How They Met

How They Met

A story about Percy's Parents

Sally Jackson's (Percy's Mom's) POV:

I couldn't wait. I was finally going to where I was most happy, the place that reminded me of my parents. The place I hadn't been to since my

parents had died when I was 12. Montauk. Just the name made me shiver with delight. I had just turned 21, so I was now allowed to live my

own life, without those dumb orphanage caretakers. I hadn't lived in the orphanage since I had turned 18, but I hadn't had all the freedoms I

should have had. Such as leaving Manhattan to go to the beach. I guess the caretakers thought I would drown myself. It's not my fault I had

been a little bit, well, Goth you could say. I mean, what girl wouldn't whose parents had died in a plane crash? But, all the same, my birthday

had been a happy one, June 18, just on the verge of summer. I was going to start job hunting in the fall. But this summer, this summer was for

Montauk. I had just pulled up to my rickety, old, absolutely wonderful cabin and started unloading when I heard a voice behind me. Whoa! I

had come here for years with my parents, and no one had ever been here. I slowly began to turn around, groping for something heavy in the


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