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The Devils Desire

Andrea blinked, wiping the tiredness from her eyes. It had been a long day, the morning seeming like a distant memory, smiling in the sunshine, eyes taking in a rainbow of colour and candy as a crisp autumn breeze snaked its way in through her clothes.

The excitement thrummed through her, eager for the final meeting to finish so she could head home. She had her Halloween outfit all ready, a little laugh, something that would shame everyone within runway, wincing at such a sight, which, in all honesty, made her love it even more.

She only had to wait a few more hours. As first assistant it wasn't her duty to deliver the book any longer, a new unlucky soul stepping into her shoes. She didn't miss it, the tension of entering the dragons lair waiting for the icy tones to ring out ordering her in deeper. Now it was someone else risking life and limb every evening.

Her fingers came up to caress her temples, desperately trying to ease the ache away. The week had been overly stressful, everyone within runway rushed off their feet all churning out the articles and magazine spreads for the seasons holiday, awash with wintery tones with a twist, photographs, outfits, arguments, the halls were ringing with them, tension high. But one more meeting and it was all over, and then it wouldn't only be the holiday spirit seeping into her system.

The second assistant Ebony walked in, fingers wrapped round two coffee cups a smile emanating over her innocent face. She'd been hand picked by Andy, dark hair, green eyes and enough intelligence to keep up with everything. It eased the pressure off Andy's shoulders if only slightly, Miranda still turned to her for almost everything, which according to everyone she hadn't done with any previous assistants. Andy was almost becoming in-expendable, a permanent fixture at Miranda's side, and everyone envied her for it. Andy hadn't understood it before, every ones soul aim Miranda's approval, and yet now she craved it, the pulse of pride when Miranda's expression flittered, something creeping out unguarded, surprise, a slight little look of satisfaction flicking at the corners of her lips, giving everything away.

A noise echoed from the inner office, Miranda on the move to her final destination. Andy jolted in surprise, lost within her own world, hand slipping, losing grip on her chin causing her head to tumble forward. She snapped it up, head jittering slightly in an attempt to focus, hurrying to her feet fingers scrambling ensuring she had everything she needed even though she'd checked twice already. She watched as Miranda strode by, coat over her arm, tearing one of the coffees from her second assistants fingers before rushing out.

Miranda didn't noticed the look on Ebony's face, but Andy did, eyes narrowing at the sheer horror emanating over it, but she didn't have time to ask questions, the hem of Miranda's skirt whipping round the corner vanishing from sight. With the expression scored into her memory for later investigation she darted forward, hurrying after the echo of Miranda's footsteps, casting a final look over her shoulder. Ebony was still frozen in place, eyes wide as the stared back at her, mouth falling open in the pretence of saying something, but she disappeared from view before a word left her lips, Andy had to hurry round the corner the lift doors already sliding shut, her slim frame barely squeezing in.

She breathed a subtle sigh of relief, thankful she didn't have to run down the stairs in an attempt to reach the bottom before Miranda did. She rode in the elevator with Miranda now, the silence emanating around them unless the older woman had certain order she wished to whisper at her, her voice soft but deadly, Andy's ear pricking at even a breath leaking from Miranda's lips. She watched the older woman sip slowly, lips narrowing in distaste, obviously disappointed. Andy waited for the onslaught but it never came, Miranda clearly choosing to save her cutting comments for Ebony, hardening the second assistant every opportunity she got, testing the boundaries seeing how much she could handle; and Ebony had made Andy proud, holding up well, so far at least. Her mind flittered back to the expression, eyes wide, eyebrows shooting up hidden by her hairline, mouth almost seeming to stutter as though going to say something and thinking better of it. Andy was unnerved by it, not knowing what had happened but she knew it wasn't good. Her eyes flicked towards Miranda, the older woman shifting slightly, shoulders rolling as thought trying to ease the tension building up between her shoulder blades, neck twisting ever so slightly, an uncomfortable action, almost seeming to fidget.

Her eyes drifted down, Miranda's neck bobbing as she swallowed, her breathing seeming to deepen, Andy's senses heightened to any change in Miranda's behaviour and what it could indicate, but this was something she'd never witness before, her eyes trailing over the editor taking everything in, a figure of fascination. A droplet of sweat oozed out of Miranda's pores, trickling down, a tiny trail slipping beneath the collar of her shirt. Miranda starting shifting, fingers of her left hand flexing as though attempting to squeeze an invisible object between her fist. Her tongue slipped out, slowly slipping over the line of each lip, leaving them glistening in its wake.

'Ah' Andy cried out, the lift stuttering to a halt, tilting her balance, forcing her forward colliding with the solid metal walls, something soft encased in her other hand.

The lights flickered and died, plunging them into blackness.

Miranda's breath rattled against her ear, a shiver jittering over her frame as Andy shifted, hands fumbling as she righted herself, mind trying to not acknowledge the possibility of her hands and the curves they held within them. The material of Miranda's blouse grazed against her palms as she rose up, stepping away from the editor knowing she was in a lot of trouble. But the accusations never came, no word left her lips. Andy's eyes whirled round, drowning in shadow unable to see a thing.

