A/N: Hi! This is my first story. It's about Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes etc. The chapters will be a lot longer than this but this is a sort of introduction. Happy Reading!

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Chapter 1

"George! Look at this!" Fred whispered in an undertone.

They quietly examined a small advertisement in the Quibbler.


93 Diagon Alley'

A price was listed below. George stared at it. "You do realize we can afford this?"

Fred just grinned.


George was just finishing his breakfast, joking with Lee Jordan, when Fred came racing down the Great Hall, stuffing a rather official-looking envelope into his bag. He sat down opposite George and poured himself some cornflakes.

George raised his eyebrows. Fred nodded slightly and then they both broke into massive grins.

"What's so funny?" asked Lee quizzically.

"Oh, nothing…" the twins chorused, still smiling.