"Alex why are you acting so weird every time you see me?" asked Juanita.

"Umm don't worry its nothing." Alex replied.

"Come on Alex I'm not stupid! It's interfering with our skating! When things start getting involved with our boarding we have to sort them out!" said Juanita.

"Um well Okay, its just you look so different in a D-D- (Alex took a deep breath) Dress and it makes me feel kind of uncomfortable."

"Oh My God! Is that it? If you can't even stomach me in a dress how are we going to do page 94?" said Juanita.

"Uhh I don't know. Do you want to do it?" Alex asked.

"I'm not sure. Shall we just do the scene and try it, but if it comes to it and we can't do it we just tell the director and ask him to cut it out" Suggested Juanita.

"Brill idea dudette!" said Alex happily.

Just then Jodie a hand-help for the movie came in.

"Juanita your make-up and hair need to be done!"

Alex ran for his life.