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Past Dreams

A group of young kids, around the age of six, circled around a two young girls. The kids each had small rocks in their hands. They all laughed.

"Nezzumi, Nezzumi. What kind of name is that?" A kid yelled, tossing the pebble at her.

She gasped as the pebble hit her leg, "Stop it!"

"Yeah, you're a loser!" Another kid joined in, and through his rock.

She through her hands up in defense, "I said, quite it!" She fell to her knees as her sapphire eyes changed to Sharingon's.

"Leave her alone!" A pink haired, green eyed child yelled. She ran into the middle of the circle and hugged Nezzumi.

All the kids just laughed, "Sakura. You two are always defending one another. You two are weak." One of the kids said.

"You'll never make it as a ninja! You should just quite now." He began to toss his rock but a hand grabbed his arm. A young boy, about seven, tightly gripped his arm.

All the kids gasped. "You better think twice before you through this rock."

"Brother!" The young girl in the middle yelled. Her eyes changed back to normal.

The kid instantly dropped the rock. "S-sasuke! This is your sister? We didn't know…"

An older boy suddenly appeared and instantly became angry as he saw the two small girls covered in cuts. "What's going on here?"

"Older brother," Sasuke began, "These jerks are messing with Nezzumi and Sakura."

Sakura quickly ran behind Itachi, and hugged him tightly. He was like an older brother to her. He always watched out for her.

The older boy smirked, "I think we should teach them a lesson." He turned his Sharingan on.

Everyone stepped back.

"No!" The boys looked over to their younger sister, "Sasuke, Itachi, we must keep peace."

Their expressions suddenly changed soft. Itachi closed his eyes and took a deep breathe in, "I don't know…" He began. He opened his eyes and looked to Sasuke, "What do you think, Sasuke?"

Sasuke looked to his younger sister. "I guess we could spare them, this once." Everyone sighed, "But…" Everyone became tense. He began again, "They should all apologize to Sakura and Nezzumi, and make it up to them by doing anything they ask."

Itachi smiled, "Hmm, sounds fair." He turned to everyone in the outer circle, "Sounds like a good deal for you all. You agree?" His look became deadly.

"Oh, yes. Yes. Sorry. We're sorry!" They all said at once, as they bowed apologetically. They all quickly ran away.

Once they were gone, Itachi looked to Sakura. He kneeled down in front of her and inspected her damage. He then scooped Nezzumi up in his arms and began to walk home. Sasuke and Sakura walked beside them. Sasuke looked from his younger sister to Sakura and noticed they held their heads down in shame. They walked up to their house and Itachi sat Nezzumi down. He ruffled her hair before entering the house. He was closely fallowed by Sasuke.

"I didn't need to be saved." She whispered to Sakura.

She chuckled and dug into her bag. She pulled out a long bandage. She began to wrap it around her cuts. "Oh yeah? I thought we looked pretty helpless."

Nezzumi instantly pulled her arm back. "I am not helpless. I'm just as strong as Sasuke or Itachi!" She yelled, and then paused for a moment, "Well, maybe not Itachi."

Sakura calmly smiled, "Yeah. I know that, Sasuke knows that, Itachi knows that, but no one else does. Now, that doesn't help much does it?" She grabbed her arm lightly and finished wrapping it. "There."

Nezzumi and Sakura sat on the porch, watching the sunset. "You know, Nezzumi…" Sakura began, "Your family is like my family."

Nezzumi nodded, "I know." She smiled, "You're my best friend Sakura! I know we'll be friends forever."

Sakura smiled, "We will. No matter what. We'll grow up together and we'll share everything."

"I know Itachi feels the same way too. And Sasuke, even though he doesn't show it."

The two girls began to laugh. They truly loved each other like sisters.

Suddenly three men approached them. They stood up and backed away cautiously. They ran into someone and turned around. It was Itachi. They quickly hid behind him. He looked from the men to his little sisters. "Sakura, go home." His voice was serious; she didn't have to be told twice. Itachi watched as she quickly made her way around the men and ran home.

