And so, after a rather long wait, I bring you the final chapter. I'm glad I did these drabbles, and I hope you all enjoyed them as well!

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In the end, Near finally died a peaceful death.

Peaceful in the way that there were no interruptions—everyone else was gone, weren't they?—and he had finally, at long last, been able to come to terms with the emotions he felt regarding his death.

By society's standards, he was far too young to be giving up on life, but to Near, the years were decades and the decades were eternities. He didn't know how long it had been since he'd last seen the light of day or hell, even another human being. His only companions were worn-down finger puppets that had lost their use quite a while ago, back when they'd fought against Kira. The stacks of cards, the toy trains… they held no peace for Near. His puppets were all he had left of those who'd left him behind; left him to deal with this rotting world and these people rotting along with the world who'd forgotten that he had ever existed in the first place. There was no room for him here now—had there ever been?—and Near was not inclined to stay anyways.

In the end, he just couldn't hang on to memories any longer—he had to see them again, just once more…--and so, on the day Near died, he finally returned home, where he knew he belonged.