OOOOO!!!!! Percy has a secret!!!! What is it? READ and REVIEW!!!!

Percy's POV

" I....have something to tell you.....a secret" I said. Annabeth inched closer.

"I......" I started. I took a deep breath."" I looked at Annabeth. She leaned in closer. She was anxious,I could tell. I hoped that she wouldn't be mad. She said she wouldn't but,you never know.

" Um..." I spoke again. She nodded impatiently,and waited. I couldn't do it!!! I couldn't tell her!!! I got up and said" Hey,I'm hungry,lets grab some lunch"Then started to walk away.

" Percy" He voice was sturn. I stopped and turned around.

" Ok...." I said" we can have dessert first" I finished and turn around again.

" Percy" I stopped again. I couldn't tell her. She go up and walked slowly toward me. My face was lowered. I started at the ground. Her soft fingers lifted my chin. I stared in to her deep gray eyes. Her face pleaded to me. Her small,pink lips curved up into a smile. I didn't move. There was no sound. I drew in another breath. I took her hand in mine and lowered it. Our fingers locked together.

" Ok" I whispered barly enough for her to hear.

" The truth is.....I was never under a spell"I said. Her smile melted.

" What" She whispered back. I didn't know why we were whispering. I didn't think she could hear me. I raised my voice" I said the truth is-"

"No I know the truth,its just...." She trailed off. My heart ached.

" Why" She said.

"Well" I laughed,though I knew it wasn't funny" I knew what Medea was planing all along and decied to play I was trying to make you.....Jealous" I admitted. She remained quite. I waited for her reaction But it was the same. Shocked,surprised,sad,glad,and blank all in one. I waited longer. Still nothing.

" Um...are you mad?" I broke the silence. She toke a shaky breath. She looked at me.

" I.....I kissed you for crying Pete's sake" She boomed.

" I know" I giggled. She punched me.

" But....I saw you and her in your cabin. You told her to say away" She said. Then she covered her mouth with her hand.

" You snicked into my cabin" I yelled. She blushed. I smiled. She did too.

" I forgive you...but that's only because you did it to make me jealous" She said.

" Did it work?"

" Duh!!!!" She yelled. I laughed.

" And why were you showing off to her anyway" She asked.

" Cause I knew you were watching" I said.

" What!!!"

" Annabeth,I know you so well"

" No" She said.

" Yes ,I do"

" No"

" Than how did I know you were there"

" minds" She said.

" Maybe I do" I said.

" Well if you know me SOOOO well,then what am I thinking" She asked.

" This" I said. Then I leaned over and kissed her. A huge smiled came across her face and I could tell she tried hard not to let it show. But,of course,it did. I held out my hand. She gladly took it and we walked together to the cabins. I couldn't help but smile. Once we got to her cabin I walked her inside. No one was there.

" Where is everybody?" I asked.

" I don't know" She said. Then I looked at her. I smiled.

" Annabeth" I said

" Yeah"

" I love you"

" I know" She said. I laughed. Then started to go out the door.

" Percy" She called. I stopped and turned around.

" I love you too" She said.

" I know" I mocked her. She laughed too. Then someone came running up to us.

" Percy,Annabeth!!!" Grover yelled. He came to where we were.

" Chiron is having a ceremony for you two,come on" He said. I smiled. He looked and Annabeth and me,and realized what just happen. He smiled.

" I knew it would happen eventually" He said. We laughed. I grabbed Annabeth's hand and let Grover lead the way to the pavilion.