Knight of Payne

Chapter 1: Valkyr Drug Resurfaces

It had become quite a problem for on and off again rogue cop Max Payne who was tracing down sources of the notorious Valkyr had somehow gotten back on the streets. The scene opens with a thuggish-style man running down an alleyway with gun fire shots being heard. This of course brought the attention from Gotham's local Dark Knight who heard the shots and immediately headed toward the situation.

"Just my luck!" cried the man as he was running down the alleyway, "I didn't know he was back on the force!"

As the man turned another corner, he ran right into what seemed like a dead end, quite literally speaking for him as he turned around he could hear footsteps coming that were getting quite louder, and louder. Suddenly, a man appeared with a pistol in his hand, and in a leather jacket.

"Look, I don't know what you want!" cried the man who began to panic.

"You know exactly what I want" said Max as he took out his weapon and began to play a little game of Russian roulette.

But as Max Payne was just simply trying to do his job, in a rogue manner, a baterrang came right out of nowhere, knocking his gun right out of his hand.

"I don't know what you're doing here on my turf" said Batman as he landed right in the alleyway, "but I don't like what you're doing."

"Listen Mr. Dark Knight" said Max, "I know what your kind is all about."

"Yeah, and I guess you must be some sort of a cop" replied Batman, "or do I have to take you down for pretending to be one?"

But as the Batman and Max Payne began to egg each other on, the lone thug saw a chance to escape.

"Now look what you've done!" cried Max.

"Leave this to me" replied Batman.

The Dark Knight then again threw another baterrang which acted more like grappling hook. The rope from the grappling hook then went around the lone criminal's legs, making him fall flat right on the street.

"My method's are less messy than yours" gloated Batman, "now let's play a little good cop, bad cop and see why you were chasing this poor fellow."

Once the lone criminal was in his place, as the Dark Knight threw him against the wall, Max cracked his knuckles and then grabbed the lone criminal and pinned him up against the wall.

"Alright, just how the heck did you manage to get the Valkyr drug in your hands?" asked Max as he pulled out a vial of the drug which was in his pocket.

"L-L-Look, I just sell them, I don't produce them!" cried the man as he quickly began to be in quite a panic mode.

"The Aesir company that produced this drug went down under once I took personal responsibility in handling it" said Max as he then threw down the criminal back on the ground.

"Luckily for me, I was out of town while you did that" said Batman.

Suddenly, sirens from the local police which Payne had worked for were arriving on the scene.

"You better—" but before Max could complete his sentence, the Dark Knight was gone.

An hour later, the Dark Knight was back in his Batcave on his high-tech computer searching the mysterious Valkyr drug, along with also more on the profile on the on and off again rogue cop Max Payne.

"Sir, are you still up?" asked Alfred as Bruce's personal butler entered the scene with a cup of coffee in his hand ready to hand over to him, "You need to be up and ready for tomorrow, you have a big speech on promoting reforming some of your former enemies such as Maxie Zeus."

"I know I have to do that, not at least until tomorrow night though" replied Bruce as he took off his Batman mask and placed it nearby, "there is something quite not right with Maxie Zeus, aside for the fact that he believes he's literally like the real Zeus."

"You're wondering if his massive wealth, and his connections with some of the world's finest lawyers have anything to do with the recent revival of the drug you're researching?" asked Alfred.

"I'm afraid it's a bit too early to say Alfred" replied Bruce after he closed the website that was on the former Aesir company but then took an interest of the profile of Max Payne.

"Well, seems like your friend here, and you have something to talk about" said Alfred as he took a curious look at the profile of Max Payne, and looking at the biography of Payne's wife and child being murdered.

"Yeah, but I'm not sure about his more, than messy methods at dealing with his problems" replied Bruce as he then eventually closed the profile of Payne.

But while Bruce Wayne was likely going to rest for at least most of the day, during the next day, Max Payne was a bit fed up having a run in with Gotham's Dark Knight. He had took out various photos of the Dark Knight from news clips and placed it over his office. This then gave concern for his boss Jim Bravura who was concern about Payne's new obsession.

"What's the deal with Gotham's Dark Knight doing all over your work place Max?" asked Jim.

"Let's just say, I'm not too pleased he came onto my turf while I was hunting down sources on how the Valkyr drug got back onto the streets" replied Max.

"Well, I don't think you'd need to worry about this anymore, Commissioner Gordon has invited all the local police forces for a banquet on Bruce Wayne presenting how the criminals of the Arkham Asylum are being reformed with his money" said Jim, "you know Max, I want you to meet with Bruce, I think you two have something in common."

"Yeah, like what?" asked Max, "The fact that he gets to live the American Dream, while mine was shattered?"

"Actually, about that, his parents were murdered when he was a young child" replied Jim, "it's affected quite a bit. I'm sure you two would find some common ground."

"Whatever you say" sighed Max as he went back to his desk duties.