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December 18: The Epilogue

"Kagome! Chickadee, hey! Over here!" Kagura waved madly from where she leaned against her limo, seemingly unconcerned with the attention she was getting or that she was blocking other cars from pulling up to the school.

"Isn't that Kagura Taisho?" A student whispered. "What's she want with Higurashi?"

Kagome ignored the chatter around her, glad she had decided to wait to 'come out' as Sesshomaru Taisho's long lost brother's girlfriend/fiance/mate. She couldn't wait to publicly become a part of their family, but she had to take care of herself and her own family first.

Besides, she had to get used to all the sudden attention from the demon community before she could even think about the human media.

Kagura craned her hand up higher, as if she still wasn't sure Kagome had spotted her. "KAG!"

Kagome beamed back, practically flying down the school's steps despite the gazillion pounds of homework and books weighing on her back. Her teacher's thought they were being 'kind' by allowing her to catch up on all her missed work during her winter break. "Kagura!" She threw her arms around her future sister-in-law, clinging tight to the mink Kagura had draped around her. "What are you doing here?"

"It's been a month, chickadee. That's way too long in between visits, having my heart nearly ripped out of my chest is no excuse," Kagura declared, squeezing her back. "Besides, I have something for you."

The limo driver discreetly stepped forward, offering Kagome a thick portfolio.

"Behold! The rough, first draft, outline of your future movie!" Kagura almost shoved the packet into her hands, looking pleased with herself. "Right now, I'm calling it Kagome Higurashi: Hot Demon Tamer, but I'll probably change that. I was going to name it How Kagome Got her Demon Back, but Sess seemed to think there might be copyright issues with that..."

Kagome gaped down at the bunch of papers, shocked speechless. "You were actually serious?"

"Of course I am. I rarely say things I don't mean." Kagura tossed her hair back. "Why else did you think I gave you heels for the battle of your life? I wasn't going to let the actress playing you fight in flats. But that's for another day, after I legally have your permission to film your life story so you can't sue me. Are you warm enough?"

Inuyasha hadn't let her leave the house without wrapping her up like he was worried she would miss the turn to her school and end up in Antarctica instead. "I'm fine."

"Good! Just throw your bag in the limo-" Kagura reached out and tugged at Kagome's bookbag, loosening it from her shoulders. Her eyes widened at its weight, forced to let it drop to the ground. "What the hell? Are you carrying bricks around?"

"Even worse. They're textbooks," Kagome grumbled. "My classmate Hojo had been bringing me my homework, but he had to take some emergency trip with his family two weeks ago. This is all the work I've missed since then."

"Poor chickadee. Well, somehow drag your bag into the limo, and the driver will drop it off while we stroll and chat over to Inuyasha's place. You are still heading there, right?" Her voice turned sly.

Kagome's cheeks flushed and it wasn't just because of the cold. "Are you still covering me by telling Gramps I'm spending the night at your apartment in case he calls?"

Kagura clapped, gleeful. "Yes! Sneaking around, lying to guardians. This is all so high school."

Kagome gratefully dropped her heavy bookbag into the limo, carefully laying Kagura's screenplay beside it, "Glad you're enjoying it."

"Oh, don't be like that. I'm just secretly jealous. They didn't have high school when I was growing up, you know." Kagura locked her arm in Kagome's, bringing her close to her side. "A little immaturity is good now and again...especially when you promise to give your favorite sister-in-law the deets later." Kagura nudged her, leading her along the sidewalk as the limo pulled away from the curb. Neither of them remarked on the tall, bulky man who followed silently behind them, used to the constant protection Sesshomaru insisted on for Kagura. "So is tonight the night?"

Kagome's face only burned hotter. "I haven't gotten to see you in a month, I don't want to just talk about me."

Kagura patted her hand, taking sympathy on her for once. "Fine, fine, we can take turns." She scowled suddenly, "Though it's not like there's much for me to report. Sess kept me on forced bed rest until yesterday. That's why the screenplay is done, I had nothing else to do besides lay around, write, and torment Sess."

"That sounds very...restful," and it couldn't have been too boring for Kagura; tormenting Sess was her favorite activity, after all.

Kagura's scowl suddenly warmed into a smirk. "Restful. Right." She seemed much too innocent and Kagome did not want to know why. "Sessy-Pie did let me leave the room once though: to meet his tattoo artist."

