Skips around a lot, and I don't say who is saying what, although it's sorta obvious. Just have to guess I guess! :) My first try at Hp.


Sirius- Check out Snape!

Do you think that's his real hair?

Can hair be that oily?

Damn- don't look now, but Peter's looking for you.


That was awkward.

I can't believe he called her a mudblood!

You know he's a prick.

They were friends, tho.

Some friend.

Ooh- Lupins late

XD Binns looks mad!

Remus looks pissed.

He's friends with her too- I bet he killed Snape!

If only...

Pass this note onto him while Binns is looking down.

Hi, James, Sirius- No, I didn't kill Severus.

Damn- I was hoping...

Lily is looking at you.

I'm looking back, Sirius!

Stop sending me notes! I think Binns is going to kill me- I didn't write a three-foot scroll on the Ministry of Magic's something or other- he's already mad!

You're a wimp, Lupin.

As soon as we get out of here, I'm hexing you, Potter.

I'm a good referee between you two!



Are you talking to me yet?

After what you did to Severus? No.

He called you a you-know-what!

A mudblood. Just because he called me that doesn't mean you should have done that.

He's an oily little prick, Lily. You deserve better.

What's that supposed to mean?

I think you know.

Yea. Whatever. Sirius sits behind you. Talk to him.

Read what's above here.

She sounds pissed!

I didn't do anything wrong!

You did something FUNNY.

EXACTLY! And she's mad!

Why? He was being an ass. He had the nerve to call her a Mudblood. He deserved worse then he got.

I know. She won't listen to reason.


Finally! Graduating! I'm never gonna have to see Snape's huge, crooked nose again! Rejoice!

Not to mention the lack of, you know, mountains of homework!

He's looking over here- sneering bastard.

Did you see Lily yesterday? She was so excited about graduating, she smiled at him, and he just gave her that blank look. Ass.

Eh, he's probably in love with her... he's gonna be sorely disappointed when he finds out she doesn't like pure-blood snots like him.

Yep. Class is almost over- I'm packing up.




James here. I was talking to Lily the other day and now we're engaged. Crazy, right? You're my best man, obviously. You and Remus. I sent both of you an owl, but the formal invitation will come soon. Come or I'll break your arm.

Lots of love,




Of course I'll come! Can't wait. I might just buy a tux...



Dear James,

Sounds great. I'm so proud of you for finally popping the question. And here I thought you were too much of a wimp. Just kidding of course! I wouldn't make fun of you when free food is so close in the future. Write back with the date, eh?



Dear Severus,

It's been a while. I just wanted to tell you that James and I are getting married. I understand that you may not like to come, or that it may be awkward, but I haven't seen you in so long, and I just wanted to let you know. You're invited if you want to come. I did convince James, so don't expect it to be a surprise. If you don't come, don't expect me to write again.

Lots of Love,



Dear Sirius,

Guess who was born this morning? He looks like a miniature me! His name is Harry, and I have a question to ask you. Can you come on down to the hollow? I'd like to ask you in person.

Lots of love and fatherly pride,


P.S I'm a dad- can you believe it?


Dear Remus,

It is my sad duty to inform you that James and Lily Potter were killed. They were murdered late last night by Lord Voldermort. However, their son, Harry Potter, is still very much alive. I am sure that, by now, you have heard the stories, and it is indeed true; Lord Voldemort was defeated. And Harry Potter lived. However, he has living relatives with whom he should be safe, until it is time for him to attend Hogwarts. In order to keep him safe, please refrain from any contact with Mr. Potter. When he is of age, you may speak with him as you like.

Deep condolences,

Albus Dumbledore


Hey, Ron- Check out Snape!

Do you think that's his real hair?

Can hair be that oily?

Or a nose that crooked?

Look out- it's that Granger girl. From the train.

Hide your spellbook! She'll do them all and make us look like twits!



Harry Potter is unmanageable. He is, indeed, his father's son. He breaks rules with no regards for consequences, with that Weasly child. I suggest that we treat him as we would anyone else- or perhaps more harshly. He expects special treatment due to his fame, and I believe this should not be tolerated. We do not need another James Potter in this world.

Severus Snape



I would much prefer a James Potter to other possibilities. Treat him as you would any of your other pupils, Severus. If he causes trouble, he must have good cause. Send him to me.

Albus Dumbledore


Finally! Graduating! I'm never gonna have to see Snape's huge, crooked nose again! Rejoice!

You know we have him next year too, Harry?


Yep. Only he's harsher, cause we know the workings of the castle and all.

Well, that's not good.

Nope. Guess we'll just have to try again next year.

At least there won't be as much stuff going more Voldemort, for instance. At least for a while.

I know you met him, and all, but do you have to say/write his name?

Voldemort, Voldemort, Voldemort

Bloody hell, Harry- you're an ass.

As soon as we get out of here, I'm hexing you, Weaselly.

Like you'd know how.

I'll ask Hermione.

I'm shaking in my robes. Like she'd help.

Why- she wouldn't turn on you? Are you blushing?


It's been a good year, Ron.


THE END! My first Harry Potter fic! No point, no plot, no problem!