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Chapter 4

Molly sighed, resigned to her two twin sons' fate as she stirred the pot of chicken stew with her wand.

She remembered the peace and quiet she had been relaxing in two days ago, when her house was child free, in her comfy armchair with the crocheted cushion covers that she had spent so long making when she had just finished school, and experimenting with Muggle pastimes. The leisurely deciding of what to cook for dinner tonight as she poured over her copious cookbooks strewn over the kitchen table as she debated whether chicken casserole would be to much for just a two person meal; her, and Arthur surely wouldn't be able to eat all of that, so maybe she should do something more simple, especially as he was coming home late as well, and he really did like her home-made fish and chips…

But now she had two growing boys to feed, and Bill was expected home in a few days, to come home for a holiday. And there had been many bangs and crashes coming from the twins' bedroom again. She hated to think what they were doing – inventing some new version of those ghastly toffee's that they had fed Harry's cousin last year?

Though, she realised, it was quiet in the twins' room now. She didn't know what she liked best- loud noises so she could hear them all through the house, inventing crazy and such useless things, or it all being quiet, so she didn't even know where they were, or what they were doing.

Someone cleared his throat from the doorway to the small kitchen.

"Er, Mum?" Fred asked cautiously. Molly sighed again and turned around, smiling tiredly.

"Dinner's nearly ready, you two, I just need to let this ju-"

"No! I didn't mean that!" said Fred, pretending to be hurt. "We just wanted to talk to you about something." He carried on, pulling George into the room.

" Well, what you see is, Mum, we're proper adults now, and we need to earn our keep, and all that." said George.

"And we've earned a fair bit, actually, from our joke shop, and we, er," said Fred.

"… bought a shop." Finished George.

Mrs Weasley froze. "A… shop?"

"Yeah, you know, for Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes." Replied George cautiously.

"Is this why you left school early?" Molly's voice raised as she looked them both in the eye, glaring.

"No!" they chorused, looking horrified. They hadn't expected her to come to this conclusion.

"Of course not! It was all the Ministry, all Umbridge, she was horrible, Mum, she really was!" said Fred earnestly.

Mrs Weasley looked relieved. " Well then boys, that's… wonderful!"

She hesitated. She had always hoped that just maybe, Fred and George would maybe pick a more sensible career path, like maybe joining Charlie at working for Gringotts. But they seemed obsessed with this 'Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes'. But still… a proper shop…

"Oh boys!" she finally exclaimed. "That's wonderful! You must tell Arthur when he gets home, he'll be so thrilled!" And she enveloped them in a big hug.

"Mum! You're squashing me!" George choked, gasping for breath.

"Ditto…" Fred coughed.

Molly blushed. "Sorry dears. But your own shop…"

She smiled at them, beaming. Though in the back off her mind, she wasn't so sure… But she pushed that thought away. They had bought the shop, and what was done, was done, she thought wryly. And at least they had something to do, now.

They were really not schoolboys anymore. Proper adults. They were growing up.

And then she really did smile.

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