Summary: He was an assassin who lost his parents when he was six. She was an ex-gang leader who was nearly killed by hers. When they meet sparks fly as they're partnered up for a mission that will change both their lives. SasuSaku

Chapter 15:Love and War

It had been a week since the mission had been finished and they had been called in to be congratulated. No celebration was given, they had done it for the gang, but they had gotten the week off in order to prepare themselves to, finally, meet the boss, the leader of Sound. No doubt the two men, Whip and Trigger, would be there as well. They had not gotten much information on them, in fact they hadn't gotten any at all. It was a good thing that it was an optional mission, meaning they did it if they could.

Apparently, though, the leader was very pleased with their progress in the gang and decided to meet them in person as a congratulations for finally reaching Elite. Truth be told they were some of the fiercest and most feared members of Sound now. It was nothing to be taken lightly either due to the fact that there were all murders and rapist, among other things in the gang.

Sakura was seen as the groups leader, due to the fact she almost, always spoke for them and since she mainly completed all the missions they were given as a team. It wasn't because she was more skilled, though, it was because she did not want them to have guilt on their conscious for killing an innocent person.

She already had blood on her hands; it didn't matter how much anymore. The leader had said that he was most interested in meeting her and it didn't scare her, but it was weird to her. She understood why he would want to see her the most but something was off. Something wasn't right and she couldn't figure out what.

They had been taken to get their tattoos Monday, after school, at six, when they went to tell them about their successful mission. They had been taken to a room upstairs where the artist was. They had not been prepared for it at all. They had not expected to go that day, they thought they would at least wait a day or two. So they had not covered their skin to prevent the tattoo from going into their skin, for the rest of eternity. They had been forced to get the tattoo; at least, Sakura and Sasuke had.

Sakura had told Hinata to pretend to faint as soon as she saw the needle and Naruto had taken her out of there, saying that they would come back later to get there tattoo since Hinata was not feeling too good. Sakura had been the first one up and she had not flinched or winced as they placed the tattoo on the back of her shoulder, the one that didn't hold the cherry blossom. A black S was tattooed into her skin. Sasuke had his done on his right calf, so as not to expose his scarred upper body.

Sasuke didn't mind too much though, after all if anyone asked he could just say that it represented the first initial in his name. He even planned to, after this mission, to get an U over it so it stated his initials. That way it would seem more like a tattoo than the representative or proof that he was in a gang. Sakura hadn't been apposed to the idea either; she had actually looked pretty happy to get the tattoo, saying something about adding more to it. Naruto and Hinata had said that once they met the leader they would get theirs. That, of course was a lie, seeing as they planned on killing him as soon as they saw him.

So right now they stood in an open field, somewhere deep in the forest that laid a few miles to the East of Kohona, close to where Sasuke lived, actually. Sakura wore a pair of loose black sweat pants with a red tank top covered by a red hoody and a pair of black Nike shoes. She wore the usual jewelry and her hair was placed in a bun. Hinata wore almost the same thing except her the hoody and her tank top was white. Her hair had no need to be up.

Naruto wore a pair of black cargo pants and a white tank top, with a pair of white Nike high tops. Sasuke wore a pair of loose dungarees held by a black leather belt with a silver square clasp and a white t-shirt that showed the scars on his forearms and some on his biceps. Threw it the scars on his shoulders and back were visible as well. They all, of course had weapons on them, but they were not visible, hidden well.

Sakura glanced at Sasuke just in time to see him look away from her. She sighed. They had more or less gotten into a fight after the mission on Sunday. And he was still a bit distressed by it, but not as much as he had been. Though she wasn't sure it was the fighting that had him on the edge....

She sighed deeply as she shut the engine off to her Gallardo. She ran a hand threw her hair before removing herself from the car, placing the alarm on and walking to the house. He would be mad at her because she had done the mission alone so she figured she would go to him and she supposed in a way pretend that what had happened hadn't.

She heard the faint sound of a shower running as she removed her coat and figured that, well, he was in the shower. Good, she could get in the room without a problem. She walked up the stairs, and as quietly, as she could walked into his room and sat down on his bed. Moments later the shower turned off and minutes later she heard the door to the bathroom open and turned her head to look at him. What she saw, she was not at all expecting.

His whole body was pale, to the point where she could see every vein, but damn was his body muscular. She could see the cuts in his body, showing it's physique. He had an eight pack, which to her, was a total turn on. But that was not what she had not expected. What she had not expected was the scars that adorned his shoulders, arms and the three small ones going down his chest. It wasn't that they made him look any less hot than he was; it was just that she had not expected it in the least. She was surprise by them as a matter of fact.

