Tony froze on the spot once the music had stopped. The plug had been pulled from its socket. Beside the socket was a pair of cheap grey pants and above the cheap grey pants was a similar cheap jacket. This suit belonged to none other than Leroy Jethro Gibbs who was now giving Tony the almighty powerful death stare.

"What the hell do you think you're doing DiNozzo?!" Gibbs bellowed in such a way that his voice seemed to echo through the whole house.

"I thought while you were out, I'd get some cleaning done to say thanks for looking after me." Tony said. His voice sounded raspy and some of the syllables refused to leave his mouth. The voice was on its way out.

Gibbs appeared to think for a moment. "I don't need thanks… Since you're hell bent on disobeying me DiNozzo, I'm going to have to punish you."

There had been many times when Tony had been punished or severely reprimanded by his superiors for countless reasons. But there was something about Gibbs issuing punishment that instilled fear and his knees began to quiver. Gibbs wouldn't even let him do vacuuming so he wouldn't take him for an impromptu boxing lesson.

Would he?

Gibbs paced around Tony as if he was a shark circling his intended victim and Tony swallowed the lump of fear.

"I've confiscated your phone awhile back." Gibbs said. "So I can't do that… You're stuck in here so that's no good. I have it… Wait here."

Tony thought about making a break for the door at that moment. If he did so, he'd probably have to lay low for a month until Hurricane Gibbs leaves the state. Tony could hear Gibbs' heavy footsteps coming in the living area and watched his Boss place a chair in the corner of the room before motioning Tony to approach.

"What you going to do Tony… Is park your butt right in this chair and do not move… Do not look around and don't even speak!" Gibbs barked.

Tony looked at Gibbs with an astonished look on his face. "You can't be serious." He said to Gibbs. The thought of being told to sit on a naughty chair by his superior was just too ridiculous to believe.

"Sit on the chair DiNozzo!" Gibbs ordered and Tony promptly sat on the chair and stared at the corner of the wall.

Occasionally, Gibbs looked at his senior agent who remained focused on the wall. This wasn't the usual way he dealt with agents disobeying him but DiNozzo was not like any other agent he had so drastic times called for drastic measures.

"How long do I have to stay here?" Tony whined.

"Until I say you can leave that spot." Gibbs said. "Now shut up."

Gibbs stood up and answered the knocking at his door to allow Abby and Kate into his house. The first thing Kate noticed was the figure of Tony facing the wall. "What are you doing Tony?" Kate asked him.

"Don't talk to him Kate… He's receiving punishment." Gibbs stated.

"What did you do?" Kate couldn't help but smile.

"He wasn't being obedient… Just like you." Gibbs left the room again and quickly returned with a chair and ushered Kate to sit in the corner as well.

Abby couldn't help but smile at Gibbs. He was starting to act like the father figure that Tony had longed for and now was getting just that. "I knew you could do it big bossman." She tapped him on the shoulder. "So he's doing better then."

"Yes." Gibbs replied. "But still not at a hundred percent… So when I came back from the store this morning, I caught him vacuuming and dancing to Old Time Rock and Roll."

Abby stifled a laugh. The mental picture of Tony doing that was hilarious. "Don't you think this is a little extreme?" Abby asked.

"Are you questioning me?" Gibbs asked.

"Yes I am." Abby jumped up and down with a cheerful look. "You're wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong... Wrong!"

Before Gibbs could leave the room again, Abby sprinted into the kitchen and came back carrying a chair and sat on the other side of Tony. This sight made Gibbs worry. Of course this was not going to end well. He was very surprised that they were silent for twenty minutes before things started happening.

"Oww." Kate said. "Don't hit me."

"Oww." Tony said. "I didn't hit you."

"Well I didn't hit you either." Kate responded.

Abby began sniggering.

"Abbs!" Tony and Kate cried out in unison.

Gibbs stood up and dragged Abby's chair across the floor with her still on it. "Bye." She waved to the others. "I'll miss you. Don't forget to write." She said. "Wee!"

Gibbs thought that another thirty minutes was long enough. "Alright… That's it." Gibbs said. "Punishment's over."

The next day, Ducky cleared him for work. Two days later Gibbs gave him the go ahead to come back to work. Ever since being sent to the naughty chair, Tony had become a lot more compliant. Though that could be just because he was afraid what other punishment Gibbs could have in store for him.

Tony was still feeling great and his voice had almost returned to him fully and he was extremely happy to no0 longer be stuck at Gibbs' house. Finally he was free and finally he was able to sleep in his own bed. But boy did he have a lot of stuff to catch up on. Tony coughed as he tore up a piece of paper and rolled it up.

Kate was sitting at her desk, minding her own business when she felt a bit of paper strike her head. "Tony… Stop that!"

Gibbs stood up. "Tony, stop throwing paper at Kate… Don't make me punish you."

Tony looked at Gibbs who just sat back down. There was no way he'd bring the chair to the bullpen.

Would he?

A thunderous sneeze echoed through the NCIS floor which caused everyone to look up. Tony couldn't believe his ears. Gibbs never sneezed nor did he have coughing fits. But he sure was coughing now.

"You alright Boss?" Tony asked.

"I'm good Tony." Gibbs answered as he continued on with his work.

Tony dialed Ducky's number as quietly as possible and told Ducky to come up with thermometer and stethoscope at the ready and hurry.

In a few minutes Ducky stood in the middle of the bullpen looking very confused. Tony no longer looked sick and Kate was healthy looking so he wondered why on Earth Tony had called him up. Tony pointed to Gibbs who was behind Ducky.

Gibbs was about to ask what Ducky was doing in the bullpen when a thermometer was thrust into his mouth. "Hey!" He protested loudly.

Tony grinned broadly as Gibbs glared at him. "Can I borrow this?" Tony leant over the temporary wall to the team that was adjacent to them.

"Sure." The female agent said.

"Thanks." Tony replied as he lifted the umbrella over and placed it into Gibbs' hand. "Hey look… Gibbs' is doing an impression of The Penguin." Tony laughed.

Ducky shook his head as he withdrew the thermometer out and looked at it. "Looks like you caught what Anthony had Jethro."

"DiNozzo!" Gibbs shouted.

"I have an appointment with my hair stylist." Tony said as he ran for the stairs.