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The Devils Desire (5/5)

She didn't know how many hours had passed, buried up to her ears in work, operating on auto pilot, mind in a whirl from her recent revelation. Miranda had wanted it, had pinned her down and fucked herself against her hand with no aid of the drug, every ounce of passion and desire had been her own. Emotions were clamouring up within her, confusion, lust and anger all fighting for a place within her, anger won, bubbling into her pores, grating over the edge of every nerve furious that Miranda had, had her under a false assumption, the woman had let her think she was nothing but a need, a faceless figure required to get her off. And it wasn't the case, she'd felt worthless walking away that morning, fearful of Miranda's reactions today, and the woman had said nothing, done nothing, when she'd wanted it all along.

She heard Miranda's voice floating out of the inner office, finishing her conversation, a meeting had just been cancelled for the next hour, and Andy had to inform the editor of the change in plans. Now was a good a time as any. Blind with rage, she drew in some deep breaths, tossing her pen onto her desk before rising to her feet marching into the inner office with determined purpose thankful Ebony was away on an errand.

She strode into the inner office, pulling the doors almost closed behind her, the flurry of activity making Miranda's head snap up, eyes wide before schooling her expression, eyeing Andy over the tops of her glasses, narrowing as the younger woman circled behind her.

Andy knew she was being daring, the office doors cracked open, unlocked, anyone could walk in. She dragged her index finger along the back of Miranda's neck, smiling at the slight shiver than danced through the older woman's frame, before leaning over and placing tomorrow's timetable on her desk, whispered words dripping from her lips.

'How are you feeling?'

Miranda flexed her neck, eyes darting to the door; teeth nibbling her lip. She rose from her desk, fiddling with the papers drawing them into a neat pile averting her eyes from Andy's, 'As well as can be expected.'

'Do you need something to get you through your meeting?' Andy knew she should tell her it was cancelled, shouldn't use it as an anchor to make her admit she wanted her but she couldn't resist, she was toeing a risky line but it was worth it. After last night she wasn't certain she could remain under Miranda's employ anyway, always seeing the older woman in throes of pleasure every time she looked at her, her voice always laced, reminded her of the pleading that had leaked from her lips, Andy wouldn't be able to handle the torture, it was masochistic to remain if Miranda felt nothing for her, and now she was determined to find out.

She saw the older woman's jaw clench, eyes alert to her body language, any signal to the effect she was having on her. She slid her hand under Miranda's chin, drawing the woman to face her, eyes flicking down to Miranda's lips, the silken lines parting, breathless, Andy could feel her fighting her desire to surrender, her body tense, eyes boring into Andy's. The younger woman leant in, her advance filled with caution, knowing Miranda's reaction was as uncertain as anything.

Her lips brushed lightly over the editors dancing away over to the corners of her lips before returning, tongue snaking out licking the bottom lip before nipping at the edge with her teeth, Miranda's gasp of pain enough to grant Andy entry, lips crashing over the older woman's, tongue slipping in, drawing Miranda into a battle for control. The older woman folded, head tilting to the side unwilling to fight Andy off, hands sliding over her shoulders holding her close.

Miranda moaned, the noise circling around them, forcing the editor to open her eyes, stumbling back in surprise, Anger flittering over her face, her control being tested and it was an unwelcome advance. Miranda didn't like losing it, and Andy was ripping the reigns from her fingers more with every minute.

'I know it's not the drug Miranda, the drugs long gone,' Miranda whipped around, for once unable to hide her emotions, eyes wide, uncertainty flickering within in them, 'I've looked everywhere and I know the drug induced desire would have fled the first time I fucked you up against you're wall. And yet you still want me.'

