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Theme: They met through the Force…literally.

It was dark. It was cold. It was…lonely.

She didn't know how long had she been floating in a limbo of Lifestream like this, having a touch-and-go relation with the living. All she knew was that she could not stand this anymore. This had to end one way or another. That was why once she felt a presence brushing against her mind, she latched on to it and pleaded.

Free me please. Free me from this chain that keeps me anchored.

The presence balked but she could not let it go just yet.

Kill me… she whispered desperately and the presence disappeared. She wept silently then.

The second time the presence brushed against her mind again, she was much calmer and accepted the probing gently.

Do you need anything?

Who are you?

Just a ghost. It was the closest description of herself.

A ghost? The presence paused, as if mulling over its next words. Can you help then?

Kagome stirred and cleared her mind more than usual, trying to connect herself deeper to the Lifestream she was immersed in. Perhaps. What is it you want?

Information, the voice was quick and demanding. It knew what it wanted.

Kagome mused and she knew that whoever it was, the presence was near and within range. I suppose I can. But still, my help might not be what you need.

I want to know where the hidden bases of the Rebels are.

Rebels? Flashes of people fighting against white clad troopers entered her mind as he gave her enough information to look for them. Ah, those people. They dig deep into the soil. I had thought that you people are desperate to get space to live in to resort to living like a mole.

Her laughter was met with amusement. Can you be more specific though?

Perhaps…she giggled. But I have a price.

Indignation and a slight betrayed feeling entered their bond. Name it. The voice was cold.

Kagome sighed. I only want your name. Is it too much to ask?

Darth Vader. The negative feelings were washed away replaced by slight amusement. Now where are they? Vader anticipated.

She told him and not long after, she felt more souls joined the river of Life she floated in. Vader managed to find them after all. He will be leaving, she reflected sadly, thus when she reached out and found that he was leaving the Planet, she sent one last message before going back to her semi-lucid state.

Congratulations, she whispered. And thank you. It has been a while since I have someone to talk to.

The Dark Lord paused at the ramp leading into his shuttle when the light brush of mind retreated. He sent a brief message back before boarding into the aircraft, feeling lighter than he had in years when a soft laughter and warm anticipation washed through the strained link.

I'll be back. Sleep well.

Deep in the Lifestream, where life force gathered from all over the universe, the Guardian of the Shikon finally found a brief respite from her never-ending nightmare.

AN: Just an experiment. A series of one shots about Kagome in Star Wars Universe where she was found by Vader in a planet that was once Earth.

There will be no constant update and this is a plot bunny that breed in my mind, hence please do not expect a regular review.

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