"Shouldn't you be in bed, Nezzumi?" He asked.

She didn't answer him. She just stared at the men.

"Nezzumi!" He grabbed her attention, "Isn't it your bed time?" He asked her, ruffling her hair. She nodded, and he pushed her inside, "Go."

She walked inside and ran to her room. She lied down and instantly fell asleep. Through out the night, Nezzumi tossed and turned. She whined. Beads of sweat made their way down her face. Suddenly, she jolted upright in her bed and screamed. Sasuke was the first to enter her room, but was soon fallowed by Itachi. Nezzumi cried hysterically. She was shaking with fear. Itachi tried to hold her but she became more scared and hid behind Sasuke. Itachi gasped at her reaction. "Nezzumi, what's wrong?"

"Y-you…you killed them! You killed them!" She yelled at her oldest brother. Itachi gasped inwardly, Does she know my plans? He thought.

Sasuke looked between his brother and sister, "Killed who? Nezzumi, what are you talking about?"

"He—He killed Mother and Father! He killed them…he killed them in cold blood." She began to rock back and forth.

"Nezzumi, don't be ridicules! Itachi would never do something like that. You just had a bad dream." Sasuke comforted his sister.

Itachi said nothing, he pulled out a blue diamond-shaped locket. He handed it to Nezzumi. Nezzumi just stared at it.

"Brother!" Sasuke hissed, but Itachi held up a hand and hushed him.

"Nezzumi take it. We made this for you for you birthday, but you're special. You can have it early." He held it out to her.

Nezzumi cautiously accepted it. She carefully opened it. Inside were two pictures. On the left was a picture of Sasuke, Sakura and Itachi. On the right was a picture of the four of them. Itachi and Sasuke stood back-to-back. Itachi was holding Sakura up on his shoulders, and Nezzumi stood in between her brothers. Itachi was ruffling Nezzumi's hair and Sasuke made the peace sign with his fingers. Sakura was holding tightly onto Itachi and smooshed her face against Itachi's. She wore a big smile.

Nezzumi smiled and quickly hugged Itachi. Next she hugged Sasuke. "Thank you, guys. I'll wear it forever!"

"It's also from, Sakura!" Sasuke said, "She's gonna kill us when she finds out we gave it to Nezzumi with out her being here." He paused, "The locket was hers, but she wanted you to have it."

Nezzumi admired the locket even more.

Itachi took it from her hands and placed it around her neck. "There. Now, go back to bed." He got up and left the room. Sasuke shortly fallowed him.

Nezzumi stared at her necklace, and then quickly fell back asleep. The next morning Nezzumi woke up early. Itachi stood over her, glaring. Nezzumi sat up, "Older brother? Is something wrong?"

Suddenly his expression went back to normal and smiled, "Every things fine. Come with me." He commanded her.

She carefully got up and fallowed her brother. She grabbed her backpack on the way out of her room. "Where are we going?" She asked.

"I'm going to help you train." He said, as his expression saddened.

She stopped. "Train…Me? But Sasuke has been trying to train with you for a really long time. Don't you think you should…?"

"No." He interrupted, "You need to train. Teach you how to defend yourself."

"O-okay. You know best, I guess." She continued to fallow him.

They finally stopped at a big river. Itachi pushed Nezzumi toward the river. "Concentrate your charka." He told her, "Concentrate your charka to your feet, and you'll be able to walk on water."

Her eyes grew big with excitement. She instantly molded her hands together and concentrated hard. She then walked onto the water. She gasped, "Itachi! Look, I'm doing it!"

Itachi gasped, but kept his cool. "Very good. You got it on your first try. As expected from any Uchiha." He said.

Nezzumi smiled widely. Itachi smiled slightly, from the expression on his younger sister's face. Suddenly his head perked up. He examined the area around him. "Stay here." He said to Nezzumi, and disappeared.