She looked at them for a moment, in shock, before looking into his eyes. They were filled with surprise than anger. She inwardly flinched when they turned red.


Her only reply was the closing of the bathroom door as he locked himself in there. She sighed once more as she walked over to the door.

" Sasuke?" She called to him, but, like she expected, she received no answer.

So she grabbed the pistol in the back of her pants and pulled it out, aiming it at where the lock on the door would be before shooting. She smiled when she saw the door open slightly and placed the pistol back in its place before using her hand to open the door further.

Bright red eyes with black swirls met her as she looked ahead. She gave a nervous laugh and within five seconds she found herself on his bed with him hovering lightly over her.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"Opening the door, duh." She answered him, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"I didn't want it open."

"What's your point?"

"I'm not playing Sakura."

"Yeah, well neither am I, sexy." She told him playfully as she reached out to circle her arms around his neck.

He growled and tried to pry them off gently but she kept her grip as she brought him down, making his lips touch hers. He jerked back and yanked her arms off him as he backed away. She sat up, pouting.

"What the hell, are you drunk or something?" He growled at her and she sighed, becoming annoyed with his attitude.

"No, I'm not. I'm trying to have a good time with my boyfriend but apparently it's unwanted."

He furrowed his eyebrows, "Unwanted? Baby, I love you. I have to ask though, are you blind?"

It was her turn to furrow her eyebrows at him as she frowned, " Uhh, no, can't say I am. Why?"

He looked down and she immediately knew what he was trying to indicate. She sprung up from the bed and went to him, wrapping her arms tightly around him as she buried her face into his shoulder.

"Babyyyyy, don't think just because you have scars that I won't think of you in the same way I do. Scars or no scars your still you," She paused as she moved to lightly kiss his neck before moving down to the scar going across his shoulders; she lightly nuzzled it before kissing it lightly, "Besides, they make you look even more sexy than you are. It just proves that you're my type. A bad boy."

He looked at her like she was nuts and pulled her away from him, "Don't say things you don't mean."

Now she was beginning to get pissed off, "Do I ever say things I don't mean?"


And for some reason, that one word cut her heart. Obviously. Did that mean he thought she was a liar? That she would lie to him about something, that no doubt, he was ashamed of. It hurt to think that he thought that. But the hurt was gone as soon as it came as anger replaced it.

"Ok than, figure if I mean this or not. It's over." And with those words she left the room, leaving a shocked, guilt stricken male in her wake.

She would not be called a liar. She would not take him thinking that she was one. And she would not take him accusing her of it. If that's what he thought than good for him; she didn't care. If he didn't come after her, she would mean what she said. And if he did....she didn't know yet.

Perhaps it was better that this little thing they had started ended, because if he didn't trust her; if he thought she was a liar, there was no way they were going to work out anyway. So he had scars, it wasn't a big deal. A lot of people had scars, that was no reason to go ballistic and accuse her of being a liar if she saw them.

She growled in frustration as she stomped out of the stairs, grabbed her coat and walked out the door, slamming it behind her. She pressed the button on her keys, unlocking and arming the car before she hopped in the driver's seat. She turned the key in the ignition and glanced at the clock.


She sighed. Guess this started happy hour. She looked once more at the door, waited ten seconds than looked ahead as she floored it. He wasn't coming and to tell the truth, right now she didn't care if he did.


She was drunk. There was no doubt in her hazy mind that she was. Why else would she be stumbling threw the crowd to get to the bar on the other side of the club? She groaned in annoyance as she felt something lightly hit her butt; she cursed under her breath.

One more time and she swore that she would find the man who did it when she got sober and stick a dagger in his neck. Did they have any sense of personal space? Did they know what sexual assault meant? She snorted. Like that would stop any of them. She was happy....well happier than she already was once she reached the bar.

"H-hey! C-can I-I gets a s-shot?" She was stuttering, rather badly, another sign that she was drunk.

Whenever she was totally plastered she would stutter. That was how people knew not to give her more to drink. This bartender, however, had no idea, so after she showed him her id, he gave her a bottle of grey goose and a shot, the things she had last ordered from him, around a half hour ago. She laid down one hundred and fifty euro plus gave the bartender another fifty as a tip. Than she took her bottle and swigged.

