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"Hey dad, is it okay if I go over to Laura's house after school today?" Sam asked standing at the kitchen table, hoping his dad would say yes.

John thought about it for a moment. They didn't have a hunt they were currently working on while they waited for the school year to finish and Sam had been well behaved recently. "Yes," John replied. "On the condition that you are home by eight, am I clear?"

"Yes sir, thank you." Sam sighed as he walked out to the car so Dean could take him to school which he thought was really ridiculous, he was fifteen for Pete's sake!

"Where's geek-boy?" Dean asked shrugging into his leather jacket.

"In the car… waiting for you." John replied glancing through the newspaper for any suspicious activity.

They pulled into the high school parking lot about ten minutes later. "Alright, I'll be back later to pick you up." Dean said.

"Actually, I'm going over to Laura's house after school." Sam explained grabbing his backpack.

"Laura, you got a girlfriend and didn't tell me… Sammy, I'm offended." Dean said feigning hurt.

"Ha-ha Dean, very funny," Sam glared at his older brother. "I have to work on a school project."

"Oh, okay so that's what you kids are calling it these days." Dean said teasingly.

"You're a jerk." Sam replied.

"And you're a bitch." Dean retorted completing their inside joke. "Fine, go over to your 'friends' house but call me when you're done and I'll come get you."

Sam rolled his eyes. "I will." He said before heading towards his locker so he could deposit his unneeded books.

Dean watched Sam walk away and shook his head. He knew Sam was growing up but that didn't mean he had to like it. It may sound cheesy but Dean thought Sam would always be his baby or at least his baby brother.


The day passed quickly enough and Sam met up with Laura outside the library and then the two started the walk towards her house. They went into the living room and set up their books before Laura offered Sam a snack of milk and cookies.

They had been working for close to two hours and had about a third of their project done when Laura heard her father's Mustang in the driveway. "Sam," He looked up, by the tone of her voice, he could tell she was worried. "Sam, you have to leave, please go! Before he…" Laura was cut off as her father stepped into the living room.

"Well, well… who do we have here?" Mr. Barkley asked walking towards Sam. Mr. Barkley was a tall, well-built man wearing a dress shirt and slacks. Sam thought Laura had said her dad was a doctor of some kind.

"Sam Winchester, sir." Sam said stepping forward to shake hands.

Mr. Barkley smiled as he shook hands with Sam for longer than necessary, making Sam feel uncomfortable. "You'd be perfect." He muttered liking what he saw. Sam was tall, had an athletic build, a quick glance at the coffee table told him Sam was obviously smart and besides there were… other things that made him desirable… yes, the boy would be perfect! "Marcus!" Mr. Barkley yelled.

"Perfect… perfect for what?" Sam asked. He took a quick glance at Laura and was slightly unnerved by the look of panic on her face.

"You'll see my boy." Mr. Barkley replied as a young man who looked to be in his early twenties came walking into the room.

"You called sir?" He asked.

"I think we can get started now." He said motioning to Sam.

Marcus got the message and before Sam could react, he felt a stinging in his arm and then his world went black. Laura stood there in horror. The only reason why she'd agreed to doing the project at her house was because her father and brother weren't supposed to be home. She watched as Marcus carried an unconscious Sam down to the basement, or rather her father's lab.


Dean and John were eagerly going over some information that Bobby had just called them with concerning a possible haunting a few towns over. They were both going through withdrawal and felt the pull of the hunt once again. Dean glanced at the clock and then at the phone, eager for his brother to call when there was a sudden knocking on the door. He grabbed his 9mm, hid it in the waistband of his jeans and answered the door. "Um… who…." He asked surprised to see a girl standing in the doorway. They almost never got visitors to their tiny, run down establishment and he was instantly suspicious.

"Dean?" She looked at him questioningly and sounding out of breath.

He nodded.

She reached out and wrapped a hand around his wrist. "You… you have to come… quick. Sam… he's in trouble…" She panted.

"Dad, Sam's in trouble!" Dean yelled already heading for the Impala.

In a matter of seconds, all three of them were loaded in the Impala speeding towards Laura's house.


When Sam came to, he realized he was in a basement. "Good, you're awake. Now we can start." Mr. Barkley said his back to Sam. His eyes flashed black as a wicked grin appeared on his face and he began walking toward Sam with a syringe in his hand. This was working out better than he could have hoped for. Sam was a great catch anyways but the fact that he was a hunter's son made it even better.

