would not get into trouble or be late.

The Dungeons were cold; Serenity felt that was the only thing she could not stand. The chill and its icy fingers tickling her back. She hated it and her father was probably too stubborn to light the fireplace in his classroom. She assumed a seat next to Ashley and sighed rather loudly.

"Yeah, I feel the same way too." Ashley said gently.

His voice was so calm and he didn't speak in anything over a whisper, he was very polite and from what Serenity had seen he kept to himself.

"No, I like potions I just cannot stand how cold this room is."

Ashley nodded in agreement.

"But we cold hearted Slytherins are supposed to like the cold." He pointed out.

"So they say, but I have a mother who went into Gryfindor. Guess her gene willed out."

They continued their little playful banter until her father came in. He slammed the door shut and instantly the room became silent. Serenity rolled her eyes; her father was always one for theatrics.

"A stiff bunch you lot are." She heard him whisper.

Serenity surpassed her urge to laugh and buried her face behind her cauldron. She waited for her father to start his beginning of term speech; she has heard it so many times that she could probably give it herself. Serenity waited but it never came, what was his deal?! Snape always started off with the beginning of term speech, it was his thing! When it didn't come and he just skipped to taking roll Serenity banged her head on the desk.

"Oww." She breathed.

She hadn't planned on whacking her head that hard.

"Serenity Snape."

"Here." She grumbled.

Severus looked up at her and then back at the list.

"Harry Potter." He stopped, smirked, and strode over to his desk.

"Mr. Potter, did you take the time to read your potions book?" he asked wryly.

Harry looked at Serenity for a brief moment who didn't say anything she then slowly shrugged her shoulders, she had no idea if he had bothered to read before school term. Serenity knew she hadn't, but she lived at the school during term so she really didn't have to all that much.

"Uhh…I didn't really read the whole thing sir…I skimmed through it though."

Her father's lips curled into a sneer.

"Well how about a little quiz."

Harry just shrugged his shoulder in an unknowing fashion; he looked towards Serenity again who was very red in the face. She mouthed to him.

"I'm so sorry."

Harry sighed and awaited his fate.

"What, Mr. Potter, is a beazor?"

Harry stared blankly for a moment, he had read that somewhere before. Ah!

"Isn't it an organ taken from the belly of a goat and can't it heal a person from most common poisons?"

Snape's lips tightened.

"Yes, what is the difference between Munkshood and Wolfsbane?"

Harry didn't know that one he turned to Serenity who made her had go upright. If her father wanted to play this game then she would play too.

"Sir!" she said loudly.

Severus turned and faced his daughter; he recognized that glare in her eyes. It was one Lily had given him many times when he left to go spying.

"Yes, Ms. Snape?"

"This is not a fair quiz!" she said acid dripping off her tone.

"And why is that Ms. Snape?"

Serenity stood from her desk and spoke assertively, "The last time a checked sir when a teacher usually gives a quiz he usually teaches them something beforehand. Not to mention the fact that other students get tested as well."

Severus pursed his lips, how dare his daughter speak to him in such a way.

"Well then why don't you teach the class?" he suggested.

"I could probably do a better job then you." She said hotly.

There were a couple pronoun gasps in the room but Serenity did not care, her father had no right or reason to be taking all his frustration out on Harry. And she would not just sit there and allow it to happen.

"Sit down Snape, and ten points from Slytherin!" he spat.

"For what you asked my opinion!" she yelled.

"If you cannot tell the difference between a rhetorical question and an actual one then you are a bigger moron then I had thought."

Serenity's face became blank, had her dad just call her stupid, tears filled her eyes.

"Well it has to come from one of the parents; I guess I just figured out who it is."

Serenity grabbed her books and from the room, slamming the door behind her. Severus winced at this, and then looked at all his students.

"Your homework is on the board, get started."

He sat in his chair and began scribbling on a piece of parchment; he wasn't really writing he just needed the students to think he was busy while he gathered his thoughts. His eyes wandered from the parchment over to a picture of Serenity he had taken a couple years ago, she was seven then. Her hair was down at her back and she was wearing a green jumper. He smiled, she wore that innocent face so well but Severus knew that his little girl was anything but innocent.

He sighed, this was mostly his fault. He hadn't really been the best father; he actually resembled Tobias to some extent. Oh Merlin, he had called her an idiot, which was so far from the truth. Serenity was his little prodigy. He rubbed his temples, tonight when he saw her in the common room they would have to talk.

