Kelly didn't know why Space was following her. Kelly/Space


Everything I did, he followed me. He helped me whilst I didn't have Riq. I don't actually have a clue why, but he did. He smiled at me, and then, I felt as if I had something to live for at that point, because I knew deep down all my family and friends were dead; it was bad enough seeing Claire and Danny as a zombie attempting to rip my guts out.

But Space… Space was different.

When the zombie got in and attacked Marky, he tried his hardest the get him off him; risking life and limb. I then thought to myself he was the bravest out of them all; whilst Joplin, Veronica, Angel and Grayson stood by; uncaring.

But the thing is, he was being all brave when I was around, and when we had a couple of fags, he looked at me then, so strangely. I was gonna ask why, but I left it. Why? I don't know really, it didn't seem right to ask about how he felt, when it was bloody obvious he was upset because his family were most likely murdered.

And when I knew my time was almost up, I got to talk to him one on one. I also began to think in the few minutes in the diary room, I guessed that he had realized what must have happened to everyone. He too was dying, and I noticed the reluctance in his voice as I was talking about fighting my way through. He sounded as if… if…

He loved me.

But he couldn't, he had Pippa; that frustrating ginger Scottish freak was would never shut up and acted blonde all of the time. Even though it didn't show, she annoyed me a whole lot.

Another thing that got to me, was wherever I went, like moving around, Space looked after me. OK, maybe I was exaggerating a bit, I guess deep down I liked it, but with his behaviour… I guess you could call it following, but without the awkwardness and calls to the police over a stalker.

The sad thing is though; I won't ever know why he followed me.


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