Sam tried to get away but found he was bound to the bed and his panic upped a notch. "Get the hell away from me you freak, you think I hand out the goods for free?" He asked masking his fear and channeling his older brother, feeling mighty proud of himself.

Mr. Barkley smirked at Sam's cocky attitude and then plunged the syringe into Sam's abdomen.

Sam threw his head back and his body convulsed as a white hot pain seared through his stomach making him feel like he was on fire without any way to put it out. "Agh!" He screamed in agony. Eventually the pain subsided but Sam remained curled in the fetal position long after. Mr. Barkley stood there smiling, yes, as far as he could tell, his plan was working.

"Get the hell away from my son now!" John roared shaking with rage as he watched the middle-aged man loom over Sam. Dean was standing slightly behind his father, a murderous glare on his face as he pointed the .22 Caliber at the man just itching to pull the trigger.

Mr. Barkley spun around and glared at the two men, angry that someone had breached his private lab. It could be easily fixed though. With a flick of his wrist, John and Dean were sent hurtling into the nearest wall.

"Son of a bitch," Dean muttered refusing to lose consciousness and checking to make sure he still had his gun on him even though he knew now that it wouldn't do much good. It was better than nothing though.

Shit John thought as he realized what they were dealing with. He glared threateningly at the demon. "Christo." He said, momentarily disarming it. "Dean, get your brother out of here." John ordered taking advantage of the situation not realizing that Dean was already half way there. John charged the man and knocked him down continuing to mutter Latin under his breath and splashing holy water on him hoping to give his son's a chance.

Dean walked over to the mattress where his brother lay shivering on the bed. "Hey Sammy, what do you say we get you home okay buddy?" Dean said tucking his gun into the waistband of his jeans and gently picking Sam up.

Sam seemed to register that it was Dean who was holding him and he burrowed deeper into his brother.

Mr. Barkley growled as he watched Dean carry Sam up the stairs. Oh well, at least he'd already gotten the first step taken care of. It was irreversible now, nothing the all mighty John Winchester could do to stop it.

John was a little surprised and unnerved that the demon wasn't putting up more of a fight. He'd always warned Sam and Dean to be cautious when it felt like the fight was an easy one; he knew how dangerous a mistake that could be. He checked to make sure his boys had made it safely out of the room before throwing the final punch effectively knocking the man unconscious.

Looking around he saw the rope that had bound his youngest to the bed. He quickly untied it and slung it over his shoulder making his way over to the man failing to notice the young man making his way out of the house.


Dean carried Sam out to the car and gently placed him in the backseat of the Impala. Sam was still shaking so Dean grabbed a blanket from the trunk and draped it over his brother before pulling Sam close to his chest. "Shh, Sammy, shh, I've got you baby brother." He whispered when Sam whimpered a bit. "You're safe now."

Laura sat in the front seat, feeling more than a little guilty as she watched Dean do his best to comfort Sam. If only she hadn't brought him home then he'd be fine now instead of suffering in the backseat of his brother's car. This was all her fault.

John came out a couple minutes later with some very bloody knuckles. He'd left Mr. Barkley lying in a crumpled heap in the basement, trapped underneath a Devil's Trap. Taking a look at Sam in the backseat who looked so small and helpless in his brother's arms he made his decision. "Take him home Dean." John ordered.

Dean looked confused but gently laid Sam back and climbed into the front seat.

"I'll be home soon, just have to take care of a little pest problem." He said the trademark Winchester glint in his eye.

Dean nodded and fired up the engine racing toward their ramshackle house as John headed back inside. "Wake up!" He demanded splashing holy water onto the demon's face.

The demon shook his head and made a small sound of pain. "Ahh, so the almighty John Winchester wants to have a chat does he?" The demon smirked.

"It'll be a bit one sided." John said before starting the exorcism.


"Go… get the door." Dean ordered to Laura as he gently pulled Sam from the backseat once they'd arrived back home.

Dean carried Sam into the bedroom and softly laid him down on the bed. Laura watched as Dean removed his brother's jacket and shoes trying to help make him more comfortable.

Sam started to stir and let out a small moan.