Kagome jerked her gaze to her, less concerned with avoiding the icy patches on the sidewalk now. "Did he...?"

Kagura sighed, "Well, I voted for a giant portrait of my face inked onto his neck. When he said that was less than 'dignified' for a ruler, I suggested "PROPERTY OF KAGURA" blazing across his forehead." Her face softened, her lips curving. "I finally compromised by just letting him write my name across his heart." Her free hand gently touched her chest, "Matching marks for us both."

Kagome squeezed her arm, her own heart melting. "That's beautiful."

Kagura winked, breaking the moment, "Hey, I wasn't about to let myself be the only one branded."

"And are you..." Kagome hesitated, not sure how to ask, "Have you"

"Are you trying to ask if I'm still tied to Naraku? Even after you cut the mate bonds and saved me after he died?" Kagura asked, more amused than annoyed.

Kagome nodded, knowing the answer but needing it confirmed.

"Take a look for yourself." Kagura lifted her heavy fall of hair off of her neck, slipping off her scarf.

The back of her neck was pale, graceful, and completely blank. There was no indication that there had ever been a spider marring her skin.

"See? We're good. Naraku's dead, and it doesn't look like I'm going to join him anytime soon. Anyway, your turn! What's up with your family?"

Well, as long as she was talking about her family and not her plans with Inuyasha… "After everything had settled down, we decided to all go to group therapy as a family. It's been a huge help. Gramps been around more often, Souta's weaning off his obsession with Halloween and I'm learning to...acknowledge my feelings."

Kagome wasn't completely cured yet. "Acknowledging her feelings" sounded a lot better than "admitting and accepting feelings of weakness or grief". But Kagura didn't need to know that, not when she was so happy with Sess and finally being free of Naraku. Besides, it wasn't like that was even the most important news.

"And my mother, she's started to talk again." Kagome confided, almost shyly for some reason. "She's becoming more lucid and more 'here,' less lost in her grief."

"Chickadee, that's great news! You have to let me know when she's well enough to come over for dinner. I'll throw a huge banquet, let us all get to know each other," Kagura immediately offered.

"That would be great, but she's not quite ready yet," Kagome hesitated, not sure if she wanted to share, but it had been weighing on her mind long enough. "When she started to come back to us, we had a long talk about dad."

Kagura squeezed her arm in support, thankfully not saying anything.

"Mom told me about the first time they met, he seemed to recognize her right away. He knew her name, but he couldn't explain how he knew it. Mom would have been creeped out, but he was so sweet and charming, and he just felt safe to her. He had amazing instincts, but Mom just assumed he was lucky. That night he died..." Kagome trailed off for a moment, swallowing around the lump that formed in her throat. "It was her weekly trip to the grocery store. Dad didn't want her to go, said something felt wrong, but we were out of milk and she didn't want her coffee in the morning without it. So he went instead...and that's when he got into the car accident."

Kagura let them walk in silence for a moment as Kagome gathered herself, not wanting to fall apart in public. "She was devastated and blamed herself. She decided it was her fault for not being patient enough to wait for some milk. So that's how she became depressed. I have a feeling she may have been 'helped' along by Kikyo. But the majority of that pain was her own."

"I'm sorry, Kagome." Kagura wrapped her arm around her side, drawing her into a tight hug.

"Thanks, I appreciate it. But she really is getting better. She wouldn't even say a word to me a month ago. So I'm just focusing on that for now." Kagome cleared her throat, desperately wanting the subject changed. "Your turn. What's going on with Sango?"

Kagura shook her head. "Nothing good. She's thrown herself into her hunt, but she hasn't gotten anywhere, even with our resources and the help from the demonslayer community. It's just like Miroku and Kikyo disappeared into thin air. And of course, the longer they go missing, the more obsessed and crazy Sango becomes. I wouldn't be surprised if we have to book her a room right next to your mother," Kagura grumbled. "Of course, she would probably improve if she stopped hunting long enough to actually sleep."

Kagome's eyes widened. "What do you mean? It's been a month, she couldn't have been awake all this time."

"Well, it's not like I can blame her for wanting to avoid the dreams-oh, sorry, Kag." Kagura quickly apologized at her confused look. "I forget what you do and don't know sometimes. I should probably just start a demon 101 class all new mates have to take...I could write an awesome textbook. Though I don't know if I could keep it from getting as heavy as yours." Kagura mused, quickly becoming lost in thought.

