Chapter one.

Five year old Naruto ran down the moon-lit streets of Konoha, the most powerful hidden village. It was his birthday today. Oji-san had gotten him a toy Kunai set, it was only wood, after all who would give a child an actual knife that was just irresponsible.

The boy looked back, his eyes filled with fright. They were still after him. A small mob of villagers and ninja. All had weapons, from rocks and clubs, to Kunai knives and Katana swords.

"why, why does everyone hate me?" the boy cried as he ran.

The moon glowed down into the alleyway, showing the poor boy running. His clothes were more a resemblance of rags. A blue shirt hung in tatters, his grey pants dirtied and worn.

"hurry, we're gaining on it, today is the day we kill the demon!" a villager roared from behind him.

Naruto panicked, hearing the bloodlust and rage in the villagers voice. In that moment of distress, he tripped over a discarded plank of wood, crashing hard into the ground, scrapping fresh grazes into his arms and knees, blood seeping out.

"Ha, you couldn't run forever demon, it was only a matter of time." The villagers and ninja gloated as they circled the crying 'demon', who was clutching his knees in pain.

"you will pay for what you have done demon." A ninja sneered raising a kunai.

Naruto cried loudly, his tears falling to the ground. "please, I didn't do anything, leave me alone."

The ninja laughed aloud before bringing the kunai down. The knife imbedded itself deeply into the boys shoulder, right above the left shoulder blade joint. The arm fell down, useless.

The villagers laughed loudly at the sound of the five year olds screams of agony.

"say goodbye demon, tonight you die." And the villagers attacked.


Naruto opened his eyes slowly. Afraid that he would see the villagers still there. He had shut his eyes tight when they had charged him. But for some reason, the pain had yet to come.

The dark alley way was gone. It was daylight. Looking around naruto took in the sights.

He was sitting in the middle of a forest. The leaves were shining brown and orange. The colors of autumn. Strange, where was he?

"I thought you of all people would know this place, Uzumaki Naruto." A emotionless voice said from behind him.

Naruto span around, his hands coming out to ward away the inevitable attack.

It didn't come. Peeking through his hands he looked at the man who had spoken to him.

He was tall with long black hair done up with what looked like white rolls. He wore a black Shiha-kusho with a white Haori over it. He also had a long cream colored scarf hanging around his neck. At his hip was a light pink katana.

"this is your mindscape, Uzumaki Naruto. Your inner world." The man said.

"Wh-who are you?" Naruto asked, still frightened by the strange man.

"My name is Kuchiki Byakuya 6th Division Captian of the Court of Pure Souls." The man said, bowing his head slightly as greeting.

"What are you?"


Naruto blinked. The death god?

"I am linked through to you by the seal placed on your stomach by your fourth Hokage." The captain explained to Naruto's unasked question. "the seal placed on you to contain the Kyuubi no Kitsune."

"that's a lie, the Fourth Hokage killed that demon." Naruto said backing away, scared.

"fools, they didn't even tell you of your burden." Byakuya muttered to himself, his eyes narrowed angrily. "a mere human cannot overpower and kill a demon such as the Kyuubi no kitsune. And Soul Society does not interfere with living problems."

"then what are you doing here?" Naruto remarked, wondering why a shinigami was inside him when he wasn't supposed to interfere.

"very perceptive Uzumaki." The man smiled. "your Hokage performed a forbidden and forgotten technique. Your records will have it listed as a 'Kuchiyose no Jutsu'. The jutsu summons a Shinigami to remove the soul of the target and place it into an object or living being marked with the appropriate seal."

Byakuya pointed to Naruto's stomach, indicating the seal there.

"I was called to perform the removal and sealing. Apparently the seal had something I did not expect. Another underlying seal was placed as protection. A fraction of my spiritual power and identity was pulled in and placed here to assist you."

Naruto looked in fear at the captain. He could hear the anger in the shinigami's voice.