"Hey Sammy, c'mon open your eyes for me kiddo." Dean said leaning down close to his brother and cupping Sam's cheek with his hand. "C'mon Sam, you can do it."

Slowly Sam opened glazed eyes and looked up at his big brother with a faraway look in them only to lose consciousness a few minutes later. Dean sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He glanced at Laura and wanted to be angry with her for endangering his brother but in the end he knew she'd had no control over what her possessed father did.


John was in the kitchen getting a cup of coffee going over what the demon had managed to get out before being exorcised. He had told John that changes were underway and that he'd lose something precious to him along the way whatever the hell that meant. John growled and shook his head, there were only two things that he still had that were precious and both were down the hall from him, presumably safe for the moment. He was about to pour his coffee when he heard Dean calling his name. He knew something was wrong just by the tone of Dean's voice.

"Dean? What…" He asked before seeing his fifteen year old son thrashing on the bed having a seizure. He rushed over and tried to keep Sam from falling off the bed while protecting his head as much as possible. "Sammy!" He shouted worriedly.

It seemed like years but was only a few minutes later when the seizure finally ended. Sam was pale and had sweat dripping down his forehead and his head ached as his muscles felt cramped. Dean smiled softly and reached down to brush the bangs off of Sam's forehead, noticing as he did so that Sam had a fever. "We need to cool him down." Dean immediately unbuttoned Sam's shirt, seeing for the first time how bruised and swollen Sam's abdomen was. "God Sammy," He sighed sympathetically. What the hell had that demon done to his little brother?

"Dean, the tub's ready." John called walking out from the bathroom a couple minutes later. He managed to hide his anger when he saw the bruises on his son's stomach. Other than an occasional spanking, he'd never raised a hand to either of his boys and he definitely didn't permit anyone else to.

Dean nodded and gently cradled Sam to him, stumbling a bit, and the kid was no light weight that was for sure. "It's okay Sammy, your big brother's going to take care of you." Dean reassured as he lowered Sam into the ice-cold bath which caused Sam's glazed eyes to open for a second time, a little clearer. "Hey there kiddo, how ya doing?" Dean asked sitting down on the edge of the tub, gently grasping Sam's hand in his.

John knew how worried Dean was by the amount of affection that his oldest was currently displaying. Dean might act tough and John knew his son was tough but introduce him to an injured little brother and Dean instantly turned into a combination of a mother hen and a momma grizzly bear though he'd never tell him that, damage his pride too much.

"Hurts." Sam groaned putting his head back.

"It looks it." Dean replied sympathetically.

After Dean and John felt like Sam had cooled down enough, Dean helped support Sam while John dried him off and got him into a t-shirt and a pair of sweats.

"Okay, back to bed little brother." Dean ordered guiding Sam back to the room that the two of them had shared for the past month and a half.

Sam nodded tiredly.


"Um… Mr. Winchester?" Laura asked standing hesitantly in the kitchen doorway.

John glared at her momentarily when in reality he was more pissed at himself. He was the great John Winchester, a legend, how in the hell had he not known that there was something going on in this town and let it get that close to his boys.

"I know you're mad at me, hell, I'm mad at myself but please… just hear me out." She pleaded.

John's face softened a little, he doubted there was anyway a young teenage girl would have been able to stop a possessed man. He doubted she even knew her father was possessed.

"I'm so sorry I brought Sam over to my house. I didn't think my dad would be home, I swear I didn't." She started. "I'll leave… I just want to warn you."

"Warn me?" John asked concerned.

Laura nodded. "My father… he was doing experiments, looks like Sam's his latest test subject." She said sounding a bit cynical.

"What was he doing experiments on?" He asked.

"My dad… he wanted to create the first male pregnancy." She answered.

"What?" John asked in disbelief.

"If… If it worked then Sam is pregnant." She repeated.

"You think my brother's pregnant!" Dean screamed standing in the doorway.

"He probably is, judging from what I've seen." She said turning to the enraged older brother. "It's what happened to the others."

"What others?" John asked, growing more nervous by the second. He felt as if this wasn't all there was to the story and they were missing a key piece of information.

"Sam's his seventh subject, there were others… they all died." She said staring at the floor as she relayed the information. "That's why I'm warning you. Sam has an uphill battle to fight as his body tries to accommodate to the changes and he's going to need all the support he can get."