Nezzumi ran around in circles on top of the water. She hummed a song and laughed. Suddenly she stopped. "Huh? What's that?" She carefully listened intensely as the sound came closer. "It sounds like the ocean…" Suddenly her eyes grew big with fear. A giant tidal wave rushed towards her. Her heart sped up quickly. Move, she told herself, Move! Suddenly her feet obeyed and she ran the opposite way. She ran a long distance before abruptly stopping. She had no where else to run. She hit a waterfall. She peeked over the edge and saw many sharp rocks more than seventy feet down. She cried, "Itachi." Her voice was week and barley made a noise. The wave came closer, too close. She held up her arms in defense, but that didn't keep the giant wave from sweeping her off her feet and plunging her down the waterfall. "Itachi!" She screamed as she freefell. Everything seemed to go in slow motion. She saw her brother look over the edge of the waterfall. Her eyes caught Itachi's. His eyes had no emotion, like they were dead. Finally he smirked and walked away, leaving her to die.

It was around midnight when Itachi calmly walked into his house. ANBU surrounded the family. His expression became worried. He looked from his parents to Sasuke. They were all crying. "Where's Nezzumi?" He asked. Sasuke got up and ran out of the room with tears in his eyes. His mother wouldn't make eye contact with him. She was holding a moist backpack. It had many rips in it. His eyes widened.

"Where's Nezzumi?" His father asked him, this time.

"What?" Itachi asked back.

"You were the last person to see her. Where is she?"

"I-I thought she came back here." He replied.

His father walked up to him and punched him, "Don't lie to me boy!" Itachi's mother held the backpack close to her body and cried. His father continued to yell, "She's dead. How could you let her die? All that was found of her was her backpack." He paused for a moment, "You killed her! You killed Nezzumi, didn't you? Your own sister!" He raised his fist to him.

"Stop!" His mother yelled. His father lowered his fist.

"I didn't kill her!" Itachi yelled back.

His father pushed him back. "Get out of here."

Itachi calmly, but lividly walked out of the room. Sasuke was standing at the door. Sasuke could senesce the anger radiate from his brother. He gasped and stepped back as Itachi left the room. "Brother?" Itachi ignored him as he stormed past him.

Nezzumi's funeral shortly followed. Everyone crowded around a small casket. Sakura face was red and puffy, she had cried the whole time. After the funeral was over everyone went home. Everyone except Sakura. It began to rain. Sakura sat in front of Nezzumi's grave. She began to shiver for the cold. She was soaking wet. Suddenly, she felt a warm pair of hands engulf her in a hug. She cried silently into his chest.

"You'll freeze to death out here, Sakura."

"Itachi," She swallowed hard, "I-I keep waiting for her to come back, but she's not coming." She paused, "She's not coming."

Itachi held her more tightly. His expression saddened. "Let's get you out of the rain." He picked the pink-haired girl up walked to her home.

"Itachi?" Sakura asked quietly.


"T-There's been rumors…" She paused, "T-That you killed her…"

Itachi looked down at her with hurt. "Do you believe I did?"


He silently put her down in front of her house. She began to open the door but quickly turned back. "I know you didn't do it." With that she quickly entered the house.

The night after Nezzumi's funeral, Sasuke was running home. "Man, I'm so late." He ran down the street and stopped in front of a telephone pole. "What was that? I thought someone was there." He noticed all the lights were turned off. "It's too early for everyone to be in bed already." He turned onto another street and stopped. Signs were torn, blood was everywhere, and many bodies lay on the ground. What's going on? He turned onto another street, two bodies laid on the ground. "Uncle? Auntie?" They didn't respond. He gasped and ran past them. "Mom! Dad!" He ran to his house and inside. The house was empty and dark. He wandered through the house and stopped in the kitchen. Suddenly he heard two heavy objects drop. He ran down the hall to his parents room, but stopped at the door. He reached out to the handle but stopped. Someone's in there, he thought. Move. He thought to himself but his feet didn't move, Move, sasuke, move! He opened the doors and rushed inside. The room was dark except for the moonlight through the window. It shone directly on two lifeless bodies. Sasuke ran toward them, "Father! Mother!" Suddenly a man walked out of the shadows. Sasuke stepped back. When the light hit his face, Sasuke gasped. It was Itachi. "Brother, Father and Mother were…Why? Why? Who did this?" Suddenly a ninja-star was thrown past him. It ripped his shirt. Sasuke was frightened to death. He didn't move. "Brother, what are you doing?" He asked.

