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"So you want to go back to earth for Halloween? What exactly is Halloween?" Wolfram sat on the edge of Yuri's desk watching as the Maou finished the last of his stack of paperwork.

"It's a holiday where children dress up in a variety of costumes ranging from monsters to princesses. They go around trick-or-treating and-"

"Trick or treating? " Asked Wolfram raising an eyebrow.

"Yes. Trick-or-treating." You go door to door saying 'trick-or treat!' And if they don't give you candy you play a tick on whomever the person was who didn't."

"And this is fun?" Asked a wary Wolfram.

"Yup lots of fun!"

Wolfram was far from believing Yuri. As Yuri continued to explain the workings of Halloween, his distain for it continued to grow. He found the entire holiday to be disgusting and, in addition, something to be feared.

Why did Earth's society allow young, innocent, children run around in the dead of nigh dressed in ridiculous costumes attempting to frighten people? Then there was that whole trick-or-treat business. How could the allow children to threaten people for the sake of sweets. It was too much!

Then. of course, there was Yuri, who insisted on going back to Earth so as not to miss such a frightful day.

"You cannot, under any circumstances, go back for this Halloween of yours."

Wolfram was both frightened and infuriated. This Halloween was a dangerous business. One false move and he would loose his fiancé to some candy-deprived child. What was worse was his fiancé did not seem to mind. In fact, he seemed enthralled by the holiday. Could he not see how dangerous the whole phenomenon actually was?

"Why can't I go back? What right do you have to tell me I can't go?" Yuri was beginning to become upset.

What was wrong with Yuri? Why couldn't he see the dangers in going back for that detestable Halloween? As Wolfram pondered this, Yuri made a dash for the baths. Wolfram was left behind, wide eyed, in a cloud of dust.

When Yuri retuned to the Great Demon Kingdom soon after, he found that his fiancé had collapsed and had become bedridden. Those who had encountered the youth prior to his sudden illness, had found his muttering to himself saying random things about idiots, Yuri and deranged holidays.

Yuri made it a point to visit the blonde, and was sure to share fabricated tales of the horrors of his experiences with Halloween ghouls, just to get under his beloved's skin.


I don't know if they celebrate Halloween in Japan like the do here in America, and frankly, I don't care. This is a fan fiction. Anyway. Just thought I would write something real quick in the spirit of Halloween. Please be sure to leave a review of some sort.