"You're fucking delusional! In case, you haven't noticed my brother is a GUY and well, guys, they don't get pregnant! It's impossible!" Dean ranted.

"It's not impossible and if you want Sam to survive the next nine months, hell, the night I suggest you pull your head out of your ass and see what you can do for him!" Laura yelled. "That is if you care about him!"

John instantly knew Laura had gone too far and reached out to grab his son's shaking form but Dean dodged his father and strode to the young girl. "You can question a lot of things about me, how much I love Sammy isn't one of them. He means everything to me." His jaw was clenched and John knew that with how angry he was, it was a possibility that he might hit the girl.

"Dean, that's enough." John said pulling his son back.

"Then believe what I'm telling you and help him." She said softly.

"How long did the others last?" John asked.

"Most died around the third month." Laura replied looking only at John. "The last guy made it to the fifth month."

John nodded reluctantly and sighed tiredly. "What do we do?"

"Keep him calm and keep his fever down. You do that and he might have a shot of lasting a few weeks." She said sadly. She wasn't optimistic about the outcome.

Dean couldn't believe this and needed to get away from the whacked out conversation. "I'll be with Sammy." He said walking down the hall and resuming his spot beside his brother.

John entered the room a few minutes after Laura left. Her revelation had made him wonder if this was the change the demon had been talking about. "How is he?" He asked.

"The same." Dean said wiping Sam's forehead with a cool washcloth. He looked up at his dad, uncertainty shining in his eyes. "You don't actually believe her, right dad?"

"I don't think we have a choice son." John answered.

Dean nodded and went back to his administrations.


That first night was tough on all three Winchesters. John and Dean struggled to keep Sam's fever down and protect him during the seizures. Sam tossed and turned continuously moaning in pain, tears falling from his closed lids.

Dean woke the next morning feeling exhausted and his back ached from having slept in a chair all night. Seeing that Sam appeared to be resting peacefully for the moment, Dean decided that a cup of coffee was in order. He found his dad sitting at the table staring out the window. "Dad, when and how are we going to tell him?" Dean asked. He'd made up his mind sometime during the night that he'd go with this until he had a reason not to believe it. After all if it turned out that Sam really was pregnant, he wanted his brother to know he'd be there every step of the way.

"I don't know if we should." John answered.

"What, of course we should. If… if things start happening to him and there's no explanation, he's gonna freak." Dean argued. "That does not count as keeping him calm." Not that telling him he's pregnant will help keep his blood pressure down either Dean thought ironically.

"I just… I just want to make sure this is permanent." John replied.

"I should go check on him." Dean said finishing his coffee and walking back down the hall. He rushed over to Sam's bed when he saw that he was awake. "Hey, how ya feeling?" He asked taking a seat beside Sam.

"Tired." Sam answered. "Dean, what happened?"

"What's the last thing you remember?" Dean asked.

"Being at Laura's house and working on a project. Then her dad came home… that's it." He replied.

Dean nodded. "I'll be right back okay."

Sam nodded and closed his eyes.

"Dad, Sam's..." Dean drifted off when he saw the room was empty. "Dad!" He called only to get no reply. A quick look out to the driveway told Dean that his father's truck was gone and he had a good guess as to where his dad had run off to.


John parked his truck down the street from Laura's house. He double checked to make sure he had the holy water and the blessed knife, just in case, before stealthily making his way down into the basement.

The formerly possessed man was sitting trapped this time in self-guilt and John's patience was waning thin, he hadn't gone there to have a therapy session. He needed this guy to be functional and yet at the same time he wanted to beat him to a bloodied pulp.

"My god, what have I done?" The man repeated. John guessed that the man hadn't moved since he'd been put in the devil's trap.

"You can fix it." John answered.

"How, I killed those men. I almost killed your son." He argued.

"Key word there is almost but I need your help now. You have a medical degree correct?" John asked.

"I won't have it for much longer." Mr. Barkley stated.

"You can make this right. My son, Sam, he's suffering and I don't know how to help him. You do, please come with me." John pleaded. When it came to his boys, he was not above begging or threatening with bodily harm... whichever worked.

"You want me around your kid?" Mr. Barkley asked sounding surprised.

