Ok this is my first ever vampire fic...i have never written nor read anything about vampires...i am a fraidy cat in every sense of the word (except i don't have a tail -pouts-) So be nice...i'm going out on a limb a little with this...totally stepping out my comfort zone. I have taken the little bits I know of vampires and given it a little twist of my own...and how I interpret what i read. I looked them up in my mythical elements book and this story came to mind...so I though why not...my friend Kimba1984 requested a vampire fic so this is for you...I hope you like it :)....I tried my best. It should be about 3-4 parts maybe...and i'm aiming to update here n there over the next week along side my other halloween fic...oh yeah..and something in the water (which i'm aiming to finish by the end of this weekend)...i'm sure Rl has gotta fit in there somewhere :s...so yeah lol!!! heres another one...both were typed today...so i'm sleepy...but feeling good and pretty proud.

this fic is un-beta-ed so i hope its ok...i've read it over with my tired eyes...but i'm sure i'll have missed something.

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Shadow of the Night

Miranda leant back in her chair, eyes slipping shut as she assessed her senses. She could feel the blood pumping around her, trickling to its destination, swirling and churning, a thick cherry red river flowing forth. She could hear hearts, some hammering harder than others, each beat echoing in counter point, a subtle sound lingering at the edge of everything; the sound track to her existence. Sweat trickled over skin, breaths rattling like the wind, slipping between streaks of pink, lungs expanding with the source of life, each cell drinking it in.

The scent of excitement lingered in the air, a heavy cloud floating throughout the halls, everyone alive and looking forward to the following evening. The buzz of speech, each word mating with another, the lyrics of life, colliding, a constant haze over the tempo of their hearts.

She rolled her neck; fingers coming up to the ease the tension, eyes dry a deep rooted hunger crawling over her skin.

It was the night before hallows eve, a national holiday, filled with fun and joy, for the living. Sadly wasn't one of them. She existed alongside humans for many years, the starvation only taking a subtle toll on her body. Her hair had gone silver prematurely, pigmentation drying up as her body cried out to be sated. It wasn't anything as obvious to attract any ones attention. She survived within a world awash with emotions, feeding off the tension existing between everyone, the essence of living. Her husbands had been prolonging her life, enabling her to continue her hunt. Every sexual encounter allowing her to feed, her body absorbing energy from the other until the relationship crumbled between them. Intercourse wasn't pleasurable for her, at least not with anyone other than her soul mate and she'd come to the conclusion they didn't exist. Year after year she send out her shadow to hunt, the silhouette of her soul drifting in and out every evening before hallows eve, fruitlessly trying to find the one out there who would finally fulfil her and wasn't just a temporary fix, another dam in an attempt to hold out a little longer.

She'd given up hoping, embedding herself within a world that would enable her to live a long life, feeding off everyone around her, all oblivious to her intentions. It allowed her to live comfortably for almost the whole year, except around now, when her control was tested, the animal in her clawing its way out, dam crashing down as her instincts over whelmed her. Her body became overly hungry, the pain of existing without her other half aching all over. She could sense everything deeper, senses rubbed raw, everything grating to the point of pain.

Tonight was the night, once again she had a pointless search, lying there with shattered senses, drifting in and out of her conscious as the other half floated over the earth. If it found its target it would imprint itself on them, drawing the person to her, and the moment they were within her presence the shadow would seep back into her soul, a flash of fire over her, searing into her skin. But every year, as always, it would return almost immediately, ice cold, icicles scratching along the under side of her soul, the pain of lost hope piercing into her.

She no longer hoped, she no longer cared; this was her life, drowned within a world of human fashion, living life for the beauty that existed on the outside, a wonderful mix of materials and emotions, a workforce she was able to feed upon, instilling fear, sensing every thought every feeling, knowing what everyone was truly thinking in her presence and out. The ice queen, a title that was truer than anyone realised, skin as pale as snow, her touch always triggering a shiver, the absence of blood in her veins, an empty cavity within her chest, no beat, only a body overflowing with emotions.

Any questions were written off easy, a diagnosis of bad circulation soon silenced them, the question off hand, not really interested in any answer. No one really invested anything within her, they loved the icon not the woman beneath it, and so they used her as much as she used them, it was an equal level of guilt on both sides, and acting as two counter pointing forces they neutralised the other out. Miranda didn't feel guilt, or any other emotion in a strong capacity, years of existing as half a being slowly draining her ability, cooling every one's opinion of her as she got harsher and colder as the years went on. It wasn't going to change, this was her life, another hallows eve will come and go and she'll return to existing as always, alone, loveless, just another lost soul drowning in a sea of many.

She shook her head, loud voices in her outer office ripping through her thoughts, nerves already on edge. She frowned, eyes flicking open. The lights were dimmed down in her office, pupils over sensitive, stinging in the usual level of light. She knew they'd be overly bright, having studied them in the mirror moments ago, the blue seeming to come out of its shell, swirling, Egyptian blue and sapphire, cornflower creeping in at the edges, silver shades seeming to emanate from the centre; a mixture of tones making them seem almost wave like. The image was most certainly not normal, so she remained with in the office, hidden away in here, aiming to keep contact at a minimum and the lighting hindered the sight of anyone who entered.