When she had pretty much drank a quarter of the bottle at one time, the bartender was starting to believe that it had been a bad idea. Especially seeing how, after a few minutes, she was stumbling more than before. She continued her little binge though, taking another gulp as she walked threw the crowded dance floor.

The moment she felt a hand on her butt she swung around and smashed the man right in the face with her left fist. He, not prepared for it, flew back a few feet and hit a few people on his way. She grinned at her handy work and turned around, continuing towards her table.

She was so drunk and out of it that she never heard the sound of angry footsteps or heard voices yelling at her. So when, less than a minute later, she was stumbling forward, not because she was drink, but because she had been hit on the back of the head, rather lightly from what she felt but with enough force to send her forward, she was stunned. But she got over that less than a second later as rage filled her.

Usually, she was a happy drunk. Laughing and doing all kinds of crazy shit, having as much fun as humanly possible, but when someone or something ticked her off, she exploded. She went into a drunken rage and would not calm down for anything.

She would not stop till the thing that ticked her off was, more or less, dead. And that was not good. Last time it had happened she had been locked up and would have stayed locked up if not for her connects. From than on she had made sure there was no one or thing that pissed her off around when she drank.

When the rage filled her, it was as if she were completely sober. She knew exactly what she was doing, though she was slower and more sluggish than usual. Her vision was hazy, yes, but she could see clearer than when she was just plain drunk. She was a force to reckon with still when she was drunk. Especially since she had years of experience with it. More than any people her age, anyway. She probably had more than people older than her, too.

She whirled around, facing the man that had apparently hit her. She actually wasn't too sure what he did. That didn't matter too much though, he had still hit her. So she took her fist and swung it at his face. He ducked, to her surprise than went to hit her with his own. So he had some skill. This was going to be interesting. She caught his fist in his hand and kneed him, hard, in the gut. The wind was knocked out of him and he lurched forward due to the impact.

She smashed her fist into his face, sending him to the floor and smirked in triumph. She rolled her eyes as she turned her back on him and began to walk away. That had so not been interesting. It had been down right boring actually.

She heard a crack behind her and furrowed her eyebrows as she turned back to see what it was. All she saw was the red and white symbol of the Uchiha fan. She inwardly cursed. God, she so did not want to see him right now. So she turned back around and began to escape, though she was curious as to what she had heard crack and to who had cracked something.

When she got to her car, parked on the opposite side of the street, she figured she was home free. So she took her bottle and chugged the rest of her vodka. Well, at least, she attempted to. When she was about half way done with the rest it was pulled, rather harshly, out of her hands. She growled at it than groaned when she saw who had pulled it out of her hand.

"C-can I-I have m-my b-bottle back?" She managed to finally spit out.

His eyes narrowed at her stuttering and in one swift throw the bottle soared to the other side of the street, smashing into pieces as it hit the tar road. She scowled at him and gritted her teeth before turning herself away from him and unlocking her Gallardo. When she went to open it a pale hand shut it closed and prevented her from opening it again by keeping his hand there.

She whirled around, in utter annoyance, ready to tell him off, "W-what the h-hell?"

"You're too drunk to drive."

"A-and y-your t-too stupid t-to have a-a b-brain!" She told him fiercely.

He just sighed, "Give me your keys."


He growled, beginning to get annoyed and grabbed her keys from her in one lightening fast motion. She gave a low screech as she stomped on his foot, though, he didn't even seem like he felt it.

"W-why d-do you c-care? W-we're o-over."

His eyes darkened at her words and within a second he had her up against the car door, his body crushing her to the car, preventing her from escaping.

"I don't believe you."

"W-what else is k-knew." She muttered to him as she looked away. His face softened a bit at her words and he lifted a hand, grabbing her chin and making her, gently, look at him. She refused at first but it was futile.

"I'm sorry. That was out of line. Forgive me?" He asked her, his eyes soft and open, vulnerable.

She could crush him right now. With one little word she could make his world come crumpling down. She could make him feel the worst pain there ever was. The pain of heartbreak. In her state she was cruel enough to do it without feeling the least bit guilty, too. But that wasn't the point. The point was, did she want to leave him?

The truth was....


His heart sunk.


"I don't forgive you. I never will."

His heart shattered even more. He was at a loss for words.

"You wasted alcohol. How could I ever forgive you for that?"

His head snapped up from there lowered position and he looked at her. She was smiling, a playful look on her face and in her eyes. He smirked as he buried his face into her neck.