"Trust me, I'd rather not have you anywhere near Sam but he needs care that his brother and I can't provide for him. But make no mistake, you screw up in any way and anything happens to Sam, it's you who is going to suffer. And that's just me, you don't want to have to deal with Dean." John said an angry glint in his eye.

Mr. Barkley nodded and then proceeded to grab his medical supplies and then the two headed back toward the Winchester homestead.


Dean heard the front door open and picked up his gun from the nightstand. "I'll be right back okay Sammy." He said to his sleeping sibling and glanced a quick look at Laura who was sitting in a chair in the corner of the room. He walked down the hall and was shocked and angered when he saw Mr. Barkley standing in the kitchen. "What the hell do you think you're doing here?" He asked striding up to the man ready to punch his lights out.

"Please, I'm here to help." He said in a soft voice.

"Help! It's your fault we're here in the first place!" Dean replied not caring that the man was possessed at the time and didn't have control over his actions.

"Dean, I asked him to come. We can use him." John said making it clear to Dean to back off.

"Let's get one thing straight doc, anything and I mean anything happens to my brother and I will tear you to shreds." Dean said appearing much more dangerous than any 19 year old should.

John smirked at the slightly frightened look on the man's face. "I told you, you didn't want to have to deal with him."

"Dad?" Laura asked as she stood hesitantly in the doorway. She'd heard the argument in the kitchen and had decided she had better go check and see what was up.

"Baby," Mr. Barkley said looking at his daughter. He knew he had a lot of explaining to do but he had no clue how to explain it to her, hell, he barely understood it himself.

"I think we have more pressing issues here, you guys can chat later." Dean interrupted in a cold tone of voice. There was only one thing that they should be focusing on and patching up some stranger's family wasn't it.

"Right." Mr. Barkley said sending an apologetic smile towards his daughter.

John turned to face Dean. "Did you tell him?" He asked.

"No, he doesn't remember much." Dean answered.

John nodded.

"Dad, I really think we should tell him." Dean somewhat pleaded. "I mean, it's his body. I don't think it's right to hide it from him, besides he'll figure it out eventually."

John sighed. "I don't know how he's going to take it."

"Oh, trust me, he'll be freaked." Dean sighed tiredly.

John and Dean walked down the hall only to find that Sam had fallen back asleep. "You stay with him. I'll go make lunch." John said. "Guess, we'll tell him this afternoon."

Dean nodded in agreement. There was no way he was keeping this from Sam.

John made spaghetti while discussing options with Mr. Barkley, Laura had left a while ago, not wanting to be near her father right now. Dean put a plate aside for Sam and sighed again, he was not looking forward to what they had to do. "Dean…" John started.

"Yeah, let's go. You wait here." Dean ordered glaring at the doctor. "Hey Sammy, I need you to wake up for me." He said gently shaking Sam's shoulder.

"Dean?" Sam asked his voice unsure.

"Yeah Sammy, it's me." He glanced over his shoulder at his dad before continuing. "Listen kid, we gotta talk."

"Can't it wait Dean, I really don't feel good." Sam said, a shiver running up the length of his spine.

"That's why we gotta talk." He sat down on the edge of Sam's bed. "Sam, the reason why you don't feel good is because when you were at Laura's house, her dad… he did something to you." Dean replied.

"What did he do? Dean… what?" Sam asked fearfully.

"Sammy, this is gonna sound crazy but please believe me because I promise you I'm telling you the truth." He hesitated.

"Dean, you're scaring me. What's going on?" Sam asked.

"Laura's dad injected you with something and now you're…" Dean found it hard to get the next set of words out of his mouth.

"I'm what?" Sam asked turning fearful eyes towards his dad who remained stoically silent.

"You're pregnant." Dean whispered.

"Ha-ha, Dean, in case you forgot April Fool's Day was last week." He said glancing back and forth between his dad and brother. "Oh… oh my god, you're serious." He said realizing that neither of them was joking or saying 'got ya'.

"Sammy?" Dean asked placing his hand on Sam's shoulder.

Sam's shoulders started to shake as he began to sob. Dean kept his hand on Sam's shaking shoulder while looking pleadingly at his father for help. John walked over and kneeled down on the opposite side of Sam. "Sammy, son, look at me please."

Sam kept his eyes clenched shut and refused to obey his dad.

Dean and John were each at a loss of what to do as they watched their youngest break down in front of them.

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