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A Shock to the System

Andy was dozing; the warmth enveloping her body as she snuggled down on the couch. The sound of the television washed over her, lulling her into a semi awake state, floating in and out of conscious, lost on the precipice of sleep, a singular nagging feeling her only tether to the awakened world. Her subconscious senses pricked, zeroing in on an unknown substance, alerted to something as it whirled by, too quick to see, to sense, a bodiless being, hovering on the horizon. She rolled over, moaning, lids flickering as ice danced over her skin, whistling in, as though voices were dancing around her, lingering just beyond her senses, unable to hear what they were saying or determine if they were within her dreams or out.

She didn't notice the screen flicker, television dying, silence filling the void previously occupied by sound. Echoes from the street died, laughter petering out, traffic noises breathing their last breath. The curtains fluttered, floating on a non existent breeze.

She shivered, body curling into a ball arms wrapping around her frame, an instinctual attempt to preserver her heat as the coolness almost seemed to seep into her skin. Suddenly her body ceased up, every muscle tensing as heat seared over her, pores on fire, the sensation of flames licking along her skin, bordering on agony tainted with pleasure. Her eyes rolled, back arching, crying out as something inside her severed, her body feeling like it was bursting at the seams.

Too many shadows clamouring for a restricted space within the walls of her skin.

Sensations stroked her, hundreds of fingers gliding all over, each sensitive spot brought alive by a ghost like touch. She groaned; sweat slowly slipping from her brow, trickling in little rivulets all over her body soaking the material of her clothes. She jerked, twisting within her confines, each item binding her in, cotton bars, unable to escape. She writhed, material ripping as she forced herself free, stitches giving up the fight, each one torn from its grasp, splitting at the seams. They shredded, folding under the onslaught of her body, possessed, push beyond capacity, every ounce of strength tripled surpassing any natural possibility. She didn't sense her nakedness; no longer aware of the world in any form now submerged beneath the surface, existing on another level. Her skin tingled as the temperature dropped, pleasure bolting through her every second; the heat now a seductive caress slowly slipping between her legs, pleasure centring on a single point, the perfect pressure, rippling over her clit.


Sparks flickered behind Miranda's eyelids, pupils aching at the sudden invasion of light, unprotected, a shock to the system, fizzling over her body, firing through every nerve, body twitching as something took hold of her.

Static flashed up from her skin, casting an eerie glow around the room. Her body seemed weightless, pressure easing out of her system, every little ache draining away, leaving her feather light, as though floating on air.

A sensation twirled low in her belly, alien, unknown, jolting between her thighs. Her fingers flexed, twisting the covers in her grasp, aiming to hold onto the earth, feeling as though everything around her was shifting, room spinning as pleasure assaulted her senses.


Andy groaned, hips rotating freely, body no longer under her control, possessed, guided by sensation. Nothing holding her back, no restraint, no reservation, giving into every flicker of ecstasy that sparked through her system.

Synapses fired, chemical reactions a constant stream, nerves burning up as they flooded with feeling, bright lights bursting behind her eyelids, images seeping in and out of her line of vision, clouded, blue, silver, wispy figures of the mind, no solid form or features. She gasped, muscles clenching, hands coming up to roam over her body, unhindered, following the demands of her desire. Her body was alien to the touch, seeming so different and yet the same as always.

Her nails scored into her skin as a sharp pain seared through her, lingering deep beneath the skin. Adrenalin pumped through her, mind overwhelmed, interpreting everything as pleasure. She felt a shift, whimpering as something gave way, skin no longer seeming too tight, the pressure easing off, the orb building inside her finally freed from the confines of her skin.


This shouldn't be happening, couldn't be happening, in all her years Miranda had never experienced anything like this, but she wished she had.

It was overwhelming, seeming so alive, body humming with energy, senses awake, aware of everything on a deeper level than before, the sounds of everyone circling around her, a cocoon of sound rushing along with her to the final destination.

Suddenly everything went silent, the sparks flaring up, a bright white light consuming her entire frame.