"But you could forgive me for saying what I said?"

She snorted, "Personally I don't care what the hell you said. It was the fact you rejected me that pissed me off."

It was a lie but he didn't know that and she only hoped he never would. She would never let him know how deep his accusations had cut her. She had been surprised at it herself, actually. He didn't need to know the power, as of now, he had over her.

"I didn't reject you," He sighed as he stepped back and ran a hand threw his hair, "I just didn't want you to push yourself into doing something you didn't want to."

"Wow. You're an idiot, aren't you?"

He raised an eyebrow at her.

"Since when do I do things I don't want to?"

He shrugged.

"Never, that's when. I thought you knew me better than that. Shit, I still got things to teach you apparently."

He wrapped his arms around her waist as he leaned his forehead against hers, "Does that mean we're back together?"

She smiled, "We were never apart."

With those words he closed the gap between them.

She smiled as she thought about the incident but than her smiled dissipated as she thought about what else he had told her. This of course being after she was sobered up. The next day at around noon actually.

They laid in his bed together. He was wearing just a pair of black boxers, exposing his upper body to her. She, wearing a pair of loose black pajama pants and a white tank top, was leaning her head on his muscled shoulder while tracing things onto his chest, sometimes, tracing over the scars that laid there. He would stiffen but a few seconds later relax. It was a reaction to what she was doing, an involuntary one. She was waiting for him to start telling her about how he had gotten these scars.

"Well, you see, when I was six, my family, excluding my brother, who had been shipped to some private school in the states, were kidnapped," He began, "They took my father to a different room than me and my mother and I assume they killed him, though apparently a body was never found. My mother and I were, more or less tortured. They killed her right in front of my eyes, you know. Placed her right in front of me and slit her throat. I thought I was next, I truly thought I was. I passed out when a gun was pointed at me.

"I had been, before that, whipped on a spiked pole. Every time the whip hit my back, I would hit into the spikes, running them into my flesh. I woke up in a hospital. My Uncle was there and he told me that they had invaded the place, distracting them before they could kill me. All I know about my torturers were that one had a pair of green eyes with brown hair and that one was skinny while the other was rather fat.

"My Uncle than told me of the organization, of course I joined. It was the only chance I had to one day find my parent's murderers. Though, I haven't found them yet. I'm hoping one day I do so I could return the favor they placed on me," He finished, his eyes tracing his scars, his eyes filled with hatred.

She grabbed his hand and gave it a squeeze, "You'll get them, don't worry. If you want, after this mission, I'll help you look for them."

He smiled at her, a true smile, in appreciation, "Thank you."

Than he had looked into her eyes. They had stared for what seemed like hours, both not realizing that they were leaning closer and closer to each other, until there lips touched. It had progressed into something else from there.

She smiled once more to herself. It had been rather unexpected what happened after he had told her his past but she had gotten lost in his eyes. And apparently he had as well. It was kind of weird, that they had done that right after he had just finished talking about being tortured.

No, she took no enjoyment out of learning that, none at all, as a matter of fact, she planned to track down those bastards and make sure they died a slow painful death for what they did.

That was besides the point though, he had been a very careful, gentle lover. That had probably been due to the fact it had been his first time, though, she had to say, it did not, at all, seem like that. He was excellent, much better, than almost all the men she had been with, actually.

Though she had a feeling that had more to do with the fact she only laid with them to sate her needs; they had been more or less a conquest to her. She actually cared for Sasuke, she actually, dare she say, loved him. Though she would not tell him that, not now at least.

She looked at him again and saw he was still looking at her, a smile on his face this time,

however. He winked at her and she smiled. Oh yeah, she was most defiantly in love with this boy.


She leaned back dodging a blow that would have, no doubt, removed her head. A breath of wind hit her face as the blade swiped passed her, skimming across her neck, leaving a thin, shallow cut, one that was enough for blood. She scowled and smashed her opponent in the face with her fist, causing him to spin to the side and fall to the ground.

Most likely he was unconscious, but just in case he wasn't....She stomped her foot hard on his throat. Now he was either unconscious or dead, either way she had won. She grabbed the dagger he held in his hand and placed it in the sheath on her wrist. Damn bastard tried to kill her with her own blade. She scowled and turned her head. She had ended up in the far end of the field, away from most of the fighting.