Miranda turned, her back facing Andy as she spoke, ignoring everything, 'I have a meeting', with that she attempted to dart away, trying to flee from everything clamouring around her while holding onto her dignity; trying to resist, Andy was having none of it. The young assistant raced forward, reaching the door seconds before Miranda, her hand flying out closing it the final inch, fingers fumbling, clicking the lock. Miranda whirled around, eyes narrowed, mouth open to let loose a vicious retort, Andy silenced her within seconds, hands falling to Miranda's hips, pressing her against the wall, with sheer determination, eyes bright, filled with fury at the older woman's attempt to run, lies leaking from her lips with ease, still playing the game refusing to admit the desire was genuine and not induced by anything other than her heart.

'Andrea what do you think your doing?'

'I could ask you the same thing, stop lying to me Miranda.'

'I'm doing no such thing. Don't delude yourself Andrea.'

'So you don't want me?'

'Not right now no,'

Miranda went to move but Andy pressed down harder holding her in place, hips flush against Miranda's pining her. She lowered her head placing a light kiss against Miranda's collar bone. Words muffled against her skin. 'So push me away, prove to me you don't want me Miranda, that you don't want me to fuck you like last night,' She trailed lower, tongue dipping between Miranda's breasts. Her hands drifted lower, hooking at the hem of Miranda's skirt, tugging it upwards. The Editor was frozen beneath her, static, unmoving apart from the rise of her chest after each staggered breath. Her hands glided up the inside of Miranda's silky thighs, a small smile twitching at the corner of her lips as the older woman subconsciously spread her legs, granting access, craving her touch. Andy stopped, fingers hovering barely an inch away from Miranda's core, the older woman's head tossed back, mouth parted in anticipation, unaware Andy's eyes were on her, reading every expression. 'For a woman who doesn't want me, your not putting up a very good fight' The older woman's eyes flickered open, staring into her own, darkened with lust, narrowing at the veiled challenge within Andy's voice. Andy smiled leaning in closer lips brushing against the older woman's ear, 'I know you're wet Miranda, you can lie all you want, deny everything if you wish, but there's one thing you can't hide,' Andy's fingers closed the final inch, roughly pushing the line of lace away, dipping between Miranda's folds with ease, the older woman's juices coating the tips, all the evidence Andy needed. Andy withdrew her hand, ears pricking up to the almost silent groan rumbling in the back of Miranda's throat. She brought her hand up to her lips, a smile spreading over her face as the older woman's eyes widened, watching as Andy's tongue flicked out, twirling around each finger before sucking them deep into her mouth, Miranda's essence coating her tongue, a moan bubbling out unable to help herself.

'Oh god.' Miranda's head fell back; eyes staring at the ceiling, before squeezing shut, Andy grasped the opportunity, weakness for once emanating from the older woman. 'Tell me the truth Miranda and I'll give you what you want, right now,'

Miranda eyed her, 'Meeting.' It was one breathless word, for once the older woman's vocabulary falling short, something Andy would have teased her about if the situation wasn't so tense. Andy couldn't deny the little jolt of joy that rippled through her at Miranda's lack of refusal, the editor wanted it, was surrendering under Andy's attempts.

'It's cancelled.' Andy leant in, Miranda's lips willingly parting beneath her own, hungry and eager, holding the promise of everything between them 'We have over an hour, I can give you what you want Miranda, if you'll let me.'

Her fingers fell to the buttons of Miranda's shirt, twisting the top ones pushing the material apart exposing the little line of black lace to her eyes, head dipping down tugging the bra away with her teeth, mouth latching on to Miranda's nipple drawing it between her lips. Miranda gasped, hands tangling in Andy's hair, whimpering when Andy pulled away. Her eyes roved over the editor, skin flushed, eyes bright filled with longing. Her skirt was rumpled up around her thighs, the rosy bud of her right breast, taught, peaking out over the top of her bra still glistening with the moisture from Andy's mouth.

'Do you want me Miranda? Without hiding behind the drug or anything else, do you want me?'

Miranda paused, panting, before rolling her eyes, her hand latching out snagging in Andy's collar tugging her to her, 'yes, now fuck me before I fire you.'

