Words of Wisdom:

I am not the creative person my friends and relatives take me for. I do have my moments when I am bursting with ideas but those are what they are – moments. That is my greatest problem and it is the same when I try to write stories. The best I can come up with is the beginning, the end and maybe a scene or two in between. That is where You come in because I have had just about enough of my inaptitude!

In this journal, I will record all of my ideas for Naruto fan-fics for You to see and judge. I could just put them somewhere in my profile but I do not want them to out-grow it and become a burden so I am taking this approach. I will always aim to give the best description possible to prevent any misunderstandings.

If You find any of the ideas worthy of being brought to life by Your fingertips, write a review wherein You will specify which idea You want to develop and how You want to handle it. This way it will be much easier for the people who stumble on this text and would like to see some of the ideas transformed into a story, but do not have enough creative energy for it, to connect to You and read (and possibly review) Your endeavours. In addition, I will give You my full support ranging from creative consultation and quality control to Beta-ing and reviewing. All You have to do in return, apart from writing the damn thing, is to mention me as the originator of the idea.

Of course, there may come a time when an idea that has sprouted in my mind independent of the outside world will not be original at all. I think it is inevitable that there may be one or more fan-fics already utilising said idea without my knowledge. If You know of such a fic or have already written one Yourselves, write a review as well, for all the same motives.

Up for Grabs One: Sasuke or Sakura

This has been scratching the insides of my skull for quite some time now. Naruto is called Naruto because it is the story of Uzumaki Naruto. We follow his adventures and misadventures, ups and downs, trials and tribulations. We hear his thoughts and dreams, words and opinions, proclamations and promises. We watch him sweat and laugh, grow and learn, fight and succeed. We know all about him because he is the main character of the story, the world revolves around him, people are drawn to him.

However, there are two other characters whose lives and personas are known to us in a similar manner, only in a smaller scope. They are his teammates, friends and closest things he has to siblings. They are Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura. He is his rival and motivator. She is his love and someone to protect. Together they went through thick and thin, together they overcame the worst of odds, together they grew, together they changed, together they became. They were meant to be inseparable but life chose otherwise.

I always wanted to know what it would be like to re-experience the whole canon story of Naruto from the point of view of one of these two characters. I always wanted to know what they were doing during the night he stole the scroll of forbidden jutsus, learned Kage Bunshin no Jutsu and the truth about Kyūbi no Kitsune. I always wanted to know with what thoughts they welcomed their first day as official shinobi of Konohagakure no Sato. I always wanted to know what were they really doing during the month between the preliminaries and finals of the Chūnin exams. I always wanted to know what other things they were doing when Naruto was gone with Jiraiya to find Tsunade. I always wanted to know how Sakura felt when Shikamaru led the mission to retrieve Sasuke. I always wanted to know what were Sasuke's thoughts up to the point when his battle with Naruto began. I always wanted to know how they spent the time-skip. I craved for the other perspective.

Naruto may be a hugely popular franchise whose owners never miss an opportunity to cash in on it but the possibility of it being retold from the perspective of one or both of these characters is dangerously close to zero. It is up to the fan community to fill in the gaps. If the fans do not tell the complete stories of Sasuke and Sakura, no one will.

I think You have already seen countless fics that have retold the canon story but always with at least one change to make it more interesting, to see "what would happen if". I think You have already tired Yourselves of reading them and have pondered what else to do to make them interesting again. Well, how about this little idea of mine! Retell the canon story but do not change anything. Do not put Naruto on a different team, do not make the NaruSaku or NaruHina pairings happen, do not let Sasuke stay, do not let anyone dead live or anyone living die, do not let the Akatsuki make their move sooner, do not let Orochimaru win in the invasion. Do not do anything of the sort. Just change the perspective…

Thus, You will have many opportunities to strain Your imagination to tell new stories and give a different air to the old ones. I am not saying You cannot do that with those changes that I have listed above but my idea has one huge advantage. If You preserve all of the canon events, the readers will always feel at home when reading Your story. They will not be able to complain that "this would never happen" because everything You will invent will have to lead to the known events and situations. Those who hate the ridiculous what-ifs will not be repulsed because it is not a what-if. Those who do enjoy what-ifs but hate to read through events that remain unchanged will not have to worry about that because Your focus will be Sasuke or Sakura and they were not present everywhere all the time.

I should now give You the specific details I would like such a story to have:

1) Because I would like it to be as close to the canon material as possible, the rating should never exceed T. Naruto is a shōnen manga and the term means "young man" and such material is aimed at teenagers and people in their early twenties. Do not try to make the story grittier or more realistic. Try to keep it as much Naruto as possible.
2) Although the story of Naruto gives the spectator an almost omniscient position, the character Naruto has many things hidden from him. Keep this in mind for Sasuke and Sakura as well. For example, if You decide to write the story from Sakura's point of view, You will not be able to talk about Naruto and Sasuke's battle with Haku because her view was obscured by Zabuza's mist. Or if You choose Sasuke, You will not be able to talk about the preliminary matches that came after his because Kakashi took him away.
3) You should not attempt this if You dislike one of these characters. For the story to be believable, You must have good experience with them and know what makes them tick. If You know them well, it will not be hard for You to invent what they would do and think. On the other hand, You can even get away with some moderate Naruto bashing in the early stages of the story because both Sasuke and Sakura pretty much disliked him.
4) The title absolutely, positively and unconditionally has to be either "Sasuke" or "Sakura" because the source material is called "Naruto". It would only make sense to call the story of Uchiha Sasuke "Sasuke" or the story of Haruno Sakura "Sakura".

I think these are all the requirements I have. The rest is up to You.

Parting Words:

Do You think it could work out? Do You think You are the one capable of granting it form? Do You know of someone else who might be interested in undertaking this task? Have You already seen it somewhere or written it? If the answer to at least one of these questions is "yes", please write a review like I told You at the beginning. Also, with the ideas in following chapters, it would be best if You wrote Your review for the chapter that contains the idea You are interested in.

Stay on the safe side!