"Kagura? What about dreams?" Kagome prodded, not wanting her to drift off into a new rant.

"Right, sorry. The human isn't the only one to suffer from the kazaana curse. Demons have a hard time dealing with the loss of their mate connection. So their mind tries to hold onto their mates by constantly replaying their memories during unguarded moments, like sleep. And from what I've heard, it tends to be the bad memories."

"Poor Sango." Kagome murmured, not sure what else to say. What if she was forced to constantly dwell on those early days, when she wasn't sure if Inuyasha was lying to her, or when she was worried about a potential betrayal. She wouldn't want to go to sleep either. "How much longer can she last like that?"

"A few more days, maybe a week at the most. If she's somehow fighting it even then, Sess will have to step in." Kagura explained. "Are we done with the depressing topics yet? I've been looking forward to seeing you, but all I'm feeling now is bummed out."

"Just a quick question. Would that dreaming thing affect Miroku if Sango had been the one to take the kazaana?" Kagome asked, curious.

Kagura gave her a strange side glance. "That could never happen. Humans are the only ones who can take the kazaana, or end the mating."

Kagome blinked in surprise. "Why?"

"Balance. The demon is the only one who can create the bond, so the human is the only one who can end it, even if it means their death." Kagura shrugged, "Why should demons get to reverse the mating? They're the ones who forced it on the human in the first place."

"That's why it's important I was human." Kagome suddenly exclaimed. "Midoriko told me I needed to be of three beings to cut mate bonds. Demon, human, and miko. She never got the chance to explain the human part."

Kagura tilted her head to the side, suddenly thoughtful. "Three beings, hmm? I wonder..." She trailed off, shaking her head. "Sorry, thinking about that demon 101 class again." She explained, a little too easily.

Kagome's eyes narrowed, but before she could question her, Kagura shivered violently. "Brrrrr, it's cold out here! Let's walk a little faster so we can get you safely to Inuyasha's...and your special night."

Kagome's suspicions faded with the emergence of her blush. "It's not like a full night." She grumbled. "It's just the...last important part."

Kagura stopped abruptly, nearly tripping Kagome over. "Chickadee! Are you officially mating with Inuyasha tonight?" She squealed.

A warm glow took the place of her embarrassment. She nodded shyly, praying Kagura's bodyguard wasn't listening too closely.

Kagura shrieked, before her arms were thrown tight enough around Kagome that she suddenly had trouble breathing. "Tomorrow morning, you're going to be my official sister! Gahhh! I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it!"

Kagome winced at the sound. She really, really wished she would hide her excitement. "I'm not going to be your sister if you let me die of suffocation," Kagome choked out.

Kagura immediately released her. "Oops, sorry, sorry." She threw an arm over her shoulder, dragging her close again. "Need any advice? I could tell you things that could get him wrapped around your little finger...literally, in some positions."

Why did that sound horrifying instead of empowering? "Thanks, but maybe next time."

Kagura nodded eagerly. "Definitely, whenever you want. You have my number." She squealed again, right next to her ear. "This is going to be so much fun! We have to go shopping tomorrow so you can tell me all about it."

"Thanks, but I think I'm probably going to stick around with Inuyasha tomorrow." Especially after the heavy hint he dropped about picking up syrup.

Meaning he literally told her, "Hey mate, we're trying out chocolate syrup next. Wash up."

Her blush heated down to her neck at the thought, her skin tingling. She had never been more grateful that he dropped the games Kikyo had taught him, returning to his normal, direct self.

Kagura sighed, sounding put out. "Oh, fine. But you better call me the instant you two are done making googly eyes at each other and need a break."

That, she could do. "I promise."

"I'm holding you to that," Kagura warned. "Let's get moving! Inuyasha is waiting for you. I bet it's been awhile since you've been alone with him."

Kagome snorted. When hadn't she been alone with him? Even though Sesshomaru had gotten him his own apartment, he had spent a total of zero nights there. He just waited for her grandfather to fall asleep before he snuck into the house, waking up early enough that he could sneak out again to knock on the door, asking to join them for breakfast. As if he hadn't just spent the entire night in the house, giving 'lessons' to Kagome.

Kagura grinned, "Yeah, I thought so. Not much can keep a demon from his mate."

Wasn't that the truth. "Though I don't see him much during the day anymore. What's Sesshomaru having him do?"

