Chapter 1: Strawberry Meets Death

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Thoughts of characters are in italics, emphasized words/sounds are in bold, and the weird words such as "Pfft" and "Chyeahh" and such are not literally correct but they truly are sounds we make sometimes. (----) or solid lines are scene breaks/switches (I imagine the story as I go as a movie, so maybe you do to). Comments in [ ] will be found when I change perspective or other instances you should be aware of. Also, I will occasionly use the "first name" by accident when I shouldn't, so either ignore or correct me. Thanks ;)

So here it is, "Strawberry Meets Death" – enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own the original concepts used from Bleach or its characters. The made up parts are mine.


"Kiyone, please summons Kuchiki Rukia." Captain Ukitake couldn't help the small smile forming on his face- Rukia was one of his most precious students, full of courage and always ready to learn and explore new things.

"Yes Captain!" Gracefully speeding through the hallways in search of Kuchiki, Kiyone hoped to know what the surprise for Kuchiki was; she was always so kind and helpful to her, Kiyone could only hope she will like whatever they have in store for her.

For now, however, she must quickly find the shinigami.


"Way of Destruction No. 63-!"

The red-haired shinigami desperately started to run for cover; upon agreeing to help Rukia train, he did not agree to be her guinea pig for her kidous. Oh, shit!

"Twin Lotus of Crashing Blue Fire!"

An enormous icy blue blast shot towards the small woods, barely missing the scurrying shinigami's head.

"Oi!"Abarai Renji began a coughing fit, dusting of his training robes, "You nearly killed me Rukia! What kind of friend does that?!"

Kuchiki Rukia chuckled, making her way towards her long-time friend. "Ah, but Renji- what did you think this training was for? Surely you don't think I need to improve my swordsmanship?"

Renji regained his normal breathing, glancing at Rukia. Seeing her with her hands on her hips, her foot tapping with a steady, impatient rhythm, Renji answered, "Never."

A second later, they found themselves laughing, knowing well that they both knew the truth.

"Kuchiki Rukia!" Kiyone's voice came upon the two shinigamis, ceasing their laughter.

"What is it Kiyone? Everything alright?" Rukia led Renji to Kiyone, gathering their swords along the way.

"Oh, Kuchiki! Captain Ukitake wishes to see you right away!" Kiyone wanted to speed off right away, impatient to know what the surprise was.

"Oh? Well, come now, let's go!" Rukia sped off with the two shinigami, also anxious to know what was going on.


"Ah, there you are Rukia!" Ukitake stood upon the arrival of his student, glad to see her.

"Ohayoo gozaimasu, Captain Ukitake!" Kuchiki bowed, feeling Renji and Kiyone doing the same behind her. She patiently waited for her captain to take his seat.

"Rukia, I'm glad to have you here. As you know, you've passed all your training and teachings quite fast, leaving you with some very important choices. You can start training for higher seats for example," Ukitake saw a knowing glance from his student, continuing, "But I know that would be a waste, a close to your long years ahead as part of my division."

Rukia was taken aback- she heard gasps from the other shinigamis behind her, also confused.

Before his student could ask anything, Ukitake started, "I have asked the 46 Chambers to grant you a special 'mission' I think you would most grow from and enjoy…."

Rukia held her breath, not sure whether she should be excited or nervous for the new mission; Kiyone was internally raving, knowing this is finally what Kuchiki's surprise is.

"Kuchiki Rukia," Ukitake looked at his student now, "I want you to go to the real world, and live there."

"WHAT?!" Three voices screeched at once; two of shock, one of envy. "Captain, please explain more!"

Rukia moved closer to her Captain, wanting to hear more, to know exactly what she was to do now. The real world? She's never been there, just think of the adventure!

"Yes, yes Rukia, haha." Ukitake settled comfortably, and began to explain Rukia's new mission- her new adventure.


Karakura Town. The sky was gray, blotches of the starry night sky peeking through the clouds. The leaves were rustling; the wind showing no mercy on warm skin, running chills down spines. It was beautiful- until it started to rain.

Kuchiki Rukia let out a sigh, hugging her cold, wet body. Sitting on a bench in a large playground, she can only hope he comes soon. You bastard. Forgetting me- after Ukitake told you to be here already!

Captain Ukitake took two hours to explain her new life in the real world- she was to patrol for Hollows, but learn to live like a human. It can let the Death Gods know more about humans, about their new needs and ways. It can give her something fun to do.

Of course, at the moment, the situation was far from fun. Urahara Kisuke is an exiled shinigami Ukitake and other captains still have contact with. He was supposed to have picked her up three hours ago, providing her with a gigai and introducing her to the real world, as well as taking her to what Ukitake explained as "high school." She is given her own food and apartment however, paid by Soul Society. They exchange currency through Urahara. I promise to mangle that-

"Hello Kuchiki Rukia!"

Rukia instantly looked ahead, seeing a man approaching her, waving.

"Ah. I suppose you are Urahara Kisuke, the man supposed to have picked me up three damn hours ago?" Rukia's glare was set on Urahara, hoping to set him ablaze. Alas, he was not on fire when he finally reached her, sheltering her with his large umbrella.

"Oh dear, my deepest apologies dear Kuchiki- I truly forgot! But come now, let's get going!"

--- [Next morning]---

"Ichi-nii! It's time to get up! I made you your breakfast!" The small voice carried through the door, fading footsteps heard has the source made her way down the stairs.

A covered body stirred on the bed, rays of light shining through the windows. Soon, a wild set of orange hairs emerged from underneath the blanket, swinging his feet onto the floor. Rubbing his eyes, the young boy glanced at his clock, guessing he had about half an hour to get ready.

"And so another boring day begins for you Ichigo." He couldn't help but cringe at his words, knowing it's all so true.


After a shower and breakfast, Kurosaki Ichigo made his way out of his house and headed for school a few blocks away. He slackened his tie, hating his school uniform more than the day before. His casual walk screamed BORED to anyone watching him, his messenger bag hanging by his hip.

"Turning the same corner, seeing the same morning show through the window, smelling the same- huh?"

Ichigo's brown eyes landed on a girl walking ahead of him, same uniform and direction. He never saw another student on his route to school, morning or afternoon. Curiosity hurried his steps, bringing him closer to the girl.

Now some feet away, he took her image in- jet black hair reached her shoulders, fair skin by the look of her legs. Her body seemed slender, with small but definite curves. She's probably just like every girl though.

He came even closer to the strange girl- it was only then, when he was a few feet away, did her notice her height. She's short as hell!

Unfortunately for Ichigo, it was that very same short girl who abruptly stopped, causing the tall boy to walk right into her.


"Oi!" His body slammed into the smaller body, nearly sending her to the ground. Straightening himself, making sure he didn't drop anything, Ichigo blurted, "What the hell Shorty?! Why did yo-"

He never saw the small fist coming at him. He might have expected an open palm, but never a fist.

"How dare you call me short!" He whipped his head at her, rubbing his sore jaw. The bitch! Brushing any creases from her shirt out, she turned on her heel and kept walking.

Ichigo waited a bit before resuming his walk to school, deciding to leave some distance between his abused jaw and the abusive girl. Forget that- she's definitely not 'every girl.'


There you have it. Chapter 1 of "Strawberry Meets Death."

I hope my random Japanese greeting is correct- if not, my deepest apologies :D Hopefully the read was smooth, with no problems. I will have updates soon- very soon. As a matter of fact, I'm starting my second chapter right after I save this to my computer :) Reviews and constructive criticism would be awesome :)

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