Jeff and Adam fought their way towards the staircase. Jeff lost his balance, but he managed to grab Adam so they both tumbled down the stairs. The two of them landed in a painful heap on the floor. The gun slipped away from both of them, sliding about seven feet away. Jeff tried to go for it, but Adam knocked him back down.

"You shouldn't be making this more difficult than it has to be Jeff," Adam scolded. He started going for the gun. "You're only pissing me off. And let me tell you, when I get pissed, I--"

Jeff tackled him before the sentence could be finished. He started punching Adam wildly, desperate to cause some pain. He wanted to hurt Adam so badly he could hardly stand it. There was no excuse for everything the piece of shit had done. Raping him, raping Randy, breaking into their house, scaring the innocent dog, shooting Randy--all of it was running circles in his mind. He couldn't block them out.

Adam managed to flip himself up on top of Jeff and wrap his hands around Jeff's throat. Jeff struggled as he felt the life being choked out of him. He tried to move Adam's fingers but Adam wouldn't budge. Unable to breathe, and feeling like he was going to pass out, he barely managed to grab the gun and fire it directly into Adam's faceā€¦

This sequence of events kept replaying themselves over and over again in Jeff's mind as he stared at Adam's body. He had shot Adam directly in the face at point blank range. There wasn't even really much of a face left to look at. There was just the body, the shell of the violent man that terrorized everyone for so long.

Jeff scooted away from the body. He could hear Randy yelling for him but he couldn't answer. All he could do was stare at what he had just done. He honestly could not believe he had just killed Adam. It wasn't that he regretted it, it was just shocking to him. He never thought for an instant that he would have the guts to do something like that. He knew Randy had that kind of guts, but he never dreamed he would.

"Oh thank God," Randy said as he came running down the stairs. He jumped over Adam's body and embraced Jeff. "For a second I thought he had--"

"He was trying," Jeff said quietly. He rubbed his throat gingerly. "Bastard had a hell of a grip." He leaned his head against Randy's chest. "Where's Christian?"

"Upstairs," Randy answered. "He's out cold. I made damn sure of that."

"How thoughtful of you." Jeff looked up at Randy. "Does this mean it's over?"

Randy nodded. "Yeah. It's over. It's finally over."

Eight months later

The wedding reception was turning into the biggest party of the year. Matt and Katie Lea, the happily newly married couple were in a world of their own. They couldn't tear themselves away from each other. This allowed Phil, Morrison, Miz, Ted and John to cause all kinds of trouble. A very exasperated Mickie tried to stop them to no avail. Finally she gave up and went back to her table to talk to Kofi, Lillian and Ted about the which new Mountain Dew flavor was the best. Gil, Mark and Glenn were at another table, talking about going on some fishing trip or something of that nature.

Jeff leaned back in his chair. He was alone for the moment but he didn't mind. It allowed him a moment to think about the news he had received yesterday. Russ had been killed in prison yesterday. Apparently some of the inmates took exception to the fact that he was a child molester. Now Christian was the only one left, but he wasn't getting out of jail any time soon. It was, as Randy said that fateful night eight months ago, finally over.

Randy came back over and extended his hand. "Care for a dance?" he asked with a smile.

Jeff couldn't help but smile back. Randy looked so irresistible in that tuxedo. "Of course."

Randy's smile got even bigger as they went out on to the dance floor. "So I couldn't help but notice you looked a little distracted a few minutes ago. What were you thinking about?"

"Russ," Jeff admitted. He rested his head on Randy's shoulder. "I can't help but think how glad I am he's dead."

Randy nodded. "Me too. If anyone deserved it, it was him." He looked over at Matt and Katie. "They look really happy, don't they?"

Jeff couldn't help but grin at his brother. He was glad Matt had finally found someone that made him happy. "Yeah, they really do."

"You ever think about getting married?"

That caught Jeff off guard. "Is that even legal for us in North Carolina?"

Randy shrugged. "I doubt it. But I think if I just start handing out some RKO's and some punts to the head, they might change their minds."

Jeff shook his head and awarded Randy a kiss for that little piece of genius. "The crazy thing is, I could really imagine you doing that."

"YOU CAN'T CATCH ME, I'M THE GINGERBREAD MAN!" Phil randomly yelled. He dodged Miz and Morrison and leapt on top of an empty table.

"Phil get down from there!" Kofi ordered. "You're making an idiot out of yourself."

Jeff shook his head. "It looks like Phil hit the Pepsi too hard again."

"Looks like," Randy agreed. "I find it frightening that he doesn't even need booze to turn into a complete idiot." He looked away from the sight of a hyper CM Punk and smirked at Jeff. It wasn't his usual cocky and arrogant smirk that millions of people saw on TV every week. It was the kind of smirk that Jeff knew meant some evil and naughty intentions.

"Randy!" Jeff said, looking around to see if anyone was noticing. "We're at my brother's wedding reception."

"I know," Randy said. He scooped Jeff into his arms and started carrying him out of the room. "And it's being at a hotel, where there's a nice room for us with a giant bed just waiting to be used."

Jeff gave up what little resistance he was putting up and allowed himself to be carried out of the room. He noticed the sleeve of his tux had come up just enough for him to see the old scars on his wrists. They actually made him smile a little bit. There were no new scars to speak of. He had stopped feeling the need to cut himself. He had his family, his friends, and most importantly, Randy. Life could throw anything else it wanted at him, because he had everything he wanted and needed already.