Itachi smirked, "Foolish brother," He said, closing his eyes. He slowly opened his eyes, "Mangekyou Sharingan!"

Sasuke was in a dream like state where he watched his brother kill many people. Then sadly, he watched his brother murder his parents. Sasuke finally snapped back to reality. He screamed. He looked up to his brother with cold eyes. "Why?" He whispered, "Why did you…"

"To see what I was capable of." He simply replied back.

"What you were capable of? That's it? You killed everyone for that reason?"

"It is unimportant." Itachi said.

Sasuke slowly got up, "What the hell…" He said as he bolted towards his brother, "Don't screw around!"

Itachi punched him in the stomach and fell unconscious.

Sakura began to run out of her house, she couldn't shake the feeling that Itachi was in trouble. She began to run down the path to his house. She stopped dead in her tracks. There were dead bodies everywhere. She began to run even faster and she turned onto a new street. She entered the house and called Itachi's name. There was no answer. She saw a puddle of red liquid seep through their parent's door. Her eyes followed the liquid to see Itachi standing over his parent's dead bodies and Sasuke's unconscious body.

She breathed heavily, "Itachi." He took a step toward her, and she took a step back. "Y-You're c-covered in blood." She paused for a moment, "A-are you hurt?"

Itachi didn't respond. She looked into his eyes. They were blood red, with what looked like, a pinwheel. Sakura began to shake from fear. The atmosphere seemed thick with tension. "Who did this?" She tried again.

After a few moments of an awkward silence, Itachi finally spoke. "Sakura," He paused, "I did it for a reason."

Sakura stepped back in disbelief. Tears filled her eyes and threatened to fall.

"My clan was planning an attack. This was the only way to stop them."

Sakura couldn't control her fear, tears rolled down her cheeks. "I don't believe you!" She turned to run, but was grabbed from behind by Itachi. Sakura gasped, He's to fast, she thought.

His grip was tight around her forearms. "Sakura…" He began, "Please believe me." He said in a low desperate voice.

Sakura whined, "You're hurting me!" She struggled to be free from his grip.

Itachi lowered his head in shame and quickly loosened his grip. "Please forgive me." He whispered in her ear. Even lower he whispered, "Remember that I love you."

Sakura fell to the ground, "I love you." She managed to whisper before falling unconscious.

Sakura woke up the next day in the hospital. Her head throbbed. Some how she felt like a piece of her was missing. She didn't know why she was there.

She could hear the doctors talking to her parents in the hall. They whispered, "It seems her memory has been cleared."

"What does that mean?" She heard her mother ask. "Does she remember us?"

"It seems they only thing she forgot is her relationship with the Uchiha's."

The Uchiha's? She thought, Who are they? She continued to listen.

Another voice come in tune, "What do you mean she forgot about us?"

"Sasuke? What are you doing out of your room? You should b-"

"Answer my question! She can't forget about me. There's no way she can forget what we saw. I'll have to live with it for the rest of my life!" He shouted. After that it was quiet.

Her mother walked in the room. "Hi, Mom." Sakura said brightly.

Her mother faked a smile, "Hey sweetie, how do you feel?"

"Fine, except my head hurts really bad. Why am I here?"

"Oh, um, we'll talk about that later."

With that they went home.