15 things you didn't know about Cassidy and Scary movies.
I. The first scary movie-or form of entertainment broad casted on television, that Cassidy ever saw was a cartoon episode of Scooby-Doo. It scared him so bad, he cried

Dick got up and turned it off, Cassidy never watched Scooby-Doo again.

III. Cassidy slept with a stuffed dog every night, he named it Zowie, and after Cassidy watched Pet Cemetery II he threw his dog in the trash can.

IV. After watching the Nightmare on Elm Street, Cassidy tossed and turned until three in the morning. He woke with a scratching sound on his window and a warm liquid in his pants.

V. After that night Cassidy never looked out his window to see that he did indeed live on the corner of Elm Street. That was the first night he had to use sleep medication.

VI. Cassidy decided to play Baseball instead of Hockey, because of Jason Voorhees.

VII. After his tenth birthday Cassidy never swam in a lake or went to summer camp again.

VIII. When Cassidy was seven he had a clown at his birthday party. He made balloon animals, and did magic tricks. Cassidy had a picture with Bo Bo on his wall for years.

IX. After running down the center of the street from Duncan's he threw the picture into the garbage disposal and flipped the switch.

X. Everyone said that Cassidy got his fear of spiders from his mother, who never even let fake plastic spiders and cobwebs in their house. But really it was the movie Arachnophobia that Cassidy stayed up late and watched it without permission.

XI. He never watched another movie that his parents told him he wasn't old enough for again.

XII. Cassidy realized what the word hate truly meant at age six; he didn't use the word until he was twelve. Cassidy hates scary movies, but he watches them because he refuses to be a sissy.

XIII. Spiders weren't the only phobia that came from a scary movie. Hellraiser scared Cassidy of pins, and needles.

XIV. Cassidy was glad Mac could read his mind sometimes, because anytime they would be invited somewhere to watch a scary movie she would say she didn't like them, and anytime one was on TV. she would change the channel. Cassidy knew she loved them actually, but she loved him more.

XV. The last horror movie Cassidy saw was his own, him stepping on the Grand. The wind making him seem weightless and his face right before he hit the car.