There were not many Elites left, barely five, actually. Karin, Juugo and Suigetsu were finishing them off. Hinata was busy fighting Tayua, another Elite of the gang, Naruto was going against Sakon, and Sasuke was fighting Kimimaro. That left two other opponents for them, Kabuto and Orochimaru. Her eyes flashed, darkening as she looked at him. The damn bastard. She had not expected to see him, alive, anyway. She scowled, she supposed she would have to finish him off now and this time make sure he stayed dead.

She saw the last Elite standing try to sneak up behind Sasuke and with a flicker of her wrist, her dagger shot out and embedded itself in his neck. Sasuke turned and looked at the dead Elite before looking at her, nodding a thanks. She smiled at him as she made her way to her opponent, Orochimaru. The Elites were finished now, so there were no distractions. Kabuto was fighting Karin, Juugo and Suigetsu. It was no surprise, than, when Orochimaru appeared in front of her, sword drawn, as he attempted to slash off her head.

She ducked and used her fists to send a rapid succession to his stomach. He flinched with every hit and she had to roll away as he brought the sword down to impale her head. She stood swiftly and sent a kick to his head as he tried to remove the sword from the earth. He was knocked away from the sword and sent to the side, stumbling a bit as he tried to regain his composure.

She went to grab the sword but he acted fast, sending a dagger flying towards her. She scowled as she dodged and tried once more to grab the sword but he was quicker as he sent a fist at her face.

She dodged, of course, but was forced to leave the sword as he continued to send his fists at her. She dodged everyone and when she saw the time was right she sent a fist to his cheek than laid an uppercut on his jaw. He chuckled as he backed up a bit, wiping the blood dripping from his busted bottom lip.

"Still powerful, eh, Sakura?"

She didn't respond to him as she sent another punch to his face. He grabbed her hand, however and twisted it. She winced and sent her foot into his gut, though he did not let go of her even than. It only served to push him away, making her stumble forward into him. She scowled and looked up at him from her half bent position to see him smirking.

What he was smirking about he had no clue until, that is, she felt an immense pressure on her head that forced her to the ground. She growled in annoyance as she attempted to get up, only to have a foot press her back down on her back. Than she felt his other go on her head, making her face smash into the ground. This wasn't good. She couldn't breath. She was suffocating. She screamed, but it was muffled as dirt filled her mouth. She attempted to spit it out but only succeeded in receiving more dirt.

She, somehow, managed to hook her legs around his and pulled them back down, taking him with her. He fell onto her legs and back, on his back and she pulled herself out from under him as she took a large, deep breath, filling her deprived lungs with oxygen. She turned around, intending to catch him by surprise, but all she saw was a pale white fist coming at her before it smashed right into her face.

She heard and felt a crunch as she flew back, skidding to a stop against the ground on her back. She was in a daze for a moment before she jumped up onto her feet, getting ready for another attack. She allowed her hand to move to her nose and felt blood trickling down it. Damn. She hated broken noses, they were so annoying.

"But still not as fast as me," Orochimaru commented, apparently finishing his earlier statement.

She said nothing once more, but attempted to once again punch him in the face. It did not work as he dodged and countered, trying to hit her throat. She blocked with her arm and winced as his fist connected with her arm. She grabbed his stopped hand with her other one and twisted it like he had, though unlike him she sent a kick to his gut, causing him to bend over a bit, allowing her to use her other arm to elbow him hard in the back, getting him to the ground.

She let go of him as she got him to the ground and proceeded to stomp, rather hard, onto his head, digging it into the ground. Let him have a taste of his own medicine. She felt a sharp pain in her other foot, the one lying by his head and looked down to see a dagger protruding from it. What the...?

She had no time to question it as she was kicked in the chest. There was no way to contain her scream as the dagger ripped threw her foot, going threw the space between her third toe and second. She was forced to her back and closed her eyes, breathing hard as she tried to dull the pain with her mind that was going threw her foot.

It wasn't working. God, was it painful. She let out a string of curses, as she pushed herself up, using her other leg as support, using her hands to push herself up. Orochimaru's foot came at her but she ducked and sent a carefully aimed punch to his ribs.

It was a powerful punch meant to crack at least one of his ribs, and boy did it do it's job. She smiled as she heard the resounding crack and hiss of pain let out from her opponent. He backed away from her as he grasped his side.

He was better a moment later, however, as he stood up straight. There was a malicious gleam in his eyes and she knew that play time was most defiantly over. She watched him closely with her eyes, trying to predict the next move he would make. She was at such a disadvantage right now; her speed and evasiveness not to mention her agility was practically cut in half due to her foot.

