This is my first Death Note fanfic, and it's basically just going to be a whole bunch of random one-shots jumbled up together. I know the theme for this particular one-shot is probably over-used, and you've all read it before, but I've got some other ones (that are a bit more original) already done up, so those'll be posted soon enough. And I am still looking for a beta reader, which I hope to find ASAP, so future chapters will hopefully be WAY better XD

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Mello dumped his collection on the table, and reached for a chocolate bar with relish.

It was Halloween night, and the orphans from Wammy's had just gotten back from Trick-or-Treating on the cold, October night. Some were pawing through their pile of goodies with wide eyes, others were stashing it all away for later, and some were ingesting it with fervor.

Mello fell into the latter category.

Matt watched his best friend practically inhale the sweets in haste, as if he couldn't get enough.

"Slow down there, Mello. Don't want you to get sick."

"S'okay, Matt. I won' get sick from chocolate." Mello said reverently between bites.

Four and a half hours later, bent over the toilet, Mello discovered that it was possible for even geniuses to be wrong.