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Annabeth's POV

I was in my room packing up to go to camp. I was so excited. I get to see all my friends,Grover,Tyson,Chiron and..Percy. I haven't seen Percy in a long time and ever since last summer I think I'm ready to tell him my true feelings. I smiled and got in the car. My dad was going to take me to camp half-blood. I said goodbye and walked to camp. Once I got there I said 'hi' to all my friends. I didn't see Percy yet so I thought I'd go unpack then see if he's here. I unpacked and sat out side. I looked around to find him but I didn't see him anywhere. Then something caught my eye. Percy. He was at the beach. I went up to talk to him.

" Hey "I said as I sat down. he smiled and me and "I missed you". Awww,he missed me.

"Me too" I said" hey,I have somthing to tell you"

" What?"

" Well I think I-" then the Grover came and said" Time to eat". We got up and went to the Pavilion. Once we sat down Chiron said" Now campers I have very important news to tell you. We have a new member to camp half-blood. Now she is not a half-blood but a ex-titan. She's made the choice of becoming good and now she has nowhere to go but welcome her. Her name is Medea". I girl got up. She looked to be about 16. Her eyes were puffy from crying. She had dark hair and eyes. Olive skin too. " Thank you for welcoming me. I knew this was the place to go" she said. Ha! I wasn't buying it. I looked over at Percy and he was looking and her. Was he buying it? After lunch I went to go find Percy and talk about Medea. I went to the beach cause thats the place were he always went. Once I got there my mouth dropped. There on the beach I saw....

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