Serenity had gone to Alex's classroom; he was in there alone waiting for his next period class. She wondered why he had breakfast so late in the morning but didn't care; the point of the matter was that he was there and alone. She ran into the classroom the tears no falling down her face like waterfalls.

"Serenity?!" Alex placed what she had guessed to be a piece of toast down.

She ran into his arms as fast as she could almost knocking him from his seat.

"Wow Kiddo, what is all this?" he asked regaining his balance and squeezing her tight.

"My…my dad," she began only to stop and cry more, "he…h-h-he is such a prat! And…and he doesn't….l-love me!" she cried.

Alex for a moment thought that she was five rather then eleven; then again since Severus was the only parent she really had he completely understood her grief.

"Shh…your father loves you more then anything in this world...he's just under a lot of stress with students."

Serenity pulled away and swiped at her eyes.

"He…he said I was stupid Alex…and…and he was picking on…Harry!"

Alex handed her a tissue and sighed.

"Your father has a personal hate thing going on with the Potter's, but don't worry, he'll get over it."

Serenity shook her head.

"You know how he is…he'll hold that grudge forever!"

Alex sighed; regrettably he did know how Severus was when it came to holding a grudge.

"No, I don't believe he will…that's what you are here for hun, you can make him see that Harry is a very nice person and prove him wrong."

Serenity nodded and began to calm down some she pulled away and wiped her at her eyes with the sleeve of her robe.

"Uncle Alex, do you think there is any way you could get Dad to be nice again?"

Alex sighed and rubbed his head.

"I don't know kiddo, I bet if you told him how you were feeling he would shape up right away."

Serenity shook her head and lip her began to tremble again.

"No, he would probably just ignore me and say he had grading to do or something."

Alex looked at her horrified at the very idea, he also knew that Severus would do no such thing. Even though Severus could be a real jerk his soft spot was always his daughter and there was no doubt in his mind that it would always be like that.

"I think you are being overly dramatic, c'mon if you want I'll go with you and mediate."

He pushed Serenity off his lap and took her by the hand practically dragging her down to Severus' office. Once they were outside the door Serenity stopped suddenly.

"Uncle Alex, I'm afraid…he was awful mad at me…and I said some pretty mean things."

Alex smiled at her.

"He's probably still blaming himself for calling you stupid…don't worry kiddo, your daddy loves you."

Serenity nodded and they pushed the door open.

Severus was sitting at his desk and the students were still in there seats. Alex did a good enough job to make it look like he had found Serenity in the hallway. He told Severus that he was just bringing her back. It was a mere coincidence that he had brought her back right when the class bell had rung. Once all the children were out he placed a silencing charm over the room and closed the door. Now they could argue in peace.

"Dad…I…I need to talk to you."

Severus put his quill down and folded his hands neatly on the desk.

"Yes, Serenity?"

Sudden tears began to pour down Serenity's cheek and Severus stared at her in shock.

"Why," she began, "why…do you hate me…" she sobbed.

Severus looked at her with his mouth hanging open, he hadn't expected this. He thought him and Serenity would discuss Harry…he didn't think that Serenity thought he hated her. Now he felt lower then dirt, because he loved his daughter and everyone knew that…clearly he hadn't been doing a good job proving it to his daughter.

"Serenity…I do not hate you…I could never hate you!" he said going to her side.

Tears still rolled down her cheeks and Severus did his best to wipe each one away and keep more from falling.

"Darling please…I was not being…I mean I was just in a horrid mood…and I am so sorry that I directed it at you. Please believe me when I say that I love you and I am so sorry you felt this way."

He held her close and then looked up to see that Alex was watching the whole ordeal, he pulled away and then stood upright.

"What are you doing here, Professor?" Severus asked formally.

"Sev, are you ever going to let this feud die?"

Serenity tugged on her father's sleeves.

"Dad, please…I don't know what you guys are arguing about but I think for my sake and the other students you should let it go."

Severus just glared at her.

"And that goes for the thing about Harry too." Alex chimed in.

Severus looked at his daughter whose eyes were puffy and red from crying. HE sighed.

"Very well, I will act peacefully but only around you Serenity. Things between Alex and I are far from fixed."

Alex nodded sadly but tried to keep a brave smile, he didn't want Serenity to worry about their said predicament. She had no reason to know.

Serenity however wanted to know, she wanted to know why her father had such a strong hatred for Alex and where Alex had gone all of those years and why he had come back so suddenly. Something was definitely fishy and Serenity was more determined then ever to find out what it was.

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