Together: Let There Be No Boundaries

Long, silent moments passed in hall of stairs where they stood, eyes locked on each other. Neither face betrayed any emotion; Jareth's remained blank and slightly mocking, while Sarah's expressed an almost meditative calm.

After some time, Sarah lifted her hand to him. His loose shirt was open low to display the family emblem he always wore; her fingers rested boldly on the bare skin above it. Again she was still, her touch light against his chest. Jareth's gaze dropped for a moment, amazed by the simple gesture.

His mind was reeling; he was almost frightened by this new ambiguity. Always before there was a winner and a loser, black and white and unquestionable. To now have no winner, to stand at the end as equals, to be neither hero nor villain...this was a world he knew nothing about.

His confusion was forgotten as he felt Sarah's lips press softly to the curve of his neck, nimble fingers slipping beneath the fabric of his shirt to caress his chest. His breath caught in his throat as her warm lips parted and moved, the tip of her tongue skidding over his skin, her free hand sliding around his waist to pull him closer.

This seemed to be his undoing; at once he had her in his arms, urgently pressing his face to hers, parting her lips with his tongue. She moaned softly against him, the sound lost in his mouth as he worked his fingers through her dark hair. Oh gods, how long he'd waited for this moment, how long he'd denied his aching for her.

Did they walk to his chambers, or did he transport them? He was not certain himself. All he knew, his universe was condensed into the length and breadth of her form beneath him. Time slipped away, no longer metered by the sword-shaped hands of his thirteen-hour clock. It didn't matter who won, who lost, whose game they were really playing; the only labyrinth that mattered now was the pattern her fingers traced over his shoulders, her voice in his ears the only song he ever wanted to hear. It was a new world, and he was helpless before it.

**** **** ****

Darkness had fallen.

Sarah slipped from the bed they'd shared, wrapping a sheet around herself as she wandered onto the balcony of his room. The Labyrinth by night was an eerie place of shadows and starlight, but she did not find it threatening; its darkness seemed appropriate. She rested her hands on the cool stone railing, shivering in the night air.

A faint rustling from behind alerted her to his presence; a moment later he had a possessive arm about her shoulder. He deftly shifted the sheet until it was wrapped around them both, his skin warm against hers.

"I thought you were sleeping," she whispered, not looking at him.

"No," he replied, his eyes also on his kingdom, "Just laying still. Thinking."

She nodded silently.

"I don't know what's going to happen, Sarah. This isn't a part of the story."

She turned to him now, drawing the sheet more tightly around them and resting her hand on his chest. "We write the story ourselves now. We aren't ruled by childish fables any longer."

"Then how does it end?" he asked, drawing his hands over the silky skin of her back.

Sarah lowered her head to his shoulder and gazed back out on his Labyrinth, speaking almost to herself, "It doesn't."