Every muscle went rigid, pleasure to the point of being unbearable, groaning, needing it to be over and yet never wanting it to end, waves upon waves crashing over her. Andy's back flexed, body almost all off the sofa, spine curving upwards as her lips parted in a silent cry, before finally finding her voice, ringing round the room as pleasure engulfed every inch of her, blowing her mind,

Unaware the same sound of pleasure was being echoed only miles away.


Blue eyes snapped open, the darkness easing away, eyes casting away the sinister shadows soon seeing the objects within the room for what they were. Her breath rattled, lungs starved, aching, scream still lingering long after the event.

She was soaked, the juices slowly dripping between her thighs. She'd never experience such a thing, her husbands unable to do anything for her, body immune to every caress other than that of her soul mate. Someone she thought didn't even exist. Tonight seemed intent on proving her wrong; invading her body, filling her with sensations, evidence against all her beliefs. She'd never had an orgasm in her life, until now.

She couldn't believe she'd cum so hard only moments ago. She swallowed, hand sliding between her legs, hissing, flares of pleasure still rippling through her as she parted her slick folds, burning to the touch, drenching her fingers within seconds.

What had happened?

This wasn't like before, a night spent, wishing waiting only to be disappointed as always, every year the return of her soul absent of anything else hurt a little less, hope drawing up until she was safe inside her walls, no longer hoping to find anyone uncaring when her shadow failed once again.

But it hadn't this time, at least she didn't think it had, uncertainty creeping in. But she was certain something had happened that didn't fall into the pattern of every year. She didn't trust herself to hope, slowly going over every possibility, refusing to get carried away. She didn't even know who they were, what they were like or where they were, hell if there even was anyone. Miranda hated not knowing, she didn't like any information eluding her, needing to be in control, wanting to guide every action within her life, and in one evening everything may have changed, the biggest decision and it had been done without her input, not consciously anyway, a shadow which until now had failed her at every turn. She didn't want to hope it may have finally succeeded, couldn't hope, wouldn't. She would face everyday like another day until something happened, until then nothing would change, she was happy with her life, at least happy to lie to herself, pretend she was content, it was an art form she had perfected, and years later her shadow decides to fly in and mess it up, typical.

She shifted off the bed, the sheets soaked beneath her, for once aware of the cold; new sensations slowly descending over her. She felt different, something nagging, a welcome presence like a long lost friend, something she didn't know well enough to be truly relaxed with and yet her body was willing to try.

She stood stumbling as she grasped her gown, wrapping it round her shoulders. Silk slid over her frame, encasing every curve like water, fluttering as she cautiously stepped forward.

Entering the bathroom, she flicked the light on eyes watering at the edges from the sudden change. Her hands slid over the counter, smooth to the touch, cooling against her palm. She needed water, mouth dry; throat hoarse having never made such a sound as she had moments ago.

Filling a glass, she brought it to her lips, gulping it down, relishing the refreshment, for once able to ignore the dirty taste encasing her tongue, each droplet riddled with pollution, and chemicals, city life tainting everything around it. Her taste buds had always been over sensitive, drinking nothing but bottled water, the minerals adding a more welcome flavour. The water from the tap was usually unbearable, but with a raging thirst she had now, any water was welcome.

The glass clinked as she placed it down, dizziness hitting her hard, swaying from exhaustion, body having been put through its paces, not used to such exertion.

She gripped the edge of the sink with a hand, aiming to steady herself. Body feeling as though she was sensing the earths movement, ground beneath her feet unstable, walls seeming to rush towards her and yet the distance remaining the same. She breathed in a deep breath, lifting the water to her lips one more, carelessly casting a glance up towards the mirror, before taking a double take, eyes widening at what she saw.

The glass slipped from her fingers and shattered.


Andy shivered, sweat soaking the sofa around her, the haze after her orgasm consuming her, eyelids fluttering as the last remnants of bliss flittered over her frame. She sighed with relief, burrowing into the softness surrounding her, blanket falling from the back of the couch encasing her body. She sighed with relief, slowly sinking beyond the border of consciousness, letting sleep take her, blissfully unaware of what she'd see when she awoke, not knowing what had happened, never having woken long enough to asses what had happened, lost within the well of pleasure.

So she slept, expecting tomorrow to just be another day like always, not knowing everything about her life had changed only moments ago.



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