"since that moment the spiritual power has grown to proper and full maturity. As for my identity and counciousness, it will fade in time and you will develop a proper link to me in soul society."

Naruto relaxed a fraction. There was something about Byakuya's words that comforted him.

"now here comes the large section of this conversation." Byakuya began. "outside your mindscape you are very well about to be attacked by a group of disgraceful villagers and ninja."

Naruto cried out, his fear returning, he didn't want to die.

"If you wish to survive, you must change."

Naruto looked up. Behind Byakuya a large sakura cherry blossom tree faded into existence.

"to change you must mature."

A wind blew up blowing a large number of pink petals into the air. They shone in the autumn light.

"do you wish to change for the better Uzumaki Naruto?"

"yes, I don't want to be hated anymore, I don't want to be weak." Naruto said.

"you have made your choice Uzumaki Naruto. This image of myself will vanish after this encounter is complete. I will be honored to know you more. Now come place you palm upon the surface of the tree and begin your jouney."

Naruto moved towards the tree, noticing out of the corner of his eye that some of the errant sakura petals would cut into the surrounding trees.

Finally reaching it he rested his palm on the trunk of the tree.

"I will contact you tomorrow night Uzumaki Naruto, your training will begin then."


Naruto's vision sifted from the inner calm of the Sakura tree and the autumn forest to the dark stink filled alley way. The alley way that was filled with angry villagers and ninja.

Naruto was once again overwhelmed with fear. He still felt weak. Was this the end?

However before any of naruto's attackers could advance and attack him further, the men froze, feeling someone behind them.

"well, well, well. this is a bit harsh for Konoha isn't it?" the mocking voice said. "didn't this village once proudly boast a strong loyalty to each other, yet here is a group of villagers and ninja attacking a defenseless child."

The villagers and ninja spun around, fear echoing from their very souls.

"O-Orochimaru. Konoha S-ranked missing ninja." A ninja stammered in fear, recognizing the former Sannin.

"ah such fear. Are you that threatened by my very presence?"

Naruto was shrinking back in fear, he could feel the power coming of this man in waves. He was almost godlike in power.

"what do you want traitor!" a villager demanded, trying to ignore the fear that was bearing down onto him.

"tell me boy. Do you enjoy living in fear?" the Snake Sannin asked Naruto, ignoring the villagers.

Naruto blinked in confusion, why was he so interested?

The villagers looked back and forth between the Sannin and the 'demon' looks of shock and anger sifting over their faces.

"what are you playing at traitor!?"

"simple I wish to know if this child wishes to stay here and suffer the hatred of his neighbors, or, follow me to another village and start anew." Orochimaru explained, looking at naruto. "what do you say child? Will you leave this place that hates you and come and join my village of the sound?"

"that's not going to happen traitor!" a ninja yelled with almost insane glee. "today we kill the demon and end it's cursed existence."

The ninja spun around and drew out his katana, to the eyes of naruto it looked as if the katana had just appeared there. He moved closer to the boy, raising his sword high.

He never got more than three steps before he fell to the ground a sword thrust through his chest, right where his heart was.

"sorry but I cannot allow you to kill an innocent child Konoha ninja." Orochimaru said as the man fell dead. Killed by the sword kusanagi.

Naruto had closed his eyes when the ninja had charged him. And when he reopened them he saw that the mob that had been trying to kill him was on the floor bleeding from single wounds to the chest. All taken down by the Missing ninja.

"what do you say Uzumaki Naruto? This is your first and only opportunity. Will you come with me to my village, start anew without the hatred and suffering?"

Naruto looked to the Sannin, his yellow reptilian eyes. They held no emotion, but he could see that the man was telling the truth. He did not want to kill him.

"I will come with you Orochimaru-sama." Naruto said bowing his head, understanding the respect he should show the dangerous man.

"very good Uzumaki. Welcome to a new beginning. Your new life starts now."