"He's throwing a ton of tutors at him to get him prepared for college exams. Showing him around the demon community as our 'heir,' so we don't have to worry about selecting a real one." Kagura sighed. "We got lucky Ryukotsuki got so injured during the trial. We have some time to prepare before he can start causing trouble again."

Kagome hated to depress Kagura again but she had to ask. "And Hiten?"

Kagura fell silent, her happy mood abruptly gone. "Not good. He blames himself for his brother's death, and there hasn't been anyone who can convince him otherwise. Maybe if he had a mate, things would be better, but right now we're worried. He's completely destroyed."

Kagome shivered, and it wasn't from the cold. The day could have gone so differently. She could have been the one mourning a brother. Or a grandfather, or a mother, or even a mate. She hated feeling this way but...thank God it wasn't her suffering.

"That's why I'm not waiting even another day. I need to be Inuyasha's mate." She said softly, Inuyasha's building finally coming into view, Kagura's long limo stretched out front. "If there's anything I've learned in the last month, time isn't guaranteed to anyone, mystical weird case or not."

Her father's death should have driven that lesson home instead of making her retreat into herself. Funny it had taken an imprisoned man with dog ears from another time to draw her back.

Kagura sighed, "Now that's a lesson I could write a whole book around." Her hand rested gently on her chest, needing the reminder. "I thought this walk and chat was going to be a lot more fun, chickadee. I'm totally demanding a do-over after you're done doing Inuyasha."

"Kagura!" Kagome blushed, wishing she could excuse the flush for the cold.

"Well, at least it's still fun teasing you." Kagura nudged Kagome again, smirking. "Text me your schedule for next week. Once it's official, Sess'll want to throw some big shing-ding for the demons. It strengthens the throne for both king and princeling to be so mated and settled. Sorry for the future crazy celebrity status you're about to reach."

"Bigger than being Midoriko's descendant and part of the team that killed Naraku?" Kagome asked, a little doubtfully.

"Oh, times a gazillion." Kagura said cheerfully. "You'll have great, great, great, great, great grandchildren reaping the benefits of your line. Kagyasha will be a thing even after the apocalypse happens and we're all living in holes and killing each other for food."

For some reason, that made Kagome frown, and not at the ridiculous couple name Kagura had been trying to spread. "Well, speaking of lines, with how famous Midoriko was, shouldn't my family have already been involved with the demon community? I mean, what happened to her daughter anyway? If she's half demon like Inuyasha, she should still be around unless something terrible happened. But she definitely had to have been around long to have kids, or I wouldn't be here now, right?"

"Anddddddd on that note, here we are!" Kagura announced at the door to Inuyasha's building, Kagome's bookbag with the doorman. "And since tonight's the night, that story will just have to wait to be told another day. Have fun tonight, sister dear!" Kagura drew her into a giant hug, holding on tight. "And just so I can be the first one to say it, welcome to the family."

Kagome let her questions go unanswered, hugging Kagura back instead. Time wasn't guaranteed, so she had to be careful how she decided to spend it.

And tonight, she was spending her time with Inuyasha, celebrating their future. Nothing and no one else.

"Thanks, Kagura." Kagome stepped back, nervous flutters trembling in her stomach now that she was finally here on the night. "I'm really honored to become a part of your family."

"Oh, trust me chickadee, the pleasure's all ours. Especially when I let you in on what I have planned for Inuyasha." She winked, the limo driver stepping forward to open her door. "He's going to have a very 'eventful' birthday."

Kagome only smiled, letting Kagura think what she wanted. "Sounds great. I'll call you tomorrow!"

His birthday would be 'eventful' but probably not in the way Kagura was hoping.

If she had asked, Kagura would have shoved silks at her. Long, flowing dresses that belonged in a fairy tale, or rich velvets that begged to be touched. She could have towered in high heels, cloaked in lace that showed more than it hid.

Instead, Kagome slipped into the pink sundress Inuyasha had thrown on the first time he had come rushing to her rescue, the rips and tears carefully stitched up. She had saved the flannel shirt he'd worn with it, but set it aside for later.

She skipped shoes, knowing Inuyasha wouldn't care since he prefered being barefoot himself. She had painted her toenails a bright red to compensate, and hadn't been able to resist brushing a little glitter across them.

Makeup would have just gotten smeared, and any attempt to fix her hair ruined, so she didn't fuss. She just washed her face clean, letting her hair flow around her shoulders.

