"Mr. Casablancas, it's good to see you. We hardly ever see you at the games." Coach Goodman said, shaking Mr. Casablancas hand. "And you too, Dick." Goodman added, ruffling Dick's blonde locks. "Cassidy's doing a real fine job out there; he'll be glad that you came."

"I didn't want to come, but Dad made me." Dick muttered, under his breath. He received a smack on the head. "Be nice." His dad said. "Anyway, Coach, I heard talk that you were organizing a little get together for Halloween?"

"Ah, yes, I was thinking about it. I know that the boys got really close this season, and they are sad that it is over. I thought about letting them have one last party. Would you be interested?"

Dick Sr. smiled, "I sure would. Cassidy would love it."


"But Daddy! I don't want to." Cassidy argued later that night during dinner. "I want to go trick or treating with Dick!" Cassidy added, looking hopefully at his brother.

"Well, I don't want to hang out with you. You're so annoying, and you're my little brother. I'm going to hang out with my friends. They're much more fun than you."


"You heard your brother." Dick Sr. said, grabbing another steak.

"Can I just stay home then? I don't want to go with the Coach!"

"No, I already told him that you would be. We Casablancas stay true to our word. And you will do as you're told."


"No!" He said, slamming his hands on the table. "You're going and that's the end of it."

"Ooh, the Beav's in trouble." Dick laughed.

"Shut up." Cassidy yelled. "You're such a jerk. And I'm not going."

"Enough! Beav, go to your room."

"I'm not done eating." Cassidy said, looking at his full plate of food.

"I don't care. Go. Oh, and you are going. It's final; I don't care if you are on your deathbed."

"I hate you!" Cassidy yelled.


"Cassidy, it's good to see you." Goodman said smiling at the beautiful boy in front of him. "What are you supposed to be?"

"I'm a prince." Cassidy said, shuffling his feet uncomfortably.

"You sure are." Woody muttered under his breath. "Where's your father?"

"He dropped me off." Cassidy said.

"Well, you're the first one here. Why don't you go make yourself at home." Cassidy nodded, "Okay."


"You thirsty?" Mr. Goodman asked.

"Yes, sir."

"What would you like?"

"Do you have any juice?" Cassidy asked politely.

"We sure do. I'll go get you some."


"Does it taste good?"

"Yeah…I feel funny."

"Don't worry, Cassidy. Everything is going to be okay." Goodman said, moving to sit next to him. Cassidy shook his head, "No…it's not right."

"Shhh…" Goodman said. "It's okay."

"Where… others?"

"No one else could make it, Cassidy. They all had other plans. It's just you and me tonight." He said, stroking Cassidy's hair. "But don't worry; we are going to have so much fun."



So much pain.


He wanted it to stop.

It wasn't right.

What's going on?

Where's his clothes?

He didn't know.

He wants to go home.

He wants his daddy.


"I take it; he had a fun time tonight?" Dick Sr. said, looking at his younger son, asleep in Goodman's arms.

"He sure did. He fell asleep on the ride over. But he did have a minor accident; fell after getting too excited from all the candy tonight. He might have a few bruises, just to let you know."

"Alright, thanks for mentioning it. Clumsy boy." He said, as he took Cassidy into his arms. "At least he had a good time."

"Yeah, he'll probably remember it for years to come." Goodman said smiling.