After coming across a pair of sweatpants that I kept around for construction work, a T-shirt which now came down to my knees almost, and a pair of sneaks where I stuffed socks into the toes to fit, I headed out, and downstairs to my car. On the ride over to Will's dorm, I made every effort to obey the traffic laws. Last thing I needed, was trying to explain to a cop why my license shows a guy, and I'm a girl. Luck was with me for once, and I made to her dormitory successfully. I came to her door, and knocked.

The door opened. Great, she's in.

"Yes?" She asked, staring at me.

I took in a deep breath, and then rushed out, "Will, you gotta help me. I don't know what happened, but I went to sleep as normal Xander guy. But when I woke up, I was suddenly Xander girl, and I really don't know what happened to cause this. So I'm thinking Giles time."

She frowned, her face scrunched up, "…OK, uh, I think you should go…" She started to close the door, but I shot my hand out to hold the edge in place.

"Alright, I need to prove to you again. Um, remember when I was split in two, and I showed up, and it was raining, and I did the Snoopy dance? And remember one of the times we snuck out of our houses to gorge on ice cream, and we got sick, but our parents just thought we had the flu and let us stay home from school for a couple of days?" Off her hesitant look, I then said, "Ok, here, I'll do it again." And I started doing the Snoopy dance, which felt a lot weirder this time on account I now had two things bouncing against my chest.

"Xander, stop, please." Willow said. Yes, I knew she'd believe me!

I stopped dancing, "Oh, thank you! And… ow, these uh, breasts hurt."

Willow stared at me, studying my face intently. I guess, checking for my Xanderness, despite the new package, "Well, no wonder. You don't have a bra on. You better come in before somebody notices." As she said this, I heard some wolf whistles and catcalls coming down the hall. I turned, and noticed a couple of guys down the hallway leering at me.

I gulped, "Oh God." Oh, this is bad. I felt sick. I rushed inside her room, and flopped on the bed. I glanced up to see her still staring at me.

She smiled slightly, though it seemed pained, "Um, sorry, it's just weird seeing you like this. You know, as Xander-woman?"

I nodded eagerly. Oh, absolutely, the quicker I can get this fixed, the happier I'll be.
"I know, I've been having uber-wiggins all morning, Will." I then noticed she was still staring a little, less confused, and more interested? "Uh, Will, you ok?"

She blinked, and then seemed to blush a little. Ok, weirdness continues. We were kind of into each other during that whole fluke thing, but she's attracted to me like this? I then heard her say, "Oh, sorry. Um, I think you're little big for my bras. We'll have to buy you one, just for the time being."

I frowned, "Um, do I have to wear one?" What's next? Little panties, then makeup, and feminine products… and Omigod, I better stop that train of thought right now.

"Only unless you don't mind guys staring at you."

Ouch. "Point taken."

"Have you talked to Giles yet?" She asked me.

I stared back at her, "Uh, how can I? Like he's gonna know me by my voice."

She looked down, "Oh, right."

I then added, "Hell, my own girlfriend thinks I'm cheating on her now."

"You are?" Great, she's zoning out on me.

"Yeah, with me. Um, I was kind of undressed when she came in."

She frowned, "You mean, you were naked? Why? And ewww." She scrunched her face up.

I rolled my eyes, "Yeah, I've preferred sleeping eau de natural." Jeez, what is she freaking out for? Anya never seems to mind it. But then, considering she's hornier than even me at times, no wonder she's never complained.

"I think you mean, 'au natural.'

What? K, I know my language skills suck, but, "Uh, what did I say?"

Willow explained, "You said, 'natural water.'"

"Well, since when have you known me to speak French?"

She smiled slightly, "Uh, never." She then went over to the phone, "I'll call Giles, and Buffy. Maybe they know something. It's probably just a simple transformation spell." She brightened a little. "I think I remember reading something about it in one of my books."

I got up, and grabbed her shoulders excitedly, "You mean, you might be able to cure me? Oh, you're the best!" I gave her a big hug. She hugged back a little, till we both noticed that her breasts were right up against…*gulp* mine. Oh, please let her find a cure soon, this is just too strange! We both backed away. And she looked flushed again, only for a different reason.

I heard another voice say, "Um, did I c-come at a bad time?"

Willow shook her head, "Oh, no, sorry Tara. Uh, long story, but Xander somehow got turned into a girl."

I turned around, only to see a shocked, and slightly hurt Tara, "Oh, yeah, Tara, it's just me. The X-man, only less man of late." Bad enough my relationship is on the rocks. I didn't want to see Willow hurt again.

Tara came up to me, and peered at me, "Oh wow, it's like 'Orlando.'" Orlan-wha? Willow was surprised, which made me feel slightly better for not being the only one out of the loop for once.

Tara then explained, "'Orlando.' It was this book written by Virginia Woolf, about a guy who turns into a woman, and then lives on through a couple of centuries."

Ok, long life span sounds good, but as a woman? Uh, no. Can you say no way in hell?

"Wait, he was never turned back?"

She shook her head, "No, actually the book made it seem like she was supposed to be a woman, and just spent the first part of her life as a man."

"Uh, correct me if I'm wrong. But I think I'm pretty sure that I was meant to be a man. Nothing else." I stated vehemently.

Tara just shrugged, "Well, Woolf was a early feminist writer, so you probably just got hit with a spell."

God, I hope that's all. I don't want to spend my life like this! "Uh, yeah, probably."

Willow went over to the phone, and dialed. From there, I could hear her one-sided conversation.

"Hi Giles. We got a problem, um, Xander's somehow been turned into a girl. Uh, yeah, kind of funny. He says he doesn't know how. You want to talk to him?" She held the receiver out to me, "Here, Giles said he wants to talk to you."

"Um, ok…" I picked up the phone, "Hey Giles."

I could hear him ask, "Xander? That's really you?" He sounded strained, like he was holding back laughter. Yeah, great, let's all laugh at my misery.

"It's me, even though not really myself right now. You know how to fix this right?"

"Well, it sounds like a typical transfiguration spell. Now, you didn't do anything unusual, or anything different recently?"

"Well, other than the usual time with Anya, um, helping you research, uh summoning something from the 9th circle of Hell."


"Kidding. No, everything was normal for normal guy. Well, as normal as a person can get around here." Then, brief flashes of my dream suddenly appeared in my head, "Uh, well, there was this dream last night. Uh, there were a couple of women, in robes I think, and uh, they were blowing trumpets."

There was a pause as Giles thought, or so I figured. Probably got that familiar frown in his face whenever he was doing some deep thinking.

He then replied, "You mean, like the book, 'Orlando?'" On the same wavelength as Tara, why does this whole thing got me wigged big time?

"I guess. Tara mentioned the same thing. Fiction book, right?"

"Well, so I believed. Though, this might mean there was some truth in the story. I'll have to research this further." Of course. Fun time with Giles usually meant peering into musty books.

"Ok, I'll leave ya to your fun. Willow's gonna take me shopping."

"In that case, I'll better move as quickly as possible." There he goes, showing off that weird British sense of humor.

"Ha-ha, very funny. Bye." I sullenly said, and hung up. I glance up at Willow and Tara.

Willow then asked, "So, you ready?" I gulped loudly.

"Um, maybe you could just pick up a few things, and I'll hide here?" I weakly asked.

Willow smiled, and replied, "Sorry, but we don't know your size now. You'll have to come along."

"Ok." And I resignedly went out to my fate.