"Normal talk"


"Ainmal talking"

"Animal thinking"


Seven years ago

In the darkest nights of the village hidden in the leaves, Konoha, was about to get with a fight with the Kyuubi and the Nibi. The fourth hokage was in his office talking to the third hokage.

"I need to do this Sarutobi, we know that this is the only left to do" the fourth hokage said.

"But Minato, would you sacrifice your only child, Naruto?" The third said.

"Yes but the other problem is that we need another child to contain the other one and looks like we have only a few minutes left. The Kyuubi and the Nibi are getting near and near as we talk."

"Well this is-"

"Hokage-sama. A woman got a baby a while ago and she is asking if her baby would be the other container" Said a ninja with a jounnin vest.

"Of course, what is the baby's name?"

"Her name is Hinata Hyugga from the Hyugga clan"

"Ok I will make the preparations." Said the third hokage.

"Thank you Sarutobi Now I will get Naruto for the sealing" said the fourth hokage as leaving the office to go to the hospital.

A few minutes later

In front of the forest of the hidden village of Konoha, the Kyuubi and the Nibi got there and started to make destruction with only one of their tails. The legends said that the tails were enough to make a mountain into a pile of rocks. Several ninja started the attack to the beasts but almost all the ninjas died. Then the fourth hokage arrived with two babies and everyone cheered.

The fourth hokage made seals and said "SUMMONING JUTSU" With that a giant frog appeared in the middle of the forest with the hokage in his back.

"Well Gamabunta, this is our last fight together" said the hokage

"Yeah Minato, this one will be very hard so prepare" Said Gamabunta.

The hokage then made a lot of seals finally saying "SEALING JUTSU" and then the Kyuubi and the Nibi turned toward the babies. Naruto got the Kyuubi and Hinata got the

Nibi. Then, because of the side effects of the jutsu, Minato died.

A few meters from there.

The third hokage saw a red and black/blue light appearing and disappearing instantly. The third hokage then sighed. He knew that his friend has died. So he left the office and went toward the people announcing that the fourth hokage had died. Also, he said that those babies were the containers, but a lot of people thought of something else. They thought that those babies were the reincarnation.


In the present

Two kids from around 7 years are running from a mob that was chasing them. The mob was throwing rocks, plates, even kunais. One boy had blond hair that is wearing a white t-shirt with the konoha sign. He is wearing to blue pants with some dark sandals. The only thing that this kid has and others don't is whisker from a fox n his cheeks. The other kid was a girl with short, dark hair wearing some baggy pants and jacket with the Hyuuga crest. She has too some dark sandals. She had also some cat whiskers in her cheeks. Their names are Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuuga Hinata.

These kids are the containers. Both of them treated badly since they were born. Were taken care by Sarutobi and some people in a bad, dirty building that there take care of orphans. People came a lot there to adopt a child but the ones that were never adopted were Naruto and Hinata. Until they came 7 years old, the third hokage gave them a pair of keys for an apartment near his office.

They ran but they got to a dead end. Both of them scared; ask both of them at the same time "Why do you treat us badly? What did we do to take this punishment?"

Instantly the people said "Both of you have killed a lot of people so we are making a favor for the fourth hokage to end what he started." Then the people stared to stab the poor children.

Then, some strange chakra started to engulf Naruto and Hinata that made them turn a lot of animalistic. The hair started to grow wildly, they started to have claws, and their teeth got sharpened. Naruto then hade bloody eyes with pupils of a fox. Hinata had some cat pupils with the color dark blue. And then, they started to kill the people without mercy.

A few hours later

Naruto and Hinata started to wake up to find out what happened until they saw the blood mess and dead corpses. Until they started to remind what happened, they started to cry to see what the people had said until the third hokage come to them and started to make them happy.

So they went to their apartment and started to pack essentials items like food, clothes, and some sleeping bags. After that, they went to see the third hokage to tell about their plans. So hey walk through the village ignoring the glares until they got to the office.

On the office, the third hokage was battling the worst enemy of all the people. It is said that this 'monster' was able to defeat numerous people but the fourth hokage managed to beat it easily. This monster was called paperwork. Tons and tons of piles of papers were arranged and they still multiply by time. He sighed and was asking himself how did Minato was able to do this. Maybe a jutsu that Minato created and he didn't tell. He got his pipe until two kids went through the doors.

"A Naruto, Hinata what are you doing here?" Said the third hokage and is waiting the answer.

Naruto then talked "Third hokage, Hinata and I went to a conclusion. We will depart from the village this night because we need to train so that we can protect this people and us." Then the third hokage was amazed.

Hinata then talked "Yes third hokage. This village has hated us so we thought this. So we went here to tell you the news."

"I see" the third hokage sais "So here take this" And he handed them some scrolls, Minato's scroll, and 10,000 ryo. "I think you will need this."

"Thank you hokage, don't worry we will be back before the genin exams so that we can be ninja." And so they left.

"Mmm Naruto and Hinata have already grow-up. This is a shock. Well at least they won't be attacked by the people anymore. Well I better finish the paperwork or I will be beaten" Thought the hokage and so he started to finish the work.

Before Naruto and Hinata go o they new lives, they went to Ichiraku's Ramen to eat something before they leave.

"RAMEN. I want some before we leave" said Naruto to Hinata.

Hinata giggled at this she knew that Naruto will eat some ramen before they leave. They entered at the post and waited until Ayame ask what they want.

"12 bowl of miso ramen." Said Naruto with all his soul.

"1 bowl of beef ramen, please." Said Hinata calm.

Then they eat their bowls. Naruto has eaten all 12 bowls before could finish hers. So they left the money and say goobye to Ayame.

It was 9 o'clock of the night and Naruto and Hinata went for their bags and went to the front gate. They saw the gates and leave.

"Konoha, we re leaving but we will come back stronger" Those were their las thoughts of Konoha.

Somewhere, a laugh, no, 2 laughs were hear. "So they finally got of the village. We will tell about us later."

A.N. This is my first chapter of my first story. This is story was inspired by reading some stories here.