"Harry, why are MUGGLES celebrating Halloween? I mean, it's a wizard holiday." Ginny asked as she closed the front door. They were in their home in Godric's Hollow and it was nearing ten o'clock. Trick or treaters, both wizard and muggle, had come to their house, the muggles to the front door, the wizards through the path through the back garden.

"Well, it's originally All Hallow's Eve, then got shortened to Halloween. But it was started in the 1930's and is really just an excuse to dress up and get candy." Harry explained from his seat on the couch in front of the fireplace.

"I know, but for wizards, it's a special time." Ginny said as she poured the remaining contents of the treat bowl into a bag, but snatched a couple mini chocolate bars. "It's said that on Halloween, centuries ago, wizards could use their magic without worry. All muggles' memories of any magic would be erased. Now, rules are so strict that people wouldn't use magic in front of muggles."

"When I was eight, on Halloween, I spent the night in my room. I mainly stared out my window, watching the kids go from house to house. But I noticed something in the sky. There were fireworks, but they were animated, like those ones Fred and George set off to annoy Umbridge. I asked about them at school the next day, but no one had seen anything like them." Harry shrugged as Ginny sat on the couch next to him.

"Your mind wouldn't have been erased because you're a wizard."

"Did you ever find it annoying to see muggles dress up like witches and wizards?" Harry asked. There had been at least four 'witches' at their front door that night, each costume getting stranger than the next. It finally ended with a teenager with a too short skirt and too much eye liner.

"No. I found it pretty amusing. Mum would dress me up, just for fun, and we would go trick or treating. I was always a witch, of course, but my 'costume' always kicked everyone else's costume's arse." Ginny gloated. She bit into a chocolate bar, but choked when Harry spoke again.

"I never went trick or treating."

"What! Never?"

"No." Harry hung his head. "Like Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia were ever going to take me out trick or treating with Dudley."

"Well, we have to change that." Ginny stood up and marched into the kitchen.

"How?" Harry asked, turning to watch what his wife was doing.

"This." Ginny pointed her wand at Harry, and mutter a quick spell.

In two seconds, sitting in Harry's place, was a small boy of about six years old. His robes had shrunk to fit him, but his glasses hung lopsided from on ear. The little boy spoke up in a squeaky voice.

"Ginny," Harry asked, "what will this change?" He pulled off the lopsided glasses.

"We are going to go trick or treating now. Come on!" Ginny conjured a small, dark blue wizards hat and placed it on Harry's small head. She pulled him up from the couch and led him to the back porch.

"Ginny, I'm really fine with not going." Harry sqeaked as Ginny took his wand away.

"You'll get this back later. Now let's go!" She pulled his wrist, leaving him no choice but follow after her, lest get his arm get ripped from its socket.

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