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Sally's POV

After that one night, Poseidon came around more often. Things got a little…heavier between us, and two days after my period was supposed to come, I panicked and headed to the doctor.

Maybe I overreacted. But 'twas all for the best, as Poseidon says in his deep, sexy voice (and you didn't hear that from me!!) because the doctor told me something that would change my life forever…

I was pregnant. And already done with my first trimester. What would he say? My heart knew he'd be ok, but my mind; my angsty, rational mind, was unsure. Would he dump me, like so many boyfriends did when the girlfriend was pregnant?

Or would he be the kind, supportive father, that man-of-my-dreams every girl wants?

Everyone who knows a word of Greek mythology has at least heard about the Gods'- infidelity - to put it lightly. Isn't Poseidon married?

"Oh, no," I gave an enormous mental groan, allowing myself a moment to wallow in self-pity. That MAN! That horrible, incorrigible, evil, conceited BA- well, you get my point.

I pulled into the small driveway in front of my cabin. Storming in the door, I stopped at the site that greeted me.

Poseidon, blushing like an old granny's tomato pincushion, was trying to cut my favorite flowery apron off while at the same time systematically spraying water from his fingers (wearing his I-am-one-of-the-most-powerful-gods-in-all-of-time face, which definitely clashed with the cutesy apron) at little puffs of smoke in front of him.

There were little vases of periwinkles, my favorite flowers, on the table, and a pot of… something... sitting on the stove.

The effect was ruined by the billowing smoke coming from the oven, as well as the burning smell rolling off his mussed hair and the small candle stubs scattered about.

"What on earth happened in here?" I shrieked, desperately hoping he wasn't hurt.

His face turned an even darker shade of red, something I had never thought possible and never wanted to see again.

"Well...I heard it was your birthday."

I stared. "And what, may I ask; does that have to do with anything?" Before he could respond, I burst out laughing; unable to hold my amusement at his rather interesting state of dress.

For he had not only managed to set half the apron on fire, but also random holes in it, making it look as if one of those hellhounds had laughed all over him, before realizing he was the enemy and trampling him.

Needless to say, it was rather funny, so he soon joined me in our laughing session, until we both ended up on the ground, clutching our sides and groaning.

Then I remembered why I hadn't been there while Poseidon was creating this little… birthday bash. Before I could back out, I blurted, "I'm pregnant."

That set him off again, until he realized that I was serious. "Honestly?" He asked, incredulous.

"No, I just said that for your own personal amusement. I make pregnancy jokes all the time," Came my sarcastic reply.

Poseidon winced. "Sorry Sally, that's… really great news!" He gave me an enormous beaming smile that was obviously faked.

My stomach started to churn. "I-is there something wrong with that?" I hated how my voice shook but rose at the end, sounding half nervous and half angry.

His face morphed into a grimace. "Well no- that is to say, yes, kind of, but I really am glad we're having a kid, there's no one I'd rather have one with than you… other than my wife of course, but you see, there's this prophecy thingy that says my child might be the one to kill-"

I cut him off. "Prophecy?"

He took a deep breath and started reciting.


I stumbled into a chair, wondering how I always managed to get caught up in these things. My uncle would be so proud. After all, that's why he put me in an orphanage, right? No one could have a deranged niece who goes around seeing monsters in the house of the upstanding citizens and morally correct, of course. And he certainly couldn't be blamed for putting said niece into the most abusive orphanage around-doesn't everyone do that with their unwanted possessions?

But, I digress. The point is that MY child will somehow have to defeat the most evil Greek monster of all ages.

Of course, the tot could betray the gods, but I wasn't keen on mentioning that plan to Poseidon, him ending up dead and all that.

Upon thought of our favorite god-o'-the-sea, I noticed him sitting there anxiously, and as I wanted to spare myself the sight of a nervous powerful guy in a flowery apron (girls-try to find a man with his own manly kitchen ware), I quickly spoke.

"Don't worry, Poseidon, everything will turn out fine. After all, how could our kid turn out anything less than perfect with a father like you?"

I winced at the cliché cheesy line, but it seemed to have worked. Poseidon flashed his sparkly grin at me and nodded decisively.

"Of course. Our child shall save Olympus and become the hero of all heroes. Now would you like some roasted ambrosia cubes and a bowl of seaweed soup?"

Somehow, he managed to make the burnt globs taste delicious, and we talked and laughed till past midnight. Finally he rose and bade me goodnight, reminding me not to worry.

After he left, I sagged with relief. He wasn't going to dump me! Even with the prophecy on our shoulders, I knew we could make it through this together. I gave an optimistic yawn and headed to bed.

Poseidon POV

Pregnant. Pregnant… pregnant. I rolled the word around in my head a few times, tried saying it (until one of the water nymphs passed by and gave me a funny look), and pondered on the meaning-do you know how hard it is to get "The Talk" when your dad swallowed you whole?

But I knew that Sally and I would raise our child to be strong, a king among the mortals and prince among the gods. She and I would live our lives in my palace, with Amphitrite, and the three of us would train our savior. Together.

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