The swear word falling from Miranda's lips threw her into a frenzie, Miranda's voice husky, lust scorching the edges, burning over Andy as their lips met. Andy's hand curled round Miranda's hips, moving her to where she wanted, she was in Miranda's office and was going to make the most of it, She doubted anyone had, had the older woman here, her sanctuary, one which had filled Andy's fantasies before. Miranda moved without question, stumbling over the carpet lost in Andy's kisses, body craving every inch of the woman in her arms. Her eyes snapped open as her legs hit the desk, Andy's hand clamping over her lips to silence her cry of surprise as she was forced onto it, the neat pile of papers brushed away, the wreckage fluttering to the floor.

'Andrea!' Miranda spoke the moment Andy's hand left her lips. The young woman ignored her, drawing the chair up behind her, tugging Miranda's thighs apart, the woman sliding forward, hands hitting the desk to steady herself as she now hovered at the edge, legs spread, open to Andy's eyes. Andy leant in, blowing against the line of lace, nose brushing against the little dark patch from where Miranda's desire had soaked into the material. Miranda's legs flexed around Andy's ears, the older woman's body already begging to be touched, unable to stand being tortured. 'Stop teasing.'

Andy laughed, flicking her tongue out, before bringing her hands up, fingers curling round the edges of Miranda's panties, quickly divesting her of them, eyes absorbing the sight, Miranda spread open on the edge of her desk, pussy glistening, wet and ready, evidence of her want for Andy, instigated by nothing but true desire.

Andy gave in, tongue flicking out, parting Miranda's folds, the older woman's hips bucking up on instinct grinding up against Andy's mouth. She started slowly, licking her way up, before tonguing Miranda's clit unmercifully, hard jabs making the older woman's thighs quiver, breathless gasps echoing out above her head as one of Miranda's hands tugged her closer, desperate for relief, fucking herself against Andy's tongue. Andy teased the nerves round Miranda's opening before delving deeper, tongue thrusting in and out, Miranda's essence coating it like velvet. She drew her hand up, moving away for only a moment, Miranda's groan of protest staggered as a cry of surprise was ripped from her lips, two fingers thrusting inside, buried deep, gliding smoothly, glistening with Miranda's juices, her desire now shimmering on the inside of her thighs.

Andy looked up, drunk on the image, Miranda's head thrown back, knuckles white as she clung to the desk, holding on as her hips jerked in a broken rhythm as she forced Andy deeper, moving faster, body begging for more, skin flushed and shimmering as she relinquished her control, bowing down to natural instinct needing to cum, wanting nothing but Andy inside her, the feel of her fingers buried deep.

Miranda's hand was still on her head, applying pressure, 'more' that one word was all Andy needed, dipping back down, adding a third finger as she drew Miranda's clit between her lips, the sensation causing Miranda to arch back as she shattered from within, the dam crumbling as pleasure powered through her veins, cumming hard against Andy's mouth, muscles clenching around Andy's fingers as she rode the final waves of her orgasm.

Andy gently drew her fingers free as she sat back, wincing at the pulse of desire that slammed through her, soaking between her thighs having watched Miranda get off in her office, the room were she'd cut Andy down to size on many occasions now being the area in which Andy had made her crumble, she'd bowed down to her, handed over her control, and Andy was gone on it. So many emotions and she couldn't identify a single one, like a light emanating from within, pure pleasure ripping through every cell of her body. Miranda had given into her, Miranda wanted her. This woman she'd craved, was now perched before her, scrabbling for breath, flushed, and half naked with desire dripping down on the inside of her thighs pooling on the desk all because of Andy. Miranda's head came up, dazed, the edge of her hair line curling in rebellion, evidence to their activities, the sweat tainting her perfect image. She looked thoroughly fucked, her desk in disarray, as she stared down, body slowly leaning forward to wrap her hand round Andy's wrist, drawing her hand up to her lips, wrapping them around each individual digit.

