The Stages of Love

By: Fangirl12

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Chapter: Stage 1-pt.1- Hate

That stupid jerk was at it again! I can't stand him. GAH! As if I don't have enough problems to deal with. I jerked my locker open, and the door came off and fell to the floor.

"Ugh," I shouted in frustration. When the other students heard that they who and what it was.

Edward Cullen had been my mortal enemy since the fourth grade. Why, I can't even remember, but we've hated each other from the very start. That's how it was, and everyone knew it.

Today he was on top of his game, but that's just fine with me. Let's just say left him a little surprise for him in his locker. That's when I heard it. Right on cue I though. His yell. I burst into laughter. Hopefully the rat bit him, and he got a little slime from the sewage.

I walked to my next class giggling away. I decided to walk past his locker to get a glimpse of the damage. It was really stinky. Girls were screaming because of the rat that was running down the hallway. Edward, my dear, friends, was dripping in goo and slime. Nice greenish brown slime. I was hard up laughing now. I mean rolling on the floor crying. When I finally calmed down, I late for class and Edward was giving me such a glare that for am minute I was actually intimidated for a second.

Then I got up from the floor, dusted myself off, and picked up my books. With another giggle, I was off to class.

Finally, lunch time, my favorite part of the school day. I walked into the cafeteria, collected my lunch, went to find my table, but then I got an idea. I walked passed a table backtracked and then stopped.

"Hey Cullen," I sneered. "Did you like my present?"

"You," he growled.

"The one and only," I replied back smugly. His siblings snickered. Emmet, the oldest and the jokester said

"Nice one Bella, I couldn't have done it better"

"Thank you," I said sincerely with a little mock sarcasm in it. I looked back at Edward who was smiling smugly.

"It's okay Isabella, I forgive you," he said slyly. Slowly he stood up, picked up a hand full of spaghetti, raised it, and threw it at me. It hit me hard in the chest. I gasped.

"EDWARD CULLEN. YOU ARE SO DEAD," I screamed. I picked up some spaghetti and threw it as hard as I could. Edward ducked and I heard a violent, earsplitting scream. Oh, shit I though. Rosalie was like lightening. She picked up Emmet's tray, and threw it at me. Food and all. I ducked, and it hit the back of Jessica Stanley. She screamed, and turned to Lauren.

"YOU BITCH!" She also grabbed some spaghetti and threw it.

"Food fight," Emmet yelled, and that's how it started. Everyone went wild. Edward and I were having. Just as we were about to throw something else at each other

"Cullen, Swan! My office now," barked our principle. Oh, fudge I though. This isn't going to be good. I put down the food that was in my hand, and walked towards the doors.

"As for the rest of you, clean this up, and there will be consequences," he said, "You two, follow." As we walked down the hall, I looked down in despair. What was I going to do? I looked at Edward. He didn't look half as worried as I did. He caught my eye and glared at me. I looked back down at the floor, again.

We enter the principle's office, he told both of us two us to have a seat.

"Now, Mr. Cullen and Ms. Swan, this time is simply inexcusable. I've put up with your constant fighting for long enough. Mr. Cullen you took the door off Ms. Swan's locker, and Ms. Swan you let a rat into my school, and you out sewage into Mr. Cullen's locker. I've tried to be nice about this, but I'm going to have to suspend the both of you for a week. There will be a call home to notify your parents of this."

My head bolted up.

"Please Mr. Varner, not suspension. I will do anything," I tried to plead.

"I'm sorry Ms. Swan. You two are free to go." I got out of the chair unsteadily, and out of the office. What was I going to do? Charlie was going to beat me black and blue.

"Why are you in such a panic? So the goody- goody Isabella has finally gotten in trouble. How does it feel?" he asked in a mocking, sarcastic voice. I was steaming angry now. I turned around, and in two quick paces I was standing right in front of him. My hand flew across his face fast and hard. He rubbed the spot where I had just attacked, and scoffed.

"You've slapped me many times before, remember," He said unfazed, "but if it makes you feel better this one hurt way more than the others." I stormed out and to my truck. I hopped in. The minute I got my door shut and locked, I broke down in sobs that were so hard that they shook the truck

"Why," I choked out, "why does this have to happen to me," I yelled in a hoarse voice. Charlie was just starting to slack off on his beatings, now I was going to get one worse than ever.

I came home around eight. Charlie was sitting at the kitchen table.

"Where have you been," he asked.

"At work," I lied.

"No you haven't, you don't work today." How the hell did he know that? Was actually paying attention? He suddenly dropped it though. He put the plate he was eating on in the sink, walked over to the coffee table and leaned on the lamp.

"I got a call from you school today," he said coolly

"Really," I tried to act surprised. I knew I wasn't a good liar.

"Damn it, don't play with me girl," Charlie yelled. I found the lamp being hurled at me. I fell back as it hit me in the stomach. In three long strides, Charlie was standing over me. He grabbed me by my hair, pulling my face up to look at him. I screamed in pain. Soon followed a series of punches and kicks. Then Charlie stood on my left leg and bounced on it. I screamed in more agony, but then I heard a deafening crack.

Charlie got off and looked at me in satisfaction.

"Had enough girl," he asked smugly. I didn't say anything.

"I'm talking to you!" I managed to choke. Charlie laughed and walked up the stairs, leaving me crumpled on the floor in a pile of shattered glass. God, why me.

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