He strokes her back gently, letting his fingertips skin her tattoo. She squirms in her sleep, muttering incoherent words. He tucks a strand of her hair behind her ear and goes back to rubbing her back. He follows the intricate design on her back, tracing every detail with his fingers, brushing her shoulder blades, neck, spine and lower back. He bends over pressing his lips to the spider on her neck, moving, pressing feathery kisses along each leg. She moans and squirms again, trying to get closer to him. He wriggles back till he's on the edge of the bed. He sits there and smirks, she is laying on the bed, the sheet covering her legs, bare back, her hair messy and her arms under her head. She wriggles and rolls over, once, twice, coming back to lying on her belly. She kicks out with her leg, coming in contact with something solid. She sits up startled, frantically glancing around the room. He sticks his head up from the floor. She smirks and bursts out laughing. He frowns and whispers "I love you Abs." She stops laughing suddenly, wrapping her hands around his neck and pulling his lips to hers. She presses her lips against his softly before pulling away. She rests her forehead on his and smiles. She whispers to him "I love you too, my silver-haired fox."