Andy swallowed, panting, teeth sinking into her lips in a fruitless attempt to hold back a moan, the sound of desire scrabbling out, needing Miranda's touch. Suddenly Miranda tugged her forward, Andy's body lurching up out of the seat, crashing between Miranda's thighs, her cry silenced as the older woman's lips closed over her own, Miranda's taste shared between them as their tongues tangled. The Editor's hand fumbled in Andy's trousers, before slipping beneath the waist band, no time for preliminaries, Andy wet and ready, head falling onto Miranda's shoulder as the older woman's hand touched her for the first time, thumb mashing against her clit, grinding down, as her index finger slipping inside, her pussy drenched, Miranda's fingers gliding easily inside her. 'Cum for me.'

The breathless words uttered against her ear were too much, her desire finally crashing over her, drowning in pleasure as her teeth sunk into Miranda's shoulder, muffling the sound of Miranda's name falling from her lips as she came. She clung on, feeling like she was drowning as her body shook, muscles giving in under the strain, Miranda's thighs wrapped tightly around her hips the only thing holding her up.

Finally the pleasure eased off, the last residue of pleasure shooting through her before fizzling away.

Andy gasped, stepping back, crashing down onto the chair behind her. She watched as Miranda cautiously lowered herself to the floor, body not totally recovered from Andy's administrations, stooping low to pick up her panties slipping them on in a more dignified manner than Andy could ever imagine, before turning to look at her desk.

'I doubt I'm ever going to see it the same way again.' She looked over to Andy eyebrow arching up, an amused glint sparkling in her eye.

Andy smiled; relieved at Miranda's light hearted reaction not knowing how the older woman would take to having her neat desk destroyed. She felt un-comfy, not knowing what to do now that the moment was over, Miranda was giving her no indication of where she should be, not a word on anything or where this was going.

'Andrea,' Andy looked up, not realising Miranda had been eyeing her, 'I can hear you thinking, stop it.'

Andy frowned, not sure how to take such a comment. Miranda settled down in her chair, attempting to gather everything back up into the pile it began in, eyes averted away from Andy as she spoke.

'I was wondering if you were free this evening. The girls are away, and I have the house to myself. It would be nice to have some company.'

Andy's lips twitched holding back a full blown smile, inclining her head in a slight nod before turning intending to walk out and return to work, Miranda's voice ringing out once more halting her steps.

'And Andrea, no lingerie, after all the pleasure you gave me last night I have a lot to make up for' Andy's mouth fell open with shock, lips moving wordlessly in surprise, stunned. Miranda had worded it like another everyday request, eyes on her work, head bowed, before her eyes flicked up, humour dancing in her eyes, at Andy's expression, 'and I'm looking forward to it. That's all.'

Andy walked out into the outer office, mind reeling, desire, previously sated, already flaring up within her. She eyed Ebony as the other assistant darted through the doors, having just returned from her errands and Andy could have hugged her. Her mistake had instigated everything, the whole relationship starting with a bang because of the accidental rocket she'd launched between them.

Her thought were disturbed as Miranda walked out, eyes flicking to her for a moment before strolling by Ebony, hand shooting out snatching one of the coffee from her grasp.

Andy's eyes opened wide, shaking her head, some people never learn.

But suddenly Miranda turned on her heel, hand falling to the door handle as she prepared to dart out, pausing to toss a fleeting comment at the second assistant.

'I'm assuming this ones safe?'

Ebony's gaze shot over to Andy in surprise, her face probably reflecting Andy's expression. Miranda had known it was Ebony's drug all along.

Ebony nodded, sinking under her work as a blush emanated over her cheeks. With a subtle wink to Andy, Miranda darted out, leaving Andy to laugh as she buried herself within her work once more.

Whatever happened between them, she couldn't deny it was going to be interesting and she wouldn't have it any other way.

The End


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