'Oh God.' Miranda's voice echoed out, breathless, empty as the air around them, the words stretched beyond their capacity as though an attempt to calm her system.

'Miranda?' nothing.


'I'm still here, after all where could I have gone, so, assuming you have a reason for saying my name, other than an enquiry to my presence, say what you have to say.'

Andy bit her lip, scolded, blush scoring over her cheeks, heat emanating up. Her question sounded silly to her own ears, but things couldn't get any worse than they already had, 'Um, are you ok?'

'Andrea, I'm trapped in a metal box, in pitch darkness, late for an important meeting with nothing but my incompetent assistant who seems determined to ask me innate questions, how ok do you think I could be?'

The words were sharp but they lacked substance, light, forced out as though in agony. Andy frowned, not knowing what to do, the lift alarm was obviously not working, a power outage, which would hopefully be remedied quickly. Andy felt a subtle shift, the woman beside her stepping forward before the sound of cloth echoed out, a high pitch squeak as she slowly lowered herself to the floor, almost seeming to collapse at Andy's feet. Andy didn't know what to do, operating blind not knowing if Miranda had just sat down, which was out of character, but may just be her unpredictability coming to the fore or, had something else had happened?

She crouched down, hands trailing lightly over the floor before brushing up against an ankle. A gasp burst out, a whip of wind dancing round the tiny space. Andy snatched her hand back, well aware Miranda was at least conscious, and all the other questions could remain unanswered for now. Andy twisted, falling back, resting on the cool floor legs stretching out, feathering along Miranda's calf, the editor jumping as though she'd been stung before her leg collapsed to the floor again, pressed hard up against Andy's seeming reluctant to shift anywhere else. Andy didn't know whether to move or remain still, not wishing to draw attention to herself, Miranda obviously on edge even though Andy had no idea why. She couldn't help but fidget, unnerved by the little distance between them.

'Stop moving.' It was an order, harsh as ever, but tainted, almost a desperate request. She heard Miranda swallow, body compensating for the lack of sight, every noise as though hollered in her ears. She drew in a deep breath, forcing herself to remain still, body ridged, tension tensing every muscle. Her hand fell to the side, in an attempt to ease some of the tightness rippling over her. Luck wasn't on her side, fingers covering another hand, one that wasn't her own, cool skin beneath her fingers, the tendons flexing under her touch.


Miranda had never said her name in such away before. Andy pulsed, body reacting on instinct to such a sound, each letter caressed, dancing along her spine, dripping with lust. Overly sexual as always, each letter elongated the way Miranda said it every day, but now the sound of desire was injected into to making it sound like an orgasm all of its own. Andy licked her lips, shoulders jerking, shifting, not knowing how to react. Her fingers lightly played over the hand lying beneath her own, reading every rise and fall between her bosses fingers, cursing herself for doing such a thing and yet unable to resist, intoxicated by such a simple sound.

'Please stop moving.'

Andy's eyes widened, the word almost alien on the editors lips, begging, needing something from her and for once not ordering the action like everything else.

'Oh god.'

Andy didn't see it, didn't expect it body caught totally unaware, as the hand beneath hers vanished, noises bouncing of the walls each sound chasing the other, before everything was silenced, a body colliding into hers, fingers tangling in her hair tugging her forward, a squeal barely passing into open air before it was muffled, lips scoring over her own, heat burning into her, breasts pressed up against her own as she was pinned to the hard wall behind her, miranda's body invading every inch of her space, taking what it wanted, tongue jutting in furiously, filled with passion and hunger not even giving her an opportunity to respond.

Her hands didn't even come up to encase her hips, the contact over so quickly, the bright lights ripping them apart, everything flashing on, the world humming back to life around them.

Andy's eyes snapped open, for the first time in the last few minutes able to take in Miranda's appearance, shirt clinging to her skin, soaked in patches, hair unruly, sticking up at odd angles curling in rebellion. Panting, eyes wide, pupils dominating the iris, pools of black, shimmering in the bright lights, only tinted around the edges. Drunk on desire, chest heaving against her own, eyes darting between her lips trailing over her body eating up every inch.

Suddenly the older woman snapped into action, jumping away, fingers racking through her hair, before flicking over her lips wiping every evidence away not looking at Andy at all. Her cheeks were flushed, scored with a rosy hue, the first form of embarrassment Andy had ever seen on Miranda. Andy's body was suffering from shock, a bunny in the headlights situation unaware if she was supposed to move at all or play dead. Dead would be better, knowing nothing good could come of this, Miranda's reaction overly confusing as though the woman herself didn't understand what was happening.

Andy slowly dragged herself up, holding onto the walls for support. All in good time as the doors pinged open the lobby stretching out before them. Andy stumbled out, listening to the hurried apology from the tech team before whirling around expecting to see Miranda behind her, only to view her inches away still within the lift.

'We're too late for the meeting; reschedule it.'

Andy stepped forward, intent on entering the lift again only to have the lift doors begin to close, obviously the editors intention, keeping temptation at bay. She frowned, not understanding everything that had happened moments ago, mind humming. She waited for the lift to dissapear before calling the next one, eyeing up the woman within, Miranda's desire bright eyes the last thing she saw before the steel doors slammed shut.


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