Might as well just give her the gun to shoot because basically she was dead. She snorted at her own thoughts. Dead. Yeah, right. She had not come here just to die. There was no way in hell this pedophile bastard was winning against her. She had defeated him once before she would do it again. Though last time she was almost killed.....

She shook her head, clearing her thoughts; she was distracting herself. She couldn't do that. She had to be ready at all times. She focused her eyes straight ahead and they widened. Shit. He was gone. The wind blew and the faint smell of cologne entered her nostrils coming from her left.

She ducked, avoiding a kick to the head. She whirled around, still crouched, using her good leg to lean on and sent a powerful punch to his abdominal. She sent a couple more within a few seconds before rolling back a few yards, landing on her good foot and hopping up on it.

He was more stunned than hurt and that was not good. He was more powerful than he had been all those years ago, when she had last fought him, but than again, so was she. She growled in frustration. She was an Elite in Night Assassins, she was part of the most dangerous gang that resided in the states; how the hell was she losing? No, she corrected herself, not losing, just not winning, which was just the same as losing.

"Damn," She cursed to herself as she watched him recovering from the succession of rapid punches she had sent to his abdominal.

He stood up straight and dusted himself off before looking at her, a murderous gleam now in his eyes. Well, he was pissed, there was no doubt about that. She braced herself as he charged and decided to try, once, to stand her ground and see how she fared. She knew that she was at a disadvantage for strength just due to the fact that she was a woman and that she was younger than him, but that didn't matter to her. She was done with running and ducking; she would stand and duke it out.

She leaned back as a fist swung at her and sent her own fist into his face. His head snapped to the left and she pulled her hand back, frowning when she noticed a smirk on his face. It was only than she felt a piece of cold metal against her temple. Her eyes blazed, and intense sense of rage echoing threw them as she looked him in his eyes. So much for an honest fight; the bastard. She should have known he would have one on him.

"Not so tough now, eh," He questioned, a sick, twisting grin planted on his pale face.

She glowered, her face practical red from anger, "What does this say about you?"

His grin fell a bit and his eyes darkened as he chuckled, digging the pistol into her head a bit, "It says, I win.

She gave a bitter laugh, "Pathetic, that's what it says."

"You better keep your mouth shut if you know what's good for you," He warned her, all humor gone from his face, replaced by a biting anger.

Another laugh, "If I knew what was good for me, I wouldn't be here."

A malicious smirk, "If that's what you want."


A pair of wide eyes, staring in disbelief, shocked by what had just happened. Another one was smug, reeling in the resolution of what had happened. A dark chuckle escaped the pair of smug eyes.

"Not so tough now, eh?"


Another shot went off, but this one, unlike the other, sailed directly threw it's intended target, ripping and slicing apart muscles and flesh, burning through it as it flew. The sound of metal hitting the ground echoed threw the field as a pistol fell.

The wide eyed person stumbled back, gripping the hole in the chest, where blood was now freely flowing, soaking the shirt worn. A glance down. Disbelief. Utter disbelief. Not again. A fall to the knees and than a push back. Black was all he saw.

"Looks like I win," There was a pause, "Again."

A chuckle escaped his hoarse mouth, "Indeed, indeed."

"Mind answering a question?"

Another chuckle, "Do I have a choice?"

"Suppose not," Another pause, "Who killed his parents?"

She knew that he knew who she was talking about. It was evident by the way his mouth turned upwards into a smile and he opened one eye to look at her.

"Why should I tell you?"


Another shot rang out threw the field, followed by an anguished cry of pain.

"Need another reminder?"

A shake of his head, "No."

A pause.

"Well?" She demanded.


Another pause.

"Yeah?" An insistence.


"Keep going."


She waited anxiously for the next letter.

He smirked, "E."

She furrowed her eyebrows as she put together the letters. RAGE. Her eyes widened exponentially as she said the word in her head. They swerved to look at the dying man on the ground, searching his eyes to see if it were some kind of sick joke. All she saw was honesty in them, along with satisfaction.

He opened his mouth to say something and.....


(A/N: End of Chapter 15. It's been a while, eh? Sorry bout that. Truthfully I didn't feel like writing anymore for a while. That partially has to do with a writer's block I've been experiencing these past few months. Hopefully I'll have the story finished before it happens again. But anyway The Sound Leader is dead and Sakura has been informed of who was involved in the murder of Sasuke's parents. Wonder what's gonna happen next….)