She didn't put underwear on. Just because.

Kagome carefully looked herself over in the mirror, wondering what Inuyasha would see when he saw her. She felt pretty. Earthy and natural. Almost sensual.

And definitely ready.

Without another thought or concern, she stepped out of Inuyasha's bathroom, shutting the door quietly behind her.

The table was cleared of their dinner, the school things and the coats they'd left scattered around put away. The bright lights in the dining room, living room and kitchen had been dimmed, leaving only a soft glow.

Sesshomaru hadn't exactly found Inuyasha a penthouse, but it was close. It was nearly as big, and almost to the top of his building. The only walls sealed off the bathroom and the bedroom, but everything else was in open space so she could immediately find Inuyasha.

He was rinsing dishes and arranging them in the dishwasher, something he had gotten a lot of practice doing while he was taking care of Kagome. At the sound of the bathroom door, he turned off the faucet and turned around, not bothering with the remaining plates in the sink.

Even though Kagura had happily gone shopping and filled his closet with expensive, stylish clothes, he still prefered the plaid shirts and plain jeans Kagome had gotten for him out of the church donation bin. He wore green and blue tonight, the shirt gaping open a little from missing buttons. She could see just a hint of his skin, and she suddenly wanted to see a lot more.

She didn't take her eyes off his, Kagome walked forward, her stomach quivering when he immediately followed. They met in the center of the room, leaving almost no space between them.

He gently touched her cheek, the calluses on his hand brushing against her skin. "Are you sure, Kagome?" He didn't want to ask, but needed to know.

She didn't bother to try to find words to convince him. She raised up on tiptoe, brushing her lips softly across his instead.

That seemed to be answer enough for Inuyasha. He quickly took over, wrapping his arms tight around Kagome and scooping her up. He broke free of her lips just to kiss the pounding pulse in her neck, his teeth nipping gently.

The covers on his bed were already turned back, the lights dimmed low. He set her down on the mattress, but kept hold of her hand.

He raised her palm to his mouth, kissing his mark there almost reverently.


I love you, mate

Kagome was not going to cry. She didn't want her view of Inuyasha to be blurred by tears, or miss the way he studied at the bright blue moon, smiling slightly. I love you too

He reluctantly let go of her hand when she tugged to be free, working on unbuttoning his shirt. He helped by working on his belt, bending down to kiss her again.

She pushed his shirt off his shoulders, running her hands across his chest, his skin warm and tight under her palms. He shivered under Kagome's touch, yanking his jeans down.

Another lovely habit he hadn't broken. He still refused to wear underwear.

She hissed at the sight, her fingers creeping lower. A month ago, she had been too proper and embarrassed to let herself look any lower then his eyes. But now?

Kagome could have hit herself for taking so long to appreciate his body. He was strong and thick everywhere, his muscles creating intriguing dips and curves she wanted to stroke. His silver hair, longer than hers, fell down his back and chest, framing and enhancing the view.

And she had to admit it even as it made her blush. His cock was a freakin' work of art.

She shivered, her fingertips dancing over the ridges of his abs. She had no experience and only clicked on porn when she couldn't kill her curiosity. But somehow, she just knew Inuyasha was special.

Feh, of course you know. My mate's not an idiot. He preened under her gaze, his shoulders back and his muscles flexing. Looks almost as good from where I'm standing, you know. I just have one suggestion...

His hand quickly slid under her skirt, grabbing the fabric and pulling it up over her body. There. Even more perfect now. Make room for me.

Kagome slid back across the bed, Inuyasha following to blanket her with his body. He hovered over her, keeping some of his weight off her with his arms planted next to her.

He nuzzled her neck, trailing his nose over her jaw and cheeks like an affectionate cat. How ready are you?

Kagome couldn't bear going through one of his 'lessons' now. I'm fine. No teasing!

Hmmm. That doesn't sound very ready to me. Inuyasha teased, doing the exact opposite of what she demanded. He propped himself up with one arm, his free hand trailing down her body. Let me see what I can do about that.

He had just barely reached her sex, his fingers carefully spreading her wetness over her lips before she took him in hand. Literally.

He hissed, bucking in her grasp. Kagome! You're not making this easy.

She felt a perverse thrill from that. Good. Then you won't tease me now. She stroked his shaft gently, coaxing a moan from Inuyasha. Please, Inuyasha. Make me your mate. Don't let me wait any longer.

