"Normal talk"


{For now I will put this because there will no animal or demon power here for now}

Chapter 4: Wave Country Pt1

Team Anko were doing so lame missions that if they got again the mission of capturing the cat Tora then they will explode and kill the cat. So now they are in the mission room. Discussing.

"Hey Hokage why don't give us a better mission? Huh Why?" Said an angry Anko

"Because your team is not experienced enough and they are Genin." Iruka said instead of the Hokage

"Oh so you think we are not experienced enough and because were genin. Think again. We beat Kakashi without making us sweat And the book that for Kakashi is enough motivation to make at least 100 percent of his power. Do you think we are inexperienced enough?" Said an angry Naruto.

"Well…" The hokage was going to say something until another interruption by Hinata

"And Hokage we are trained alone in the world and we learned a lot of jutsus and our chakra control is the best"

"And you know what we are capable" Said Haku finishing the sentence.

"Ok that is the necessary proof. So here is a B rank mission that consists on protecting a man to the Wave Country and protects him until he finishes the bridge. Come here."

Then a drunken man appeared in the doors with a bottle with beere in his right hand. "Those (hip) kids are going to protect me huh this is some kind of (hip) joke huh. Especially that blond guy he is so weak"

"These are the best team here in Konoha and that are genin." Spoke the Hokage

"And I'm here a Jounnin you idiot so meet in a minute at the gates or there will be some trouble" Spoke Anko and disappeared.

Naruto, Haku, and Hinata then went to the gates as fast as possible because they knew the consequences of getting late. In 55 secods they arrived at the gates with Anko waiting. "So you made it on time you're in luck because there were only 5 seconds left. And the man?"

"Umm we left him there. Wait there he comes" Said Haku

And then the drunken man came running to the gates and breathing a lot of air because of the lack of air. He then finished and said "My name is Tazuna and I am a bridge builder but let me tell you something. This mission is very dangerous why? Because there will be ninja attacking me that were hired by Gatou. I'm telling you this now because I can't put your lives in the line."

"Okaaaaay, Do you want to come or not?" Asked Anko

"We will continue." Said in unison the whole team

"Ok let's go" And they started to walk

On the road the whole was asking to Tazuna why did the Wave Country made a c rank mission intead of a B or an A. Then he explained that the Wve Country was paying Gatou so they were poor. Then they reunited all the money that they had and made a least a C rank mission. Then they continued their walk and noticed some puddles on their wat. Mmmm why are there some puddles it hasn't rain and the sky is clear. Thought everyone and they went on their way like if nothing happened but they knew about the genjutsu. Then some ninja with claws appeared and wrapped Anko with their claws. Then Haku attacks them with some sembons in critical areas making hem to un wrap Anko. Then Hinata attack them with some jyuken attacks. {The Jyuken is the style that the Hyuugas use.} Ad finally Naruto uses the shadow clone jutsu to knock them.

"So these ninjas attacked us. They're pathetic. My team beat them easily without sweat." Said Anko.

"Well they wrapped you without sweating what were you thinking?" Said Hinata

"That my team is strong enough to protect themselves and to test you." Said Anko finishing with a smirk

Tazuna was amazed that three genin beat thos ninjas without sweating. That was impressing enough and so they continued to walk until the came to an unfinished ridge. "This bridge is the hopes of the people so hat they can be free from Gatou. But Gatou discovered our plan so he hired some ninjas to stop us." Said Tazuna while riding a small raft to shore. Then they come to a forest with some fog. Then Naruto launched a kunai to atree revealing a small rabbit killed. Then a sword came.

"DUCK" Said Anko while grabbing Tazuna out of the way.

"So you haven't changed, eh, Naruto" And hello Haku and Hinata" Said a chilly voice from the end of the fog

"You too, Zabuza of the hidden mist. And where is your apprentice Umao {This name came from a friend that oves Naruto}Huh? Zabuza.

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