Kelly didn't know she was strong enough to kill with no remorse. ONESHOT



Danny what have I done?

I'm so sorry.

I couldn't help but to cry as I plunged the scissors into his neck again and again. Eventually what was Danny had died, and I pushed him off of me.

I cried, I cried so hard I felt as if I was crying blood.

I recovered though.

I had to be strong, for Danny's sake. For our final kiss. But I had to kill him, to protect myself.

And so Riq would never know.

I loved him, I love him so much. But, I had changed, I had changed.

I used to be so squeamish of blood, I used to cower at Doctor Who. I was a frigid little girl who didn't want to grow up. And I still was until… what happened just now.

I had drawn my first blood, and I wanted more. I wanted more people to die, what was left of them. It was their fault what happened to Danny, all their fault.

So I did, I tore through what were people, and what was left of them, I needed revenge.

Did you know, that when a killer first draws their first blood, they thirst for more?

I'm parched.


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