He sighed, before spreading her legs and settling in the cradle of her body. If I've prepared you right, this shouldn't hurt. But tell me immediately if it does.

Kagome let go of him to lace her hands behind his neck, wiggling her hips under his and grinning at his groan. You'll feel if I do. She reminded, burying her fingers into his hair.

He leaned down for one more kiss as he started to sink into her.

She moaned and Inuyasha immediately stilled over her, his eyes wide with concern. Are you-

Don't you dare stop! There was just barely a hint of a perfect fullness if he wasn't going to chicken out now! And something even deeper at play.

Still not sure, Inuyasha pressed forward slowly, focused on her face and their connection for any sign of pain.

When she moaned again, he didn't stop, his eyes half-lidded as they gazed down at her. He didn't look worried anymore. Just intent.

She ran a hand down his back, shivering when she felt the caress on her own spine. She was closer to him than ever before, and it wasn't just because of the sex.

He pulled back, his hips starting to churn. You feel so good, mate

Kagome whimpered under him, words failing her. Pleasure crowded out all other sensations, until she was only aware of the spot between her legs he was filling so well.

Red hazed at the corners of her eyes, sparks glittering across her vision. Something inside of her was tightening, strengthening. Do you feel it, Inuyasha?

Yessssss. His hips moved a little faster, his hands holding onto her a little firmer. I feel you

The mark on her palm felt hot, and Inuyasha hissed when she stroked her hand across his shoulders, sharing the heat.

And then she could feel him everywhere. She felt the way she clasped around him, the sensation ricocheting back and forth between them. She cried out, her eyes drifting closed as her nails dug into his skin.

She could suddenly see them. The red bonds connecting them stretched taunt, tightening loose braids into unbreakable knots. Titanium coated their link, protecting their mateship from anything and everything. She would never be able to cut through these ties. After this, nothing could separate them.

Faster! She made it a plea, urging him on. She needed those ties as tight as they could be.

He grunted, doing exactly as she demanded for once. He grabbed her marked hand, lacing their fingers together. Kagome Higurashi...mine. My mate now and forever.

Kagome clutched hard at his hand, her head tossing about on the pillow as she finally opened her eyes. Inuyasha...mine. Until I die, you're all mine. And after that? Still mine.

Red flashed and they both screamed, climax sweeping over them. Their bonds swooping around both of them, tying them together. Forever.

Inuyasha collapsed next to her, his grip still tight on her hand even as he panted. "How do you feel?"

Kagome struggled to catch her own breath. "Good." She blushed a bit. "Closer to you." He was a warm, safe presence on the other end of the meld.

Inuyasha looked smug at that. "Mine," he said aloud, sounding like he was savoring the word.

Kagome smirked a bit, turning her head towards him. "Only because you were mine first."

Inuyasha groaned. "How can you still talk so much after that?" One eye peeked open, curious. "How so?"

Kagome shrugged, dragging his hand to rest between her breasts. "You had to wait for me, didn't you? You were just hanging around the centuries, dying with anticipation, until I could be born and you could come chasing after me."

Inuyasha snorted, "I think if you can use that many words, I didn't do a good enough job." He smirked, rolling towards her, "Guess I better try again."

Kagome giggled, actually giggled, before edging away from him. "I don't hear you agreeing," she protested, looking at him expectantly.

Inuyasha reached out, dragging her into his body. "You already know you're worth a thousand years of wait," He murmured into her skin. "But thanks for not letting me 'hang around' that long."

"No problem." She nestled closer to him, brushing her fingers over the marks she left on his shoulder. Her own twitched under the caress. " But Inuyasha?"

He traced the moon on her palm, satisfied with how blue it was. "Yeah?"

"I was born to be yours. So I guess we're even."

Inuyasha froze next to her, "...and now I can't wait another minute." He rolled over her, caging her between his arms. "You're too fucking sweet."

Love you too.

He groaned again. "Now you're going to have to wait. The mate ties are nice and tight like you wanted. Now we spend the rest of the night celebrating them."

Kagome stretched under him, "Do your worse."

Inuyasha laughed, his chest rumbling against hers. His amusement curled around her, surrounding her in warmth and love. "Ah, lucky me to have such an eager mate." His smirk flashed in the dim light. "Just wait till I bring out the syrup."

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