She felt another shiver hit her, pin pricks dancing down her spine, needling her nerves. She needed to head home, the evening late, body already eager, the night calling out to her. She rose up, legs shaky, the starvation hitting her hard. She swallowed, mouth dry, skin seeming sore, tongue stroking over her lips, chapped and broken. She stumbled into the bathroom, eyeing herself up fumbling for her lipstick. She needed something, her skin the same shade as her hair, colour bleeding out throughout the day, lips blending in, no longer apparent on her pale face, the colour long gone. She quickly slashed the lipstick over her lips, the colour shocking and overly apparent, but making her face seem more alive already, if slightly ill. She let the blusher brush dance over her cheeks, darkening it down more than usual. Slipping everything away she gazed at herself. She'd pass long enough to leave at least.

Stepping out of the bathroom she slipped her sunglasses over her eyes, barrelling out with a quick demand that the book be delivered the following evening. She sense the surprise, shocked emotions flaring up, yapping at her heels as she hurried out, snatching her coat from an outstretched hand without a glance at anyone.


Miranda entered her house in a hurry, thankful the children were with their father as always. She never had them in the house over Halloween and her ex had never asked why, he had no reason to, enjoying the evening with the twins, taking them out. Her contribution to the evening was their outfits, helping them design each one individually to make sure each one was unique, one of a kind. The girls had giggled over each one a few evenings ago, trying them on experimenting with make up possibilities. She remembered last year, beauty and the beast, an obsession between the two, one loving looking girly the other as frightening as possible, it was a good combination and the outfits had been as amazing as always.

Miranda felt a tingle fire over her, a stab of pain as her soul slipped, fraying at the edges as the night tore it apart. She darted upstairs, slipping out of her shirt for once not worrying where it fell, skirt rippling over her hips before pooling at her feet. She hurried into the bedroom, heels still on her feet, as always thankful she was no longer married, as she presented an overly sexual image which would only complicate the evening. She slipped the catches of her bra apart tossing it aside, before finally slipping her feet from her heels, tugging her panties down her legs stepping out of them, allowing them to fall to the floor, now every inch of her naked, un-tamed by human materials, each strand acting as a cage, indicating a possible complication when her soul was severed.

She laid on the surface of her duvet, unable to feel the temperature of the air, exposed and open listening to the sounds of the night singing around her. Cars rumbled by, the chatter of children, bustle of excitement, joy, happiness, giggles echoing out. The air hummed with life, animals darting about, itching at the edge, another addition to add to the mix of everything. She allowed her mind to slip, drifting away, darkness clawing its way in. Her fingers flexed at the subtle stab, a tiny tear slowly rippling its way through her. Her mind slipped away, letting go of each sense, each sound, finally her soul snapped free, snatched up by the air floating on the breeze carried by the emotions of everyone, and Miranda was hovering between existence, consumed in darkness, a comatose haze with nothing but the echo of hearts beating in her ears.


Andrea scuffed her feet along the side walk slowly walking home, the wind whipped around her skin, numbing her extremities sending subtle shivers through her frame.

She loved Halloween, eyeing up all the costumes, ghosts whirling around her feet, little witches running about brooms bashing the ankles of people as they hurried by. The windows were alight, pumpkins and spiders, fluffy white cobwebs adorning all the window displays. Candy swapped hands like the latest fix, each child clamouring for more, eyes aglow; giggling as they celebrated the evening early. Hallows eve was a single day, but it lasted for a lot longer.

It had always intrigued her as a child, all these mythical creatures, coming alive a single day a year. She questioned they're existence, how they came to be, the definitions behind them, whether they were accurate or just another fantastical imagination. As a young one she'd wondered if they existed, as an adult she knew not. Such a thing couldn't exist and no one know, and yet she couldn't help the little bit of wonder that clung on to her, remnants from her childhood dreams, questioning, maybe, maybe, there might be a little more to it.

But she'd never know, her life didn't include such things, questions dormant, her mind having a little laugh before it returned to everyday life. She had worked for runway for almost a year, having remained at Miranda's side, some how drawn back into the fold although she never knew how. One moment she'd been walking away the next she'd been back by Miranda's side, head held high, and the older woman had said nothing. She assumed it had been a dream or something of the sort, she didn't know, but she didn't question, thankful that she hadn't walk away, even though her and Nate's relationship had crumbled as a consequence. It was ending long before Paris, her career the final nail hammering through his heart until he walked away. She missed him, but more as a friend than anything else.

So today was the first year she wouldn't be out on Hallows Eve, the relationship between her friends still strained, so she'd chosen to remain in, settle down and watch movies on her tiny TV.

Just another normal evening alone as always.


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