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Title: Risky Gamble

Theme: She was offered freedom…

Setting: A few years after she met Vader

"There is a thing known as the Universal Balance; it secures the future of all universes that exist and an imbalance threatens the destruction of not only one world but all creations.

Two worlds are never meant to be meet, one way or another. That is why it is a considered a great sin to even attempt to mess with space and time."


The spirit fled into her body finally as the Force that pulled harshly at Goshiboku's power that coated its crystal prison created enough opening for her to slip through. But the body within remained immovable even as her spirit managed to reconnect with her physical body.

Kagome let out a silent wail.

It is no use.

Keep trying, came Vader's voice from the other end of the link. His Dark clashed wildly with the Holy Spirit that resided within the sanctuary. We have not reached this point for nothing.


"But if you are offered your freedom…will you take it?"

"In a heartbeat."


"She has been punished enough," the Dark Lord growled, the raspy quality of his voice along with the whirring of his respirator added more menace to his statement. But alas, his foe was an immovable Ancient Tree – bodily harm meant nothing to it.

Instead, he reached through the Force, feeling the net of woven energy around the crystal coven where his latest ally lied within. It was bright; as pure as the girl it guarded, no, shackled. But the Dark was never weak.

With renewed vigor, he pulled more power from his anger – at her fate, at the world's injustice, at the sadness he always heard whenever she talked of her past.


"Even if it means your death?"

"Ahaha, don't you understand Vader? I was never afraid of death. It should have claimed me eons ago"


Let me go, dearest friend, she implored silently to her prisoner, hoping against hope that is would listen to he r and end her misery. Have I not atone enough? Are the Gods so cruel to keep me here even after all these millennia?

The Tree resisted against both her attempts and the attacks from the Dark Lord outside her confine. To It, she was a part of the Land, a silent protector spirit and this human was trying to forcefully rob It of Its most precious companion.

Please, I beg you, Goshinboku, her soul pleaded desperately as it was torn between rejoining the Lifestream and returning to its physical manifestation. Let me out, my soul has lingered long enough.


"An existence like this…is much more painful. That is why the Gods make this my penance."


Outside, all Vader saw was her pain filled visage and heard the piercing scream that cut through the Shrine's blessed peace.

Let this chains that bound me fall…even if it leads me directly to Shinigami-sama's embrace.

The Tree's soft soul had not changed and it was with a familiar warm caress that It let her soul returned fully to its house and loosened the confinement It has over her body.


"If I tell you that I can free you, will you believe me?"

"…I will."


"Because Vader is special, even a stray spirit like me could see it."

"I think it's because you are a spirit that you can see it."

"Hahaha, true, true." (Arrogant bastard)

"I heard that."


I am released.

Her mind brushed his gently, warning him to cease his attack. As he complied, the body within the confine moved – much to the amazement of the warrior priests who were held back by his Imperial army to make space for him to work on breaking her out. Vader stepped back and without much fanfare, her arms lifted and her hands glowed.

Don't blink, my dearest friend, she whispered. This is not something that you can see everyday.

With that warning, the incredible crystal prison shattered with a great tinkling crash, its iridescent shards hovered around the niche where her body now remained suspended without support. The young girl finally opened her eyes, those shimmering orbs of sapphire.

"Vader," her voice was soft, though it resounded slightly differently than her mental voice. It held more weight behind it somehow.


"I bring enough people to attempt a prison break."

"You can't be serious."

"Try me."

"There is no guarantee that brutal Force can win over Goshinboku. It is still an Ancient being after all."

"Just like you are."

"Very much so."

"Then, we have an even field. You against the Tree. As an outsider, I can only do so much."

"…you are insane."

"I'll have you know I have planned this for quite some time. I have seen how the energy pattern revolve around the shrine and – "


"Why what?"

"Why go through so much trouble to free me? I have no use to you."

"Because you are mine."

"I belong to no one."

"The Force told me. You are mine. Since that day you spoke to me, our fate is intertwined. So for good or bad, you are mine."

"And are you mine?"

"I suppose it's only fair, is it not?


Complying with her silent request, the Dark Lord moved forward, striding across the room until he was face to face to the floating teen. "Kagome."

A bright smile graced her lush lips, giving more radiance to her already divine countenance. "Thank you, for everything." Her arms circled his neck, pressing her body against his as she savored her first physical contact since the day she 'died'. "I'm free now."

"Yes you are, little one," Vader rasped, making no motion to return the hug. "And you are always welcomed."

She giggled softly. "I'm tired," the girl admitted.

Without much warning, her body went limp and if it wasn't for his enhanced reflexes, she would hit the unforgiving floor in a crumpled heap.

"Kagome!" his shout almost went unheard in the midst of the din that the suspended crystals made when they fell.

"Kagome!" Vader called again, shaking the body that he had raided the Temple for. "Wake up! Kagome!" In their close proximity, he noticed one thing that was out place in this girl whom he had tried to save. "MEDIC!!!"

She was no longer breathing.


"Will I stay with you if this works?"

"When it works."

"You are avoiding the question."

"…I suppose that will be up to you. Salaurn will not let their Goddess leave so easily. You still have the choice of staying here."

"Then, keep me at your side?"

"Life with a Dark Lord is not easy."

"I'm not one for easy things, milord."

"Then…I suppose we shall see. For now focus."

"I won't forget this, you know."

"I expect no less."

"Fine Lets get my body back.."


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