Well this is the last chapter of this story in this timeline; the next chapter will be a teaser to the sequel which will come out soon. I would like you guys to tell me which of the last two episodes of S4 you want Logan to return. Last Week's Fights this Week Tights? Or Rain Coats and Recipes? I am not going to make him come back in S5 I strive to be original.

Rory woke that morning with arm sensations. She opened her eyes, and smiled at the person sleeping next to her. She took a moment to stare at Logan as he slept he looked so peaceful a complete difference to his normal mischievous self. She smiled, when she saw that Logan had embraced her in his sleep. His arm was so comfortable around her waist almost like it had belonged there. She wanted to close her eyes, and continue to still feel the sensation of still being this close to Logan. She started to shut her eyes started to think how she would manage when Logan leaves. Rory immediately got off, she couldn't say physically say goodbye to Logan.

She quietly got up, and put the knick knacks from the night before in her purse. Rory felt a few tears stream down her face as she looked and every one of those objects, and once again remembered their significance. She then went to see if Logan had any stationary to write him a note, she wasn't going to leave without saying goodbye in some sort of form she wasn't Jess. She could not find any in the kitchen, so she went inside Logan's room in the suite and found some line paper and a pen on Logan's desk. She sat down on the desk, and started to pour out her emotions in the letter.

As Rory was writing the letter, Logan suddenly felt a chill to a previous warm sensation he was feeling in his slumber. He opened his eyes, and was surprised Rory was not laying their next to him, nor did she seem to be in the kitchen making coffee. He saw all the objects that had decorated the table yesterday had been cleared away. He couldn't believe she had bolted, Logan felt a sense of anger before he remembered to check his room.

Rory had just signed her name to the letter, when she noticed that the door had opened. Rory was shocked when she saw Logan there with a surprised and amused expression.

"I thought you bailed…" Logan said hoping his tone was in jest, and not close to the hurt he was feeling. He glanced at Rory he could tell she was going to bolt by the way her purse was at her side, and he assumed the letter she was writing was a goodbye note to him. He had watched too many movies.

Rory tried to think of an excuse, she hated lying to him but she knew the situation called for it. "I was just writing a list of all the things, I have to pack for Europe." She stuffed the letter in her purse.

"Well, if you're done do you want to have some breakfast?" He really was not ready to say goodbye to her, and maybe he could ask her why she was planning to leave before he woke up.

Rory could not handle spending more time with him without breakdown and crying that she would never get to kiss him, and caress him in certain ways again. The letter was supposed to be a clean break.

"Actually Logan could you please just take home, I am tired and I need to [ack for Europe." Rory was surprised that she was able to keep her tone cold and emotionless.

Logan was hurt at Rory's lackluster tone, but he could tell that she was trying to hide the pain.

"As you wish Ace…" Logan replied trying to keep his feelings at bay.


The 30 minute ride to Stars Hollow was silent, Rory tried to look out the window to avoid looking at Logan. Logan tried to start a conversation with Rory, but she was being very monosyllabic. He knew she desired to not say "goodbye" to him, but he was not going to let the last time they saw each other end this way.

He stopped the car, when they arrived in front of her house. He saw Rory scrambled for her seatbelt. Before she could leave with a hasty goodbye Logan said. "You were really going to leave this morning, and just leave a note. Why?"

Rory was surprised that he knew her so well, but then again she had been pretty obvious. She slowly said. "I couldn't lie to you Logan not about how I felt. I could not say goodbye to you like this…"

"How do you feel Rory?"

"It doesn't matter Logan, you still have to go and unlike you I don't have a switch to turn off my feelings. "

Honor was right Logan thought Rory did get attach to him, but the sad thing was so was he did not remember why he wanted to leave either. "I do not have a switch Rory, I care about you to and if you want me to stay I can. Just say the word." He was now fully honest to himself.

"I can't ask you to do that Logan; you made a commitment to Colin, and Finn. Plus I know how excited you are about this trip. I can't ask you to leave that on a whim. Look, if you still care about me when you get back, and I still care about you then. Maybe we can be together then, when we both experience the world then. "

Logan knew she was right. "So someday..." He put his hand over her shoulders as he uttered the words.

"Someday…." Rory smiled, she could not wait for her first year of Yale to be over.

"I will hold you to that Ace..." He smiled back, and put his lips on hers and Rory gladly reciprocated. The kiss was long and sweet both of them trying to satisfy an emotional need, and a promise of hope.

When they finally pulled away, Rory looked at him sadly and said. "I better go; I really do need to pack. Send me postcards from your trip. "Rory said trying to lighten the mood.

"Only if you do it to Ace. One more thing gives me the letter you were writing to me." He really wanted to know Rory's feelings.

"Logan the letter was dumb it's filled with clichés, plus I told you the clip notes version of what was in. "

"It doesn't matter; I want to know what you needed to say."

"Okay, but promise to read it when I'm gone. " She did not want to get into a conversation about the letter as he was reading it.

"I promise to not read it until you get inside, and I won't follow you. "

"Okay." Rory opened her purse, and handed Logan the letter. Logan folded the letter, and put it in his pocket.

Rory started to open the door. She tearfully spoke…"Goodbye, Logan don't forget someday."

Logan reciprocated to, and tears formed in his eyes as well. "Don't worry, Rory I won't forget either. Goodbye."

Rory slowly walked out and began to walk towards the house. Logan slowly watched the girl that if he knew her better could have loved, he fought the urge to go after her and tell her to forget the whole wait year nonsense. However, she was right they needed time on their own first. After Rory's profile had vanissed from Logan view, he unfolded the letter from his pocket and began to read.

Dear Logan

I am sorry to leave like this, but I could not say goodbye to you. It just felt too painful, and wrong. I know I adjusted we have a week together, and then go back to normal. I could not pretend to go back to normal Logan it would be lying on my part; and I cannot bear to lie to you Logan.

I really have grown to care about you so much. You have been my best friend, and treated me better than any guy has ever done, and I thank you for that. I do not regret our week together or our friendship prior to it. I will always treasure what we had, and I hope you treasure our memories as well.

I have to let you go, and it's frankly the hardest thing I ever had to do. I cannot do it without breaking down and crying that I will never be able to kiss you, and hold you close again. Therefore, I would like to say goodbye to you right now in this letter. Goodbye Logan, I hope the South Pacific is beautiful, and all your